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Success Stories
CommunityFeb 09, 2024

CapCut for Business Creator Spotlight: JT Barnett

JT Barnett is a content creator and business owner. We discussed his journey and his thoughts on CapCut for Business.

ProductFeb 01, 2024

A Quick Introduction to CapCut

If you're looking to elevate your business video content game, CapCut for Business is for you.

CommunityJan 12, 2024

2023 Video Trend Review and Unlocking the Future with CapCut for Business

2023 was an incredible year for commercial content creators and how they used CapCut for Business to connect with their audiences. Here's what we can look forward to in 2024.

ProductJan 12, 2024

Create Engaging Campaigns with AI Characters

With a wide range of AI Characters, CapCut for Business has the perfect fit for your video content needs.

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CommunityJan 12, 2024

Ad Creation Made Easy with CapCut for Business

CapCut for Business has features that support ad content creation for all phases of the customer journey.

1702026513701.Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 5
CommunityJan 12, 2024

CapCut for Business Debuts During Advertising Week New York 2023

CapCut for Business is thrilled to launch during Advertising Week New York 2023 and celebrate with a variety of attendees.

NewsOct 16, 2023

Introducing CapCut for Business

CapCut is passionate about empowering our community to easily create incredible content regardless of their professional editing experience. Today, we're thrilled to announce CapCut for Business to help businesses, advertisers, and creators make powerful and innovative high-quality ads and branded content, no matter their size or budget.

CommunityOct 16, 2023

Responsibility for AI practices at CapCut for Business

CapCut for Business is excited about building responsibly for the future of AI-generated content, especially for content creators and small businesses who rely on building content to connect with their audience. Our new tools are just the beginning of how we are harnessing AI to support the creator community.

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