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Time-lapse videos allow you to condense hours, days, or even weeks of footage into a short video. This is useful for showcasing long processes that would be tedious.

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Features of CapCut's time lapse video creator

Adjust speed to create time-lapse

To create a time-lapse effect using CapCut, you can adjust the speed of your footage. By slowing down the speed, you can compress time and achieve the desired time-lapse effect. CapCut is an online time lapse video maker that allows you to decrease the speed percentage, typically below 100%, to slow down the footage. This adjustment can effectively condense longer durations into shorter, visually captivating time-lapse sequences. Experiment with different speed settings to achieve the desired effect for your time-lapse video.

Clean up background noise easily

Try AI tools with no premium needed

Amazingly, CapCut offers various AI tools that can enhance your videos and photos. These tools include AI Color Correction, which automatically adjusts and balances colors to improve the overall visual quality. More than that, CapCut offers an Old Photo Restoration tool that uses AI algorithms to restore old and damaged photos, bringing them back to life. These AI-powered tools help simplify the editing process and allow you to achieve professional-looking results with just a few taps, making video into time lapse easily.

Try AI tools with no premium needed

Add music to the soundtrack

You're allows to easily add music to your videos and synchronize it with the visuals. By selecting a suitable music track from your library or CapCut's built-in collection, you can enhance the mood and impact of your video. The time lapse creator provides intuitive tools to adjust the volume, trim the music, and ensure it aligns perfectly with the video's timing. This enables you to create a harmonious audio-visual experience, making your video more engaging and enjoyable for viewers.

Add music to the soundtrack

Benefits of making time-lapse videos

Share Halloween moments

Captivate and engage viewers

Time-lapse videos have a visually appealing and mesmerizing quality that can captivate viewers. The accelerated passage of time can create a sense of wonder, grabbing attention and keeping viewers engaged throughout the video.

Record beautiful holiday life

Highlight progress and changes

Time-lapse videos are effective for showcasing progress, growth, or changes over time. Whether it's a construction project, nature unfolding, or an artistic creation, time-lapse videos can effectively demonstrate the evolution of a subject.

Increase Halloween engagement

Showcase natural phenomena

Time-lapse videos are ideal for capturing natural phenomena that occur slowly or are not easily observable in real-time. This can include sunrise and sunset, cloud formations, star trails, blooming flowers, or the movement of tides.

Here's how CapCut makes a time-lapse video


Step 1: Capture time-lapse footage

Choose a subject or scene that will showcase interesting movement or changes over time. Set your camera or smartphone to capture images at specific intervals.

Capture time-lapse footage

Step 2: Import and edit the time-lapse video track

Trim the footage if necessary to remove any unwanted portions at the beginning or end. Adjust the speed of the footage to achieve the desired time-lapse effect.

Import and edit the time-lapse video track

Step 3: Review and export the created time-lapse video

Save or share the time-lapse video to showcase the fascinating progression or changes in a visually captivating manner. CapCut exports any vudei with no watermarks at all.

Review and export the created time-lapse video

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a time-lapse video?

A time-lapse video is a technique used to capture and condense an extended period of time into a shorter video clip. It involves taking a series of photos or frames at regular intervals and then playing them back at a faster speed, creating a visually captivating and accelerated representation of the passage of time.

How long will a time-lapse video be?

The length of a time-lapse video depends on various factors, including the duration of the original footage and the interval between each frame captured. Typically, time-lapse videos can range from a few seconds to several minutes or even longer, depending on the desired effect and the content being captured.

What is timelapse vs timelapse video?

"Timelapse photo" refers to a single photo captured as part of a timelapse sequence, usually taken at regular intervals over a period of time. Multiple timelapse photos are then compiled to create a "timelapse video," which is a sequence of these photos played back at an accelerated speed, creating a fluid and dynamic visual representation of time passing.

What are time-lapse videos good for?

Time-lapse videos are useful for a variety of purposes. They can showcase the passage of time in a condensed and visually captivating way, making them ideal for capturing natural phenomena, documenting long processes, illustrating progress or changes, creating a sense of urgency, and enhancing storytelling in videos.

Can I make an iPhone video a timelapse?

Yes, you can make a time-lapse video using an iPhone. The built-in Camera app on iPhones offers a time-lapse mode that allows you to capture a time-lapse sequence. Simply open the Camera app, swipe to the "Time-Lapse" mode, frame your shot, and tap the record button to start capturing the time-lapse footage. Once you want to edit the time-lapse video, try CapCut's lapse time function.

What is the difference between time-lapse and slo mo?

The key difference between time-lapse and slow motion (slo-mo) is the effect they create. Time-lapse compresses time, condensing a long period into a shorter video, while slo-mo slows down the recorded footage, extending the duration of an action. Time-lapse shows accelerated motion, while slo-mo emphasizes and elongates specific movements.

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