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Why do you need CapCut to help with video transcription?

Whether it's YouTube or other social media channels, having a transcript available can be immensely helpful in providing clarity for the content of your video. It is an effective way of ensuring that the important information gets delivered to viewers, and not a drop of your hard work goes down the drain! CapCut's online video editor offers an automated transcription function that can transcribe word-for-word any audio or video to text with a high level of accuracy. With the help of CapCut, you can save time and direct your energy into creating stunning videos!
Automatic Transcription in Just Seconds

Automatic Transcription in Just Seconds

CapCut is equipped with a robust automatic transcription function that generates subtitles for your audio and video files online in just seconds! Powered by artificial intelligence technology, our audio transcriber works by recognizing the language spoken in the video, transcribing the speech word-for-word into written text, and then displaying it on-screen as the video plays in real-time. As with the rest of CapCut's high-quality editing tools, the transcription function is completely free of charge, and operated all online! By using CapCut's audio to text transcriber, not only will you have super-fast and high-quality transcription at your disposal, but you will also save yourself the hassle of importing and exporting your data onto different apps while working on the video. Instead, you can do it all on CapCut's single streamlined platform - it doesn't get any easier than that!
Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language Support

As platforms like YouTube have global availability and reach, you'll want to tailor your video transcript to whatever language your target audience speaks. That's why CapCut's audio transcriber is designed to support a multitude of languages. At the moment, it can transcribe audio and video to text for over a dozen languages and dialects, with more languages to be added to the platform. Among the available languages include Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, and many more.


How can I benefit from using online video transcription with CapCut?

CapCut is a streamlined, all-in-one video-making platform that allows you to edit, publish, and share your videos to various social media platforms in one place. By using the automatic audio transcriber on CapCut, you can save hours of manual transcription work or the hassle of downloading another app to assist with transcription. This will increase the efficiency of your video-making process. Moreover, adding subtitles makes your content more inclusive and watchable to viewers.

Can I edit the text after adding auto-generated captions?

Absolutely! You can fine-tune the text manually down to every last detail after using our automatic audio transcriber. Simply click on the transcript box and start typing. This ensures that the subtitles can show up exactly how you want them to be in your final video!

How accurate are CapCut's automatic transcriptions?

CapCut video-to-text transcriptions are high-quality, with an accuracy rate of 90%. Of course, the accuracy of the transcription may vary depending on different factors, such as the clarity of the audio, dialect, background noise, etc. But luckily, minor errors can be easily fixed by manual edits.

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