Free AI Video Generator

Welcome the perfect sidekick for creative video generation. Generate stunning videos in seconds with CapCut’s AI video generator. Simply type in your video idea, and our AI wizard will create a video for you that you can download and share for free.

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Free AI Video Generator
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Key features of CapCut’s AI video generator

Generate stunning videos instantly from text prompt or image

CapCut always strives to make content creation easier for our creative geniuses. Take your video production to the next level with our powerful AI video maker for free. You can easily generate stunning videos, ads, and more by simply typing your ideas in the text box or using images. Our video AI generator wizard will create videos for you in an instant.

Generate stunning videos instantly from text prompt or image

Add beautiful background music with AI to engage the audience

We have perfected the art of video creation with our powerful AI video creator from the text. Not only does our AI wizard create mind-boggling videos, but it also adds melodious and appropriate music to set the right tone. Generate perfect and holistic videos with our AI music video generator. It’s so good that it seems like a creative professional edited your video. Try it for free now!

Let AI wizard add beautiful background music to engage the audience

Full creative freedom to edit AI-generated videos

With our text-to-video AI generator, not only do you get to create phenomenal videos with exquisite background music, but you can also edit them to your liking. CapCut is an all-in-one video editor that allows users to take full creative charge and create stunning content with the help of AI. Browse unlimited media assets, filters, and tools like auto-caption generator for free.

Full creative freedom to edit AI-generated videos

Benefits of using CapCut to generate AI videos

User friendly

User friendly

AI-generated video creation and editing are super simple with our intuitive and user-friendly platform. Our editing interface is not only easy-to-use but also provides creative inspiration to generate the best content.

Unlimited media assets

Unlimited media assets

AI video generation just got easier with CapCut’s stunning unlimited media assets. Our platform has got everything from social media story templates to AI-powered video scripts and AI anime video generators.

Free & online

Free & online

What’s better than an AI text-to-video generator, you ask? Our video generator is completely free and available online. Pull up our website on your browser and get stunning AI-generated music videos for free.

Explore the usability of AI video creator

Explore how CapCut’s AI-generated videos will transform your content and make it shine.

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Marketing ads

Our powerful AI text-to-video generator is equipped to generate phenomenal marketing videos and ads. It's like your personal assistant, helping you create the best art possible! Create and share our AI-generated videos for free.

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Personal projects

Lagging on a deadline for an assignment? Looking for a way to start a personal project? Let our AI text-to-video generator for free help! Create awesome videos in an instant using our AI generator for videos for free.

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Content creation

Are you thinking about being more active on social media but can’t find enough time? CapCut’s free AI video generator is here to make your life easier. Simply type in your video idea and let our AI wizard bring it to life for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free AI video generator online?

Yes, absolutely. CapCut prides itself on offering the most practical editing tools to our users. Our AI text-to-video generator will create videos in an instant. Simply type in your video idea and get an AI-generated video from the text for free.

What is AI video generator from the text?

An AI video generator from text is a tool that allows you to simply type in your video idea in a text box, and it creates a video for you. CapCut’s AI video maker is the best tool available online for free.

What is AI video generator from an image?

An AI video generator from the image is a sophisticated tool that creates a video from just a single image. It uses deep learning to generate a sequence of image frames to generate a video. Use CapCut to get AI-generated videos for free.

How to make AI generated videos free online?

AI video generation is easy with CapCut’s powerful AI video maker. Simply type in your video idea in the textbox, hit run, and our AI wizard will swish its wand and generate a stunning video for free!

What is the best AI generated videos online for free?

Look no further than CapCut for the best AI-generated videos. Our generative AI video tool offers the best AI video generation capability. Download and share AI-generated videos for free without watermarks.

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