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For those who dream of uploading the next viral video, a YouTube clip creator is essential. This article will discuss how to make high-quality clips that the internet will adore.

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YouTube Clip Maker for Free
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YouTube-ready templates

Making ads is easier than ever before with CapCut's templates. These templates set CapCut's YouTube clip maker apart. Anyone, regardless of their video editing experience, can create a high-quality ad for YouTube instantly. Simply choose a template, upload your video, and CapCut will do the rest. You can create a video with effects, transitions, filters, and music. No further effort is required. Just select a template and begin to edit with your imagination.


Royalty-free music

Music can make or break your clip. To make a video that netizens will love, pair your footage with an appropriate song. Each and every song built in CapCut's stock is entirely free. Best of all, the music library contains diverse music types. No matter the style or genre of your video, you'll find the perfect song. For example, you can choose upbeat tracks for your product ads. High-energy music will invigorate your audience and build hype around your business.


Eye-dazzling filters

Filters make a difference. Remember, filters aren't just for beauty influencers. Any video can benefit from a slight color grading an increase in brightness. This gives your videos a higher production value and makes them attractive to viewers. When choosing a filter, match the filter's vibe to the theme of your video. For example, choose a bright filter for your YouTube clips. Conversely, if you're making a music video, a darker, moodier filter will set the tone.


Benefits of using this YouTube Clip Maker


Get more followers

Videos with high production value will help you win followers. When you create quality content, subscribers will gravitate to your channel.


Make workflow collaborated

Take advantage of CapCut's teamwork function. Store your content in the cloud drive where you and your team can edit together in real time.


Creative ads ideas

Make creative ads that your followers will love. With a YouTube video maker, you can create first-rate ads within minutes.

Here's how CapCut makes a YouTube video


Commence with templates

Before you learn how to make clips of YouTube videos, choose a video template. This is the easiest way to begin. After choosing a template, upload your content. You can customize your video further in the next step.


Drag-n-drop elements

After uploading your content and choosing a template, improve your video further by adding exciting elements from CapCut's asset library. Add stickers, text, music, and much more. This is sure to dazzle your viewers.


Fine-tune parameters

Use CapCut to export directly to YouTube. Before exporting, select your export resolution. You should usually export in 720p, 1080p, or 4K. After setting your export parameters, upload your content directly to YouTube from CapCut Online Editor.


Frequently Asked Question

What is the best video maker for YouTube?

If you want the best YouTube clip maker download, look no further than CapCut. While many online editors claim to be free, only CapCut provides professional-level tools without requiring the user to upgrade to a VIP membership. Use CapCut for a wide variety of transitions, stickers, fonts, music, and more. Also, don't forget to take advantage of other exciting features, like the background remover and automatic subtitle generator.

What do YouTubers use for clips?

YouTubers use a wide range of online video editors—like Premiere Pro, iMovie, and DaVinci. It's easy to be overwhelmed, but don't worry. If you're new to video editing, and you want the best YouTube video maker online, choose CapCut. This online editor has top-quality tools, allowing you to avoid the need for intensive tutorials or heavy instruction manuals. CapCut's click and drag interface is user-friendly and intuitive, perfect for pros and beginners alike.

How to make an eye-popping YouTube video?

You can never go wrong with one of CapCut's preset templates. These are quick and easy to use. You can make a video within seconds. If you have more time, you can customize your content further by adding stickers, text, and music. CapCut's user-friendly interface makes this easy. Simply choose an asset you'd like to add to your video and drag it into the frame. Also, don't forget to add filters.

Is CapCut's YouTube clip maker free to download?

Absolutely. Unlike most online editors, which claim to be free but hide all of their best features behind a paywall, CapCut costs nothing. There's only one membership type: free. When you use a platform like CapCut, you can access an entire library of assets. You'll find an inexhaustible collection of stickers, superior transitions, and music for any occasion. Additionally, users will have access to features like CapCut's text to speech AI and cloud drive.

Is CapCut good for editing YouTube clips?

It's one of the best editors on the market. CapCut was designed specifically for social media content creators. It enables content creators to produce professional-quality videos for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or Facebook. Best of all, it's a perfect fit for YouTube Shorts as well as standard videos. This presents YouTubers with a high degree of video production freedom. Find all of your video production tools in one place. Choose CapCut, the internet's most popular online editor.

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