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Anyone can start a business, but starting a successful brand requires dedication and a plan.

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Master One Social Media Platform

Most small business owners assume they should be everywhere all at once. They post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, and wear themselves thin. Instead of dappling across multiple platforms, it’s better to excel at one. Become a YouTuber, or master the art of Instagram—choose one platform, and build your following.

For new entrepreneurs unsure where to start, TikTok will welcome you. It’s a social media platform that focuses on funny snippets of video. While TikTok allows videos up to ten minutes, short, snappy content remains king.

Mastering this platform will help you gain an internet foothold. It will be your base of operations. After building a following on TikTok, you can expand to other social media platforms. Growth begets growth—you can use your influence on one platform to build your next. Start small, then expand as your initial platform grows.

Why Choose TikTok

Advertisements slide seamlessly into a viewer’s feed on TikTok. Any type of business can thrive here, but businesses with exciting, cheap products will perform best. Service based businesses might struggle, however. TikTok advertisements strive to trigger impulse buys, so it might be difficult to hawk a year’s worth of baking lessons to this audience.

TikTok advertisements lend themselves to baubles and novelties. Viewers love weird products that solve obscure, everyday problems. Hence the “TikTok made me buy it” trend. This shows how TikTok’s short video format is perfect for crafting advertisements. Unlike TV adverts—which are an annoyance—TikTok ads are actually entertaining.

Traditional TikTok promotions don't feel like advertisements. Understanding this is the key to small business TikTok success. You shouldn’t force your product down your viewers’ throats. To gain a following on TikTok, you should advertise without advertising.


How to Master the Art of Soft Sale Advertising

“Advertise without advertising” sounds counterintuitive, but it’s actually a well-established marketing tactic. Business gurus call it “soft sale advertising." In layman’s terms, soft sale advertising refers to ads that are subtle or friendly. This brand of advertisement doesn’t say, “Buy me! Buy me right now!” Instead, it welcomes the viewer into your home (figuratively speaking, of course), pours them a cup of coffee, and shows them how your product will improve their life.

TikTok takes soft sale advertising to the next level. Businesses on TikTok don’t see themselves as salesmen. They’re entertainers and educators first. They use their performance or tutorials to sell their products.

Watching a TikTok ad isn’t like watching an infomercial. The TikToker is having fun—they’re entertaining their viewers while presenting their product in a clever way. Viewers enjoy watching these videos even if they’re not interested in buying something.

Viewers on TikTok love authenticity—they crave it. And this is why small businesses find themselves on equal footing with multinational conglomerates. A humble advert recorded on your phone can perform as well as a full-blown studio production.

Unlike YouTube and Instagram, TikTok viewers have a high tolerance for low resolution videos (so long as it’s entertaining). This is why it’s the perfect place to begin, and why you should become a TikTok small business.


How to Master That TikTok Style

Before you create your advertisements, spend some time on TikTok. Observe the other TikTokers. You’ll quickly notice that this platform has its own vibe, and that viewers love filters, stickers, and music. Mastering the "TikTok style” is essential. You need stickers and rocking background music.

Now it’s time for an insider secret: successful TikTokers use CapCut Online Editor. You didn’t think they pulled those stickers out of thin air, did you? Nonsense! They’re using a video editor. An online editor allows you to create trendy videos and recreate the style of other small businesses.

With a quality video editor, you’ll find stickers, fonts, animated text, and more. These features are the secret to crafting engaging content. The best videos on TikTok include the following five elements: stickers, text, music, sound effects, or the use of preset canvases.

The Five Elements of Top Quality Advertisements.

First, viewers love stickers. With the best online editors, you’ll find a wide variety of stickers for every occasion! Blinking lights and buttons for businesses specializing in electronics, or fruits and flowers for those who sell essential oils. No matter the product, you’ll find the perfect sticker.

While stickers entertain, text emphasizes. However, you should use it sparingly. Too much text can become distracting. It’s best to use it to highlight a few important words or perhaps an important phrase.

And every video needs background music! Background music sets your video’s mood. Want the viewers to feel happy? Choose a catchy tune. Want them on the edge of their seats? Pick a cinematic track.

As with text, sound effects emphasize important points or product features. For example, if you wish to make an important announcement, add a drumroll. If you deliver good news—or if your product has a particularly amazing feature—cue the trumpets!

As you peruse your online editing tool, you can find preset canvases that optimize videos for TikTok and other social media platforms. These canvases are especially useful if you’re new to TikTok. Plug in your video and the online editor will whip up a sweet advertisement.

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