Create Youtube Intros with CapCut Intro Maker For Free

YouTubers who are serious about their work need an intro maker to brand content. Luckily, here are free CapCut's YouTube intro maker designed with animated text and background music.

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Create Intros with CapCut YouTube Intro Templates
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Meet your YouTube intro needs in CapCut

Curated YouTube intro templates

If you're unsure where to begin, try a preset template. Any of such YouTube templates make an excellent choice because they're designed for YouTube intro videos. Choose a CapCut intro template from the asset library, input custom text and footage, and fine-tune details. All that's left is to attach it to all of your new content. Later, as your video editing prowess grows, consider making a customer intro video. You can further customize your template by starting from scratch with a blank canvas.

Curated YouTube intro templates

Dynamic text and caption styles

You need Youtube intro creator with lots of text. This ensures that you have ample assets during the video production process. With CapCut's YouTube intro creator, you gain access to an inexhaustible number of static text templates and animated fonts. These fonts will attract your viewer's attention and elevate the quality of your intro. Use them to emphasize your business's unique features or perhaps display your company motto. And more, you could write your name in lights using a flashy font.

Dynamic text and caption styles

High-quality & no watermark

Create a dazzling YouTube intro unhindered by annoying frame rate limitations. Luckily, CapCut thrives on bulky, high-resolution files. Unlike others, CapCut allows users to export in 4K without watermarks. Others often claim to be free, but will only let users export in 720p or in 30 FPS. However, with CapCut, watermarks — even the ability to export at 60 FPS — has been completely removed.

High-quality & watermark-free

Benefits of this YouTube intro maker


It saves time

Creating a professional-grade intro video has never been easier (or faster!). The template helps you create the first video within minutes. Now, hit the road.


It has free music

Add tunes for free from CapCut's music library. You'll find songs for every occasion and from every genre. Choose the perfect melody and try this free YouTube intro maker today.


It is simple

YouTube video production with this all-in-one YouTube intro creator is super easy. Unlike other pieces of video editing software, no instruction manual is required.

See how CapCut makes a YouTube intro with templates


Step 1. Access CapCut online. Choose from CapCut's YouTube intro templates

After registration. First, you need to create a new project. If you're an established YouTuber, you may already have footage to work with. If not, record a few shots of yourself or your studio to use as a background for your intro. Click the "Template" button to get templates from CapCut.

Access CapCut online. Choose from CapCut's YouTube intro templates

Step 2. Select background music and add text animation to the clip

Explore the music library to find the perfect track. You'll find several songs specifically made to be used in introduction videos. Your intro should never be longer than ten or fifteen seconds. Besides, you're able to choose from and fine-tune hundreds of text styles on the hassle-free, drag-and-drop user interface.

Select background music and add text animation to the clip

Step 3. Download your YouTube intro or add it to your YouTube video

After downloading, store it in the cloud drive to keep it handy for when it's time to create a new video. For an intro to be effective, use it consistently on every upload. You can post videos on TikTok directly. Export from CapCut has no watermarks. Meanwhile, you can add your YouTube clip to CapCut, and add the clip to the front part to combine the videos.

Download your YouTube intro or add it to your YouTube video


What is the best intro maker for YouTube?

You need the best Youtube intro maker, free online Youtube intro creator like CapCut is perfect for this. While you'll find hundreds of online editors, this is one of the best and easiest platforms for beginners and pros alike. Other online editors may try to lure you in with promises of high-quality editing tools and assets, prompting you with a bill when it's time to export your video. Avoid all of this by using CapCut.

How do I edit a YouTube intro for free?

Opt for a free YouTube intro maker, of course. Never feel pressured to pay for expensive software. All of the professional-grade tools you need are in CapCut's user-friendly, click-and-drag interface. With CapCut, you can edit and add music to your introduction without worrying about unsightly watermarks. Edit freely and with peace of mind. Try editing with CapCut today.

Is 30 seconds too long for a YouTube intro?

Yes, it's far too long. As attention spans grow shorter, it's essential to make your intro quick and snappy. Choosing a ready-made song from CapCut's music library will help. These tracks are perfectly timed between ten and fifteen seconds. This will keep your intro quick and to the point, all while building hype with a trendy song.

How do I make a video intro on CapCut?

Here is a step-by-step guide to making a video intro in CapCut:
Step 1. Depending on your video editing experience, you can either start from scratch or choose a preset CapCut intro template.
Step 2. Next, you can click and drag exciting assets into your video. With CapCut, you'll gain access to music, sound effects, text animation, filters, transitions, and graphics.
Step 3. Finally, fine-tune the parameters such as resolution, file format and FPS. Remeber, downloading your videos from CapCut is free and has no watermarks compared with other intro makers!

What format does CapCut use for YouTube?

CapCut can export in any format or resolution, such as .mp4 and .mov. When selecting a canvas, choose whether you will create a standard video or a YouTube Short. With CapCut, all of the features are entirely free to use. Nothing is tucked away behind a paywall, and you can upload without fear of a watermark.

Find out your best Youtube intro maker now

Surprisingly! Now, CapCut offers AI-powered technologies such as Color correction, Auto captions, and Video upscaler, and more.