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Success on social media requires a movie maker for YouTube. Thankfully, CapCut, a top online editor, provides all of the tools you'll need to produce YouTube movies. Free stock music.

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YouTube music and sound effect library

Every video needs music. With CapCut, you'll gain a YouTube movie maker, free assets, and unlimited access to the music library, including songs and sound effects. Here, you'll find an inexhaustible collection of music from every genre. To make the most of this music, match the tune to the vibe of your video. Don't forget to take advantage of the music library's sound effects and introductory themes. These are sure to elevate the overall quality of your video and delight your audience.

YouTube Music Library

Export in 1080p/4K with no watermarks

Viewers have a low tolerance for fuzzy footage, so choose a YouTube movie editor with the ability to export in 4K. CapCut keeps your footage sharp. Not only does it allow content creators to edit 4K footage (a feat which would cripple other free online editors), you can export this footage in its original resolution. This keeps your video crisp—something that viewers on YouTube now expect. You can either convert YouTube movies into 720p or 1080p, or convert YouTube videos to MOV, M4a, or other formats.

Export in 1080p/4K

Speech-to-text function to promote text editing

Adding subtitles to videos has never been easier. With CapCut's speech to text AI, you can generate subtitles instantly. It's rare to find a YouTube movie maker online with this feature, so take advantage of this opportunity and add subtitles with ease. Not only will this make your content more accessible, it will expose your videos to a global audience when you automatically translate these subtitles into multiple languages. Also, you can add subtitles to the movie you're making, with diverse fonts and styles.

Speech to Text

Upsides of this YouTube Movie Creator

Attract loyal fans

Attract loyal fans

High-quality content will always draw an audience. With CapCut, you can create content that netizens will adore. Remember, always close each video with a "call to action". Invite them to like, comment, and subscribe.

Extreme visual enjoyment

Extreme visual enjoyment

Create epic videos. Enchant your viewers with stickers, animated text, and high quality transitions. Additionally, CapCut gives content creators the ability to export their footage in 4K. You're sure to make videos of excellent quality for your niche.

Make content stand out

Make content stand out

Quality content always rises to the top, so focus on creating great videos. To produce top tier content, take advantage of CapCut's amazing tools, including filters, text to speech, and stickers for every occasion.

Edit a YouTube Movie in 3 steps


Import folders

First, import your raw footage. You can import from your phone, computer, or web browser. After uploading your content, feel free to delete it from your phone. It's now safely stored in the cloud drive.

Import folders

Edit sounds and effects

Next, trim any excess footage with the clipper tool. Keep your video content lean and snappy. Then, add music and other effects like filters, transitions, and stickers. These are sure to delight your viewers.

Edit sounds and effects

Set the resolution

Choose the export resolution for your video. Always export in the highest resolution possible. The higher the resolution, the higher the quality of your finished video. You can export footage all the way up to 4K.

Set the resolution

Frequently Asked Question

Does YouTube have a video maker?

Yes, but it's very limited. Most YouTubers use an external YouTube movie maker, like CapCut. This gives you the video editing freedom necessary to add exciting features like transitions, music, and stickers. Additionally, when you use CapCut, you will gain access to an entire library of fonts and filters. These will further elevate the quality of your video and will help you rise to the top of your niche on YouTube. Pro Tip: to succeed on YouTube, select a niche by identifying your target audience. Next, create videos related to topics that interest them. This will help build your audience.

Which is the easiest movie maker for YouTube?

While plenty of online editors are easy to use, many sacrifice editing power for user-friendliness. CapCut, however, puts professional-grade tools in a click and drag interface. To add a song or sticker to your video, choose an asset from the library and drag it into the frame. It's that easy. Finally, don't forget to take advantage of CapCut's cloud drive. This is a great place to keep your files safe or edit videos with your friends using the teamwork function. This feature enables you and your colleagues to edit videos online in real time.

What do YouTubers need to make videos?

Professional YouTubers use tools like DSLR cameras and microphones to create videos. For newcomers, however, all you need is your phone and an online editor like CapCut. As your following grows, you can invest in better equipment, but for now focus on creating the best content possible. Remember, when you record your videos, record in your phone's highest resolution. A top online editor like CapCut can handle it.

What is the best YouTube movie maker?

This largely depends on your budget and video editing experience. Professional-grade software is often expensive and difficult to use. This puts it out of reach for most YouTubers. If you're new to online marketing, start small. Begin creating content with your phone and a free online editor like CapCut. This will ensure you have all the tools you need, including a video clipper, free music, asset library, and the industry's leading speech to text AI.

How do YouTubers get copyrighted music?

First, you need a Youtube video editor for movie footage that includes royalty-free music. When you use CapCut, you will gain access to an entire library of music. This music is free to use, so don't be shy about adding the perfect tune to your video. Remember, you should always match the song to the theme of your video. For example, explainer videos pair well with upbeat, catchy tunes, while product demonstrations go well with pop.

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