Free YouTube Video Editor No Watermarks

CapCut serves as an ideal platform tailored to YouTube video editors. Users can effortlessly discover their preferred music, incorporate sound effects, choose from 1080p/4K resolution settings, experiment with effects, and apply filters, all within the tool's intuitive interface.

Free YouTube Video Editor No Watermarks
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Features of Youtube video editor online - CapCut

Ready-made YouTube templates

CapCut provides YouTube video templates. While TikTok and Facebook prefer vertical videos (9:16), most YouTube content is horizontal (16:9), except for YouTube Shorts (9:16). Select the right ratio when starting a project, and remember to hold your phone accordingly while recording—horizontal for regular videos and vertical for Shorts. To fix aspect ratio issues, easily crop YouTube footage with a few clicks.


YouTube copyright free music

CapCut stands out as a premier YouTube video editing app, offering boundless royalty-free music and sound effects. It empowers everyone, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, to craft top-tier content with audio. To achieve optimal outcomes, select music and SFX aligned with your video's theme from the sidebar. Opt for trendy, upbeat options and then refine volume, tone, speed, pitch, quality, and noise to perfect your YouTube video's soundtrack.


Download YouTube videos no watermarks

Creating watermark-free YouTube videos is essential. CapCut offers no-watermark video exports, unlike some other YouTube editors that falsely promise free usage but add watermarks upon download, coercing you into a subscription. With CapCut, this concern doesn't arise. When you download YouTube videos, you can freely choose from various formats, resolutions, fps, codecs, output channels, and storage options.


Benefits of YouTube video editor online


Make more profit

High-quality content post on YouTube channel always attracts an audience. As your channel grows, take advantage of YouTube's partnership program for extra income.


Be a professional YouTuber

Lots of YouTubers use professional YouTube editing software to apply advanced effects to their videos, such as Slow-motion, Fading-in, Filters, 4K resolution, Split-screen, Green Screen, PiP, etc.


Edit content with partners

Take advantage of CapCut's Teamwork Collaboration function. It's a wonderful tool for businesses. With this feature, you and your teammates can make YouTube videos with music and pictures simultaneously.

Learn how to useYouTube video editor in 3 steps


Step 1: Start with a 16:9 project or choose from YouTube video templates

After uploading your content, choose a canvas designed for the YouTube channel where you're planning to load your video. This ensures that your YouTube posts will export in the correct aspect ratio. Alternatively, click "Templates" in the upper right corner to preview and select a template for free.


Step 2: Make YouTube videos with music, subtitles, and stickers, then edit with built-in tools

After uploading your footage, beautify it with music, stickers, and text. You can add music to YouTube clips quickly. It only takes a few seconds. Then, try to explore the tools of YouTube Cropper, Splitter, Merger, Speeder, Compressor, Reverser, Looper, etc., from the toolbar with several clicks.


Step 3: Export or download YouTube videos with no watermarks

Lastly, it's time to export the newly-created YouTube video. Click "Export" in the upper right corner, set parameters of resolution (1080p or 2160p), FPS (30 or 60), format (MP4 or MOV), quality, and more. Surprisingly, the YouTube video maker has no watermarks no matter it's YouTube intros, outros, banners, movies, or normal postings.


Frequently Asked Questions

What video maker do YouTubers use?

Whether no matter a YouTuber beginner or professional, CapCut is the best option for Youtube editors. This online Youtube video maker brings free music resources and a full suite of tools to help YouTubers easily generate professional-looking and eye-catching content that they can post on YouTube channels with no hassle.

What is the best video maker for YouTube?

To answer this, you'll need to run a cost-benefit analysis. While professional photographers often use paid software, this is inaccessible to most YouTubers—both due to the price and the complexity. It's generally best to choose a free, easy-to-use online editor like CapCut. Here, you'll gain access to hundreds of free assets, a vast music library, and unlimited stickers.

How do I create videos for YouTube?

With CapCut, this is easy.
1. First, review the "How to make a YoTube video" section of this article. This will help you understand the basics of video production.
2. Next, create an account on CapCut to try out the various features. You'll find abundant inspiration and have the chance to familiarize yourself with the controls.
3. Then, try to edit your YouTube footage with proper background music, text animations, high-fidelity transitions, advanced color correction, and more tools.
To end it, preview the YouTube video in real-time and modify any glitches possible. When it comes to downloading YouTube videos from CapCut, there are no watermarks and the logos of CapCut will be left in your files. Also, you're capable of sharing YouTube videos on social media like YouTube channels, TikTok, and Facebook.

Can we make YouTube videos in CapCut?

Sure! CapCut supports to create videos for any major social media platform. As you peruse the preset canvases, you'll find templates for TikTok, YouTube shorts, Instagram, and Facebook. Don't see what you're looking for? Don't worry. Simply create a custom canvas in the desired aspect ratio. With CapCut, you can create videos for any platform or occasion.

How do I cut a YouTube video on CapCut?

Trimming is the first step when producing a video. First, select the clipper tool (the scissors icon). From there, cut your video to the desired length. Next, click and drag to remove excess footage. This ensures a crisp, snappy video.

How to auto generate subtitles for YouTube videos?

CapCut comes with an advanced Auto Caption function for users to generate titles, subtitles, and captions (closed captions or open captions) for any type of YouTube video. To use this feature, log in on the website of CapCut, then import your YouTube clips, and click "Auto-caption" from the toolbar. And then, wait for the procedure to generate YouTube video subtitles automatically.

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