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Upscale video up to 4K, inject real details into video, and sharpen blur in one click.

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Key features of AI video upscaler

Upscale video to 4K without losing quality

Experience the power of AI video upscaling with CapCut’s free video upscaler. Enhance your videos and make them 4K resolution without any compromise on quality. CapCut’s ingenious upscale 4K algorithms critically assess each frame, adding details and clarity to birth a stunning experience.


Enhance video quality by deblurring & adding original details

Unleash the ultimate potential of your videos with CapCut’s AI video upscaler to elevate the quality of your videos. Wave goodbye to low-quality, blurry videos as CapCut’s advanced algorithms make deblurring and adding original details a possibility. Say hello to another level of visual excellence – CapCut is the way to go!


Process all kinds of videos for diverse contexts

CapCut’s video upscaling free AI is powerful as well as versatile. Whether you're dealing with different video formats, contexts, resolutions, or anything else, CapCut’s free video upscaler online has got your back covered! From professional projects to personal creations, achieve extraordinary results by processing and optimizing your videos to suit a wide range of needs and contexts.


Unleash the potential of video upscaler

Revisit the past as this AI allows you to faithfully reproduce historic footage.

How to upscale video to 4K?

Step 1: Upload

Upload the video you want to upscale from your device, Cloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Step 2: Upscale

Hit the 'Upscale' button, and your low-resolution video will be upscaled instantly. Feel free to enjoy more editing options via 'Edit more' on the top right corner. You will get quick access to our multi-track video editor. Enjoy your creative journey.

Step 3: Export

Once done, click 'Export' to get your final results. Aside from upscaling video, you can try more magic tools by navigating through the workspace.

Step 1: Upload

Step 1: Upload

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upscale video to 4K?

Yes, with the help of advanced video upscaling online tools, you can upscale videos to 4K. Looking for a video upscaler online free? Try CapCut for a quick start. It not only enables you to upscale video without losing quality, but also offers quick access to video editing.

Is there free AI video upscaler online?

There are several AI video upscaling free tools available online, including CapCut. These AI video upscalers leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to upscale videos to 4K without any compromise on the original video quality. Other examples of top-notch video upscalers include Topaz Video Enhance AI and Let's Enhance.

What is the best AI video upscaling program?

If you're looking for the best AI video upscaler, CapCut would be a great choice. It allows you to upscale your videos all the way to 4K resolution and has a ton of other useful features like image upscaler and portrait generator. Never tried CapCut before? Now would be the right time! But if you want a one-stop platform that enables video, audio, text, and image editing, then CapCut will be the ultimate solution. Make the most of its AI-based tools.

Can I upscale video online free?

Yes, there are free online platforms that offer video upscaling capabilities. Websites like CapCut online editor provide solutions to upscale videos online for free, allowing users to improve video resolution and quality naturally. You can also utilize tons of editing options to restyle your video, including auto captions generator and speech to text converter.

Is there any browser video upscaler program that enhances video quality?

Yes. CapCut offers one-stop solutions to enhancing video and image quality in one click. Apart from video upscaling, you can edit your clips with numerous custom options, including filters, effects, transitions, and auto captions.

Take your video to the next level with AI video upscaler