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Voice translator emerges as a game-changer in this digital content world. Discover how CapCut's free audio translator translates by audio to make your content go viral.

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Free Audio Translator Online
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Features of CapCut’s audio translator

Translate audio into text with high precision in seconds

With an advanced algorithm, CapCut can auto-recognize the language spoken in the audio file, and translate an audio file into your desired language. Our speech translator can ensure unparalleled accuracy when you need to translate audio files. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual transcription and embrace a seamless, efficient, and precise way to convert audio into text online.

Translate audio into text with high precision in seconds

Effortless audio-visual translation and audio editing

Experience seamless audio translation with CapCut's audio translator, featuring a user-friendly interface that enables you to effortlessly translate by audio. Regardless of your expertise level, its intuitive design ensures an accessible and efficient experience. Unlock the power of audio transcription and editing with advanced tools, which will streamline your content creation workflow like never before.

Effortless audio-visual translation and audio editing

Cloud storage and team collaboration for translation task

CapCut's sound translator online boasts a seamless team collaboration based on its cloud storage. Launch your audio language translator and share it with your team members. Safely store your translated audio files in the cloud for easy access anywhere, anytime. With real-time capabilities to translate from audio files, you can work together efficiently, facilitating dynamic and collaborative content creation.

Cloud storage and team collaboration for translation task

Benefits of CapCut's audio translator


Multiple language support

CapCut's voice language translator supports multiple languages, enabling content creators to effortlessly translate voice to text online across 100+ languages. Break language barriers and reach global audiences instantly.


Free & online

Experience the convenience of CapCut's voice translator online for free. Effortlessly translate language voice with high precision and explore endless editing possibilities within the editor..


AI-powered editor

CapCut's AI-enabled online editor ensures business expansion or branding enhancement around the globe. Experience real-time voice translation while elevating your editing skills.

Unleash the power of speech to text translator

Benefit from CapCut’s audio translator online, along with robust editing capabilities.

Global podcast sensation with audio translator

Global podcast sensation

Becoming a global podcasting sensation is within reach with our free audio translator. Effortlessly employ speech-to-text translations to enlarge your audience reach, making your content accessible to worldwide views.

Translate audio file for YouTubers’ multilingual outreach

YouTubers’ multilingual outreach

Expand your YouTube channels with CapCut's audio translator online. Easily translate audio files into various languages for multilingual outreach. Attract a broader audience and increase engagement.

Voice interpreter for music artist's creative expression

Artist's creative expression

For music artists seeking creative expression, our audio translator offers innovative audio-visual translation. Transform lyrics translated from audio files into captivating visuals, adding resonance to your musical storytelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free audio translator?

Yes, CapCut offers a free audio language translator as part of its suite of content creation tools, making it accessible to content creators who are looking to break language barriers in their multimedia projects. Besides, you can edit subtitles as per your preference including delete, play, and change text style, fonts, or color.

What is the best audio translator online?

When it comes to the best free audio translator online, CapCut stands out as a reliable choice. It offers a user-friendly interface and advanced features, making it a preferred tool for content creators. Translate audio into text with over 100 languages so you can reach a larger audience when seeking to expand your business or promote personal branding.

Can I translate audio to text free online?

Absolutely! CapCut provides a free online audio-to-text translator that allows you to effortlessly convert spoken words into written text. Enhance your content creation with our robust online audio editor.

How can I translate audio into text in CapCut?

In CapCut, translating audio into text is a breeze. Simply import your audio file, use the built-in audio-to-text translator featuring Captions or Transcription, and preview the final results as your spoken words are converted into text, making content creation more accessible and efficient.

Which audio language translator is best for audio editing?

For audio editing, CapCut's integrated audio language translator stands out as an excellent choice. Its seamless integration with the editing platform makes it a powerful tool for content creators looking to enhance their multimedia projects.

Reach global audience with audio translator

Our AI-powered voice translator online makes your content easily understood and accessible.