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To make a scrolling film credits, editing text with bright or darken colors is essential. Besides that, controlling the playback speed is very necessary. Luckily, CapCut movie end credits maker provides you with texts and colors. You can even begin with video credits templates to hit the road.

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Features of CapCut's credits maker for free

Add scrolling subtitles with different text styles, and try the keyframe

CapCut, a free credits editor, empowers you with a multitude of features to craft top-notch video credits. Elevate accessibility and engagement by seamlessly adding scrolling subtitles with various styles. Choose from a range of fonts, colors, and sizes to customize your subtitles. Dive deeper into creativity by mastering the art of adding keyframes to your credits text or captions. Upgrade your video credits with CapCut!

Add scrolling subtitles with different text styles

Choose a piece of background music from Stock

With this credit maker's stock music library, you can browse through different genres and moods to find the right track. Whether you're looking for something upbeat and energetic or calming and relaxing, CapCut has a vast selection of tracks to choose from. Once you've selected a track, CapCut makes it easy to edit the music to fit your video's timing and mood. You can adjust the volume, trim the track, and even add effects to make the music more dynamic and engaging.

Choose a piece of background music from Stock

Try movie credits templates to make a credits easily

Skip the hassle of designing credits from scratch in Premiere – choose CapCut for smarter, time-saving solutions. Access a variety of templates for swift movie credit creation. Customize text, fonts, colors, and even add dynamic animations for an engaging touch. With CapCut, streamline your workflow and put more focus on the creative aspects of your video projects!

Try movie credits templates to make a credits easily

Benefits of generating movie credits

Personal touch

Personal touch

Adds a personal touch to the project by featuring team members' faces and voices. Creates a sense of connection with the audience.

Emotional impact

Emotional impact

Allows team members to express gratitude and appreciation for each other. Can be an emotional and heartfelt tribute that resonates with viewers.

Creative expression

Creative expression

Offers a platform for creativity and artistic expression. Allows for unique and innovative presentation styles that make the credits more memorable.

Learn how to make a credits in 3 steps


Step 1: Choose your media or find a template

Select the video clips, images, and music you want to use in your credits video, and import them into CapCut. Or you can choose a template and add it to the multi-track plate.

Choose your media

Step 2: Add text and use the keyframe feature

Use the text tool to create and customize your credits. You can choose different fonts, colors, and styles to make your credits stand out. To make scrolling effect, you need to try the keyframe features. To make a simpler, you need to apply keyframes to the credits text.

Add credits

Step 3: Finalize and export

Preview your video to make sure everything looks good, then export it in your desired format and resolution. Your credits video is now ready to be shared!

Finalize and export

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make credits online?

Creating professional credits for your videos using CapCut is a straightforward process. First, begin by importing the media you want to use, including clips, images, and music. Next, use the text tool to add and customize your credits with various fonts, colors, and styles. Additionally, incorporate animations and transitions to enhance your credits' visual appeal. Finally, preview your video and export it in the desired format and resolution. By following these steps, you can create impressive and professional-looking credits for your videos using CapCut.

How do you make ending credits?

Making ending credits with CapCut is a seamless process. First, select the media you want to use in your video, such as footage, images, and music, and import them into the app. Next, use the text tool to create your credits and customize them with different fonts, colors, and styles. You can also add animations and transitions to give your credits a polished and professional look. Once you're satisfied with your credits, preview your video and export it in your desired format and resolution. With CapCut, creating stunning ending credits for your videos is simple and straightforward.

What font is used in movie credits?

The font used in movie credits is typically a sans-serif typeface called "Helvetica Neue." This font is a popular choice for movie credits as it is clear, easy to read, and looks great on the big screen. In recent years, other sans-serif fonts such as Gotham and Futura have also become popular choices for movie credits. The font size used in movie credits varies depending on the production, but it is typically around 20 to 30 points. Ultimately, the font choice for movie credits should complement the overall style and tone of the film.

How do I create rolling credits?

Creating rolling credits is a common feature in video editing software, including CapCut. To make rolling credits, first, use the text tool to create your credits and customize them with your desired font, color, and style. Next, add the credits to your video and use the keyframe tool to animate them to roll up or down the screen. Adjust the speed of the animation to match the length of your credits. Once you're satisfied with the results, preview your video and export it in your desired format and resolution. With CapCut, creating rolling credits is a simple process that adds a professional touch to your videos.

How long do credits last before a movie?

The length of movie credits before a film varies depending on the production company and the length of the movie. Generally, the credits sequence lasts for 5-10 minutes, but this can sometimes extend up to 20 minutes or more for blockbuster movies with numerous special effects and large casts. The credits typically include information about the production company, the cast and crew, music, and various other technical details. The length of the credits is also influenced by the film's genre, with action and adventure movies tending to have shorter credits sequences than dramas or art-house films.

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