Instagram Story Ideas for Business

Instagram Stories have become an incredibly useful way for businesses . Take a look at the top 10 creative Instagram Story ideas.

Instagram Story Ideas for Business
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1.Share a Video Testimonial

Crush your Instagram marketing game with customer video testimonials - the ultimate way to boost engagement with Instagram stories. The idea of leveraging customer testimonials in your Instagram stories is simple yet extremely effective in giving you credibility. Easily repurpose the opinions collected from some of your most loyal customers or fans using a free and easy-to-use video editor like CapCut to quickly combine the stories into one cohesive video.

2. Share a Teaser from a Social Media Video

As an alternative to publishing videos directly to your feed with a handy video editor like CapCut, you can further promote them with a teaser video in your Instagram stories. In addition to generating hype around your upcoming product release or exciting events, giving your audience easy access to information with Instagram stories is another creative idea to boost up your follower numbers by luring visitors to wait for more to come.

3. Introduce Your Team Members to Your Followers

Nurture a sense of intimacy with a quick sneak peek behind the curtains of your brand. You can utilize Instagram Stories to introduce your team members, feature an employee’s story, or a personal anecdote. Putting a face to your business makes for mega-relatable content that can instantly bring out a “human” factor of your brand and establish “interpersonal” connections with your followers. To get even more interactive, creating a Q&A sticker in your story and getting your staff members to do a video Q&A answering the questions you collected is also a creative idea to get the job done.

4. Celebrate achievements

You might think it comes across as too boastful to highlight your business's achievements, but the fact is everyone loves the positive energy of a success story. So apart from relying on your customers for user-generated compliments, take the initiative to share bite-sized case studies, reviews or simply happy news on Instagram Stories - it’s a dynamite story idea, especially for businesses.


5. Share Behind-the-Scenes

Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) content almost always generates a higher level of transparency and trust. Be it a tour of your office or remote work environmentor the making of your brand’s new offerings, letting your Instagram followers see your operations and creation processes through stories is an easy way to build up a sense of exclusivity. This also represents a stark contrast from the normal, advertising-oriented content. Try speeding up the editing process with an easy-to-use video editor that allows seamless publishing, like CapCut.

6. Teach Your Followers Something

Apart from promotional content, prioritizing getting your business’s Instagram followers to learn something new via stories is a great idea too. Sharing educational content via stories can provide your followers with knowledge and inspiration. If your company is a service provider in a certain sector, this is a golden opportunity to position yourself as an authority. In lieu of putting up essays to instruct Instagram followers , keep things more interesting with videos featuring various graphical elements like pictures, music or short clips. Create and edit your videos effortlessly with a professional yet user-friendly video editor like Capcut instead of the default one from Instagram.

7. Make Good Use of Reels

Many marketers have been embracing Instagram Reels to further up their conversion game. Aside from striving to produce top-quality videos with a video editor equipped with extensive assets and an intuitive interface, make sure your hard work gets seen by re-sharing it on Instagram Stories. This is also a secret way to bypass the Instagram algorithm and hype your creative ideas up once again to widen your reach.

8. Start an Instagram Story Series or Highlight

Starting a content series and featuring it on Highlights is perhaps one of the most underestimated, cool Instagram story ideas for businesses. Among all the functions of Instagram, Stories are the best outlets to release episodic content that hooks followers to keep coming back for more. Pin the curated series to the top of your profile as a Highlight as a way to extend your brand’s bio. Look no further than CapCut’s video editor, which enables hassle-free video editing with promising quality.

9. Build a like-minded community with collaborations

Consider partnering up with a business or influencers that you think your followers might be interested in around that similar field or niche. This way, you can gain traction for your branded profile by tapping into another established community and growing your audience base. There are many things to put on your Instagram Stories when you work with fellow content creators, from inviting them for a product review or demonstration to recording live-streams, begin influencing not only your own followers but also your partners’ followers with win-win collaborations.

10. Start a trend with a “Add Yours” sticker

Speaking of ideas to pump up an Instagram story’s engagement, the “Add Yours” sticker that was launched in 2021 is a business’s best helping hand when it comes to prompting users to respond to branded Stories content. Similar to TikTok’s Duet feature, Instagram users can now be added to a profile bubble listing on the “Add Yours” sticker once they tap the sticker. After that, you can check all the responses collected from all corners of the world from the long content stream and interact with other users.

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