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Need a text animation maker? You're in the right place. CapCut provides text editing tools needed to create and add animated subtitles and captions to your videos. Free ready-to-use cool text templates are available as well!

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Abundant ready-to-use text templates with colorful animations

To create customized text animations with ease, choose one of CapCut's text templates. This animated font generator helps content creators produce video intros, GIFs, and other customized assets. Other uses for animated font include text for advertisements, flashy promotions, and customized stickers. But remember, it's important to use animated text sparingly. Overusing this asset might distract your viewers. When used in moderation, however, font provides a wonderful flourish.

Abundant ready-to-use text templates with colorful animations

All kinds of text styles to create for any real condition

Create animated text for any occasion. When you browse CapCut's extensive collection of templates, you'll be met with an inexhaustible library of options, perfect for your next video. To take advantage of an animated text template, drag the template into the video. Next, you'll be prompted to customize the template by typing in your chosen text. The words you type will spring to life through automatic animation. From there, you should position the text in the frame.

All kinds of text styles to create. You can auto-caption as well

Automatic text technology helps you generate text of the speakers

CapCut's AI has a plethora of uses. In addition to the text to speech feature, you can use the AI to automatically generate subtitles. With this feature, you can apply text to your video within seconds. These subtitles serve many purposes. First, they make your content more accessible, not only for the hearing impaired, but for viewers who listen with the volume turned down. Next, the AI can automatically translate the subtitles to help expose your content to a global audience.

Automatic text technology helps you generate text of the speakers in real-time

Benefits of CapCut Animated Text Editor

Enjoy free text stock

Enjoy free text stock

When you use CapCut, you gain access to an animated text generator, free stickers, and a wide variety of music. Not only can you produce top-quality text, you can pair it with music and stickers.

Make content lively

Make content lively

Liven up your content with animated content. This is a great way to instantly elevate the quality of your videos without spending a fortune on expensive cameras, microphones, or editing software.

Change different colors

Change different colors

Customize your text with ease by applying a wide variety of colors, art, architectural, or natural. CapCut allows users to personalize their animated fonts with the color of their choice.

Here's how CapCut edits animated text


Record or upload clips

First, record your footage and upload your content to CapCut. As you record, have a plan. Will you upload your footage to TikTok or YouTube? Such questions will determine if you should record horizontally or vertically.

Record or upload clips

Drag-n-drop animated text

CapCut features a user-friendly, click and drag interface panel. To add animated text to your video, select a template from the asset library then drag it into the frame. From there, customize it with your own text.

Drag-n-drop animated text

Export videos for free

It's rare to find an animated text gif maker that allows users export their video in 4K for free. CapCut takes this a step further by enabling users to export their high resolution footage without an unsightly watermark.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best free text generator?

You'll find a wide variety of text generators online, but CapCut provides the best features. Gain access to an animated text maker, free music, and a vast collection of assets with the internet's top free text generator and online editor. Few other online editors boast such exciting features. Additionally, you can store your animated text in the asset library to keep it handy for future videos.

How to change text font with CapCut?

This is easy. To select a new font, first browse the asset library. Here, you'll find text templates for a variety of purposes and occasions. After finding a font you like, drag it into the frame. It will automatically apply itself to your video. From here, you can customize the template by typing in your text.

How can I make an animated text?

To produce animated text, you'll first need a text animation maker like CapCut. When you use a high-quality online editor, you'll access all manner of tools necessary to make your custom text animations. First, browse the asset library for a text template. When you find the perfect fit, drag the template into your video. Last, personalize your animated text by typing your own message.

What are the popular animated text styles?

This largely depends on their purpose and where they'll be used. For example, to advertise an upcoming sale, a business might employ flame text, while a beauty influencer might choose a more subtle bubble font. Learning to choose the right animated font takes time and is a matter of preference.

What is the difference between static and dynamic text?

Static text has no animation, the letters don't move, whereas dynamic text is animated—it bounces across the screen, or perhaps the letters dance across the screen. Both types of text serve an important role. Use static text for important details like product specifications. Dynamic text, on the other hand, should be used sparingly. Use it to highlight numbers, dates, and names.

Where can I edit logo text for free?

CapCut is a wonderful resource for editing your logo. First, upload your logo to the online editor. From there, cover your original logo's text with the pen tool or a sticker. Last, apply new text. Remember, this is a great place to use an animated font, just be sure the font is reflective of the goal or brand image you're aiming for.

How to make a video with animated text and pictures?

First, you'll need an online editor with animated text templates. CapCut provides everything needed to produce customized text. After accessing the online editor, upload your photos and videos. From there, select a text template from the asset library. Last, you'll be prompted to customize the template with your chosen text.

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