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Don't hire an expensive video crew to film your wedding. Instead, produce it yourself with CapCut's wedding video editor and maker, with romantic wedding music and animated wedding text.

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Features of CapCut's wedding video maker for free

Use online wedding video templates to get started in no time

Whether you need a wedding invitation video maker or want to compile footage of your big day, CapCut is enough. With a wide variety of wedding-themed templates, you're sure to find the perfect fit. These templates help create perfectly wedding videos complete with fit music, transitions and text. They're great for making montages or short clips from Hindu wedding (Vivaah sanskar in North India and Kalyanam in South India), tranditional Chinese marriage, to white wedding.

Use online wedding video templates to get started in no time

Add lovely filters to convert your wedding episodes romantic

Don't assume filters are only for beauty influencers. Further beautify your wedding footage with filters. These are perfect for weddings because they adjust the white balance to make the bride's dress shine. You can also use filters to adjust the color, set the mood, and brighten even the cloudiest day. Whether you're editing footage from the ceremony itself or the afterparty, you're sure to find a great filter. Just choose a filter from the fiter stock of CapCut and edit the variables of it as per your needs.

Add lovely filters to convert your wedding episodes romantic

Choose a dulcet music as the background of your wedding videos

When you use CapCut, you'll gain access to an entire library of music. These songs are royalty-free, specialized for all kinds of wedding, and don't cost a penny to use. There are a phethora of tunes perfect for any aspect of your wedding. From groovy pop music for the bachelor party, to joyful tunes for the ceremony, and regal soundtracks, there are plenty of perfect options for your invitation videos. No matter which part of your wedding footage requires music, you'll find the song to match on CapCut.

Choose a dulcet music as the background music of your wedding videos

Benefits of CapCut Wedding Video Creator

Wedding invitation templates

Wedding invitation templates

If you want to learn how to make a wedding invitation, video makers like CapCut have a bunch of pre-built templates. Whether your wedding is traditional or modern, a video invitation is a great way to invite friends and family.

Make high-quality content

Make high-quality content

It's your big day, so you probably only want the best wedding video maker-Use CapCut to produce top-quality (up to 4K and 60FPS) video content. These videos are sure to impress your guests and preserve the happy memories of your wedding forever.

Easily edit wedding photos

Easily edit wedding photos

Compile your wedding photos into an easy-to-watch slideshow, which is a time-saving, unique way to treasure those happy memories and conveniently store pictures. Pair your slideshow with a song to further impress your family and friends.

Learn how to make a wedding video with music


Step 1: Find a template

To produce a video quickly, start with a preset template. You can search for "wedding" from "Template. Next, import your photos and videos. You can upload content from your phone, computer, or web browser.

Find a template

Step 2: Pick a filter and add songs

Further improve your footage with a filter, text, and music. These elements work together to raise the overall quality of your video. You'll find filters, text, and music for any occasion in the asset library. All of them are free.

Pick a filter and add songs

Step 3: Share with your friends

Last, it's time to share the video with your friends. Use CapCut to export your content directly to any of the major platforms such as TikTok and Facebook, or download the video to your phone to share it privately.

Share with your friends

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free marriage video editor?

When you use CapCut, you'll gain access to the best free assets and a wide variety of preset templates. Make the most of this online editor by creating videos with stickers, text, and music. You might think stickers have no place here. However, you'll find tasteful assets like flowers and decorations that are perfect for all manner of romantic occasions. Whether you're looking to use an Indian wedding invitation video maker online, free of charge, or to capture and share your favorite memories with the click of a button, CapCut is here to help.

What should be included in a wedding video?

During your wedding, have someone record as much footage as possible. This will ensure you have enough content to work with when it's time to edit. You'll want footage of the groom and bride, multiple angles of the ceremony, and clips from the reception. Additionally, you can include footage of the bride and groom as they get ready before the ceremony.

How long should a video be for a wedding?

This is totally up to you. It's your big day, so include all of the footage you want. However, a good rule of thumb is between five and ten minutes. If you want to upload your video online, this is a comfortable length for most netizens. If you produce a longer video, you risk turning away viewers.

Which song is best for your marriage video?

Again, this is a matter of personal taste. As you peruse CapCut's vast music library, you'll find hundreds of great songs. If you hosted a modern wedding, choose a modern song. If you went for a classical vibe, choose orchestral music. Don't be afraid to add multiple songs to your video.

What is the best wedding video maker online?

When you search for online video editors, you'll find a wide variety of options. However, if you're new to video editing, you'll likely want a free to use editor like CapCut. This way, you'll gain access to professional-grade editing tools without having to pay professional-grade prices.

Which software is best for editing a wedding video?

Professional wedding film crews use expensive, paid software. This type of editing software is difficult to use, and generally not a good fit for anyone new to video editing. Instead, consider using an online editor like CapCut. Here you'll find all of the tools you need to produce a wedding video. To make things easy, CapCut provides professional-grade tools in a user-friendly, click and drag interface.

What is the best ND filter for wedding videography?

Unless you're using a DSLR camera, you shouldn't worry about using a neutral density filter. These filters attach to the lens to artificially darken a scene. While you can buy ND filters for your phone, these generally aren't necessary because you can add the filter with CapCut in post production.

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