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Portraits allow you to capture the essence of a person or subject and express your artistic vision. Create a live portrait here with ready-made assets that will amaze you.

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Features of CapCut's portrait maker online

A collection of filters and effects that can enhance the mood of portraits

Unleash your creativity with CapCut's libraries of filters and effects designed to enhance the mood of your portraits. From classic and vintage-inspired filters to modern and artistic effects, the online portrait maker offers options to add depth, richness, and emotion to your portraits. Whether you want to create a nostalgic vibe, add a touch of drama, or experiment with unique visual styles, CapCut's filters and effects allow you to effortlessly transform your portraits and evoke the desired atmosphere.

Free Vimeo video templates

Pre-included portrait templates with specific sizes for social media

Embark on your portrait-making journey with CapCut's extensive collection of pre-included portrait templates. These templates are thoughtfully designed with specific sizes tailored for social media platforms, websites, prints, and various other purposes. With the anime portrait maker, you can effortlessly start your portrait project by selecting a template that suits your intended use, saving you time and effort in determining the optimal dimensions. These purpose-built templates provide a convenient starting point, allowing you to focus on creating stunning portraits that resonate with your audience or personal vision.

Sub-track video editing

Remove blemishes, smooth skin, and correct any imperfections with tools

Explore the power of CapCut's advanced image and photo editing tools to perfect your portraits. With this AI portrait maker, you have the ability to effortlessly remove blemishes, smoothen skin, and correct any imperfections in your portraits. Take control of your artistic vision by retouching and enhancing your subjects to achieve flawless results. Whether it's reducing wrinkles, eliminating acne, or adjusting skin tone, CapCut's intuitive editing features provide you with the tools to create stunning, professional-quality portraits that truly stand out.

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Benefits of AI portraits

Grasp hot trends

Documentation and preservation

Portraits can immortalize individuals, capturing their likeness and personality for future generations. They serve as visual records, preserving memories and creating a lasting legacy.

Become an influencer

Emotional impact

Portraits have the power to evoke emotions and convey stories. They can capture the depth of human emotions, reveal the beauty in imperfections, or convey a narrative through symbolism and composition.

Boost sales

Gift and commemoration

Portraits make meaningful and personalized gifts for loved ones. They can be given on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or as a tribute to honor someone's achievements or milestones.

Learn how to make a self portrait in 4 steps


Step 1: Set up your workspace

Open CapCut and select the "Blank" template. Choose the dimensions and orientation suitable for your self-portrait.

Use video templates

Step 2: Capture your photo portrait

Use a camera or smartphone to take a clear, well-lit self-portrait. Ensure that you're in focus and positioned as desired.

Edit video footage

Step 3: Import and edit your photo

Upload your self-portrait to CapCut. Use the editing tools to enhance the image, adjust brightness, contrast, and apply filters if desired.

Share the video

Step 4: Personalize your portrait

Add elements like text, graphics, or backgrounds to express your personality. Experiment with CapCut's design features to create a unique and captivating self-portrait.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the alternative to live portrait maker?

CapCut is a versatile design platform that offers a range of tools and features for creating various types of artwork, including portraits. While it may not be specifically marketed as a "live portrait maker," CapCut provides extensive design capabilities, a wide selection of templates, customizable elements, and editing options, making it a great alternative for creating unique and personalized portraits.

Is there a free AI portrait generator?

Yes, CapCut has a free AI portrait generator that allows you to transform your photos into artistic portraits using artificial intelligence. With CapCut, you can apply different artistic styles and create unique and visually appealing portraits. Simply upload your photo and let the AI algorithm do the rest, giving your portraits a creative and artistic touch. Stay tuned for the AI-powered anime portrait making tools.

What AI are people using for portraits?

One widely used AI tool for creating portraits is CapCut. It leverages deep learning algorithms to analyze and recreate images in various artistic styles. With CapCut, you can transform your photos into stunning artworks inspired by famous artists and styles. It's a popular choice for those looking to add a creative and unique twist to their portraits using artificial intelligence technology.

How can I turn a photo into portrait online?

To turn a photo into a portrait online, you can use the "PortraitAI" tool of CapCut. It utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze and transform your photos into artistic portraits with a single click. Simply upload your photo, and the tool will apply various portrait styles and effects to create a unique and visually appealing result. It's a convenient and user-friendly option for transforming your photos into stunning portraits online.

What is the standard portrait size in pixels?

The standard portrait size in pixels can vary depending on the specific purpose or platform where the portrait will be used. However, a common standard for digital portraits is around 1080 pixels by 1350 pixels, which is often used for social media platforms like Instagram. It's important to consider the intended use and requirements of the portrait to determine the appropriate size for your specific needs.

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