Generate Images with 3 best AI Image Generators Beyond Expectation

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Summary: Buckle up and sit tight as we explore all about AI generated images, its different options (AI image generator from text and from image) and why CapCut is a terrific option for this novel feature.

Part 1: What is an AI image generator?

AI picture generators is another branch of the breakthrough and groundbreaking invention: Artificial Intelligence. Also known as generative models, use complex artificial intelligence algorithms and programming codes to generate images within seconds, but they are based on existing data. You can think of it as an innovative imitation or emulation to create something brand new.

Now there are two ways in which AI photo generators work; you can create AI-generated images from a text command, or you can create them using image inputs.

AI image generators from text

AI image generators from text work by giving the AI an in-depth and descriptive command. The AI models that work on this pattern are referred to as "text-to-image synthesis models". The more precise your description is, the more accurate your results will be.

These models produce images that are akin to the training data they were coded on. Contrary to popular belief, AI isn't here to rob individuals of their jobs. Instead, it helps give a better insight to professionals to look, learn, and demonstrate newer skills from a different perspective.

In this case, AI text-to-image generators will come in handy to create illustrations from text prompts, assisting content creators in scenarios where images need to be produced from text input, and most importantly, it will help artists and graphic designers to take inspiration and inculcate newer ideas into their own work.

AI image generators from images

On the other hand, AI-generated images from preexisting images work on the principle known as image-to-image synthesis or image translation.

Image generator AI using images as input work on complex programmed codes that can potentially work to transform, or you can say terraform images between different domains, e.g., converting a sketch into a realistic image, modifying images to fit different artistic styles, or editing certain attributes of the picture.

Your best video editor just got a whole lot of coolers. An AI image generator, free of cost, sounds right out of a dream, right? But with CapCut, that's a reality. While this feature is new and yet to roll out to you, there's a lot of promising stuff that will be unveiled, and as it further gets developed, we will get to see many new and exciting features unfold.

CapCut AI Image Generator

It is quite early to give such remarks but being a free AI image generator will definitely make CapCut one of the best free AI image generators. Here's what CapCut has to offer you on its video editing platform.

CapCut is introducing two new features: text-to-image generator and image-to-image generator that will make editing image piece of cake using AI. With the text-to-image feature, you can convert text into visually appealing images, adding a creative touch to their videos. Image-to-image feature will allow you to transform one image into another, unleashing endless possibilities for visual storytelling and editing within the app.

The AI generated pictures are just a mere part of CapCut. CapCut is the embodiment of the perfect video editing platform because it isn't just free and one of the easiest-to-navigate platforms; it houses a plethora of features that you wouldn't usually find on free platforms. With the addition of AI image editor, CapCut will become a single-stop solution in true sense for all video editors, novices, and professionals alike. Whether you want to change video resolution or change the video format altogether, CapCut is where your problems meet solutions. is popular AI image generator that uses neural networks to transform ordinary images into mesmerizing artworks. It uses a technique called style transfer, which applies the style of famous paintings or other images to your input, resulting in creative and visually striking compositions. With this amazing software, you can explore various artistic styles and try with different combinations to produce captivating visuals.


Artbreeder is another sophisticated AI-powered platform that uses the principles of genetics and deep learning to produce unique and diverse type of visual content. By blending and breeding existing data(images), users can create fresh and original artworks. It also allow user to explore an extensive collection of user-generated content and collaborate with other artists. Whether you're interested in creating portraits, landscapes, or abstract compositions, Artbreeder provides a stimulating environment for artistic exploration.

These AI image generators can open up a world of creative possibilities, empowering artists, content creators to produce stunning visuals efficiently.

Part 3: How to add images to videos on CapCut?

With the intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform coupled with step-by-step tutorials from the website, it's a no-brainer to use CapCut. However, we will give you a comprehensive guide on how to add images to CapCut.

  1. Upload the video
  2. Visit CapCut's website and log in to your account and upload the video through your device, free cloud storage to a blank canvas. Once uploaded, drag the video to the editing bar at the bottom right of the screen and zoom in to expand the video frame-by-frame.
  3. Step
  4. Add an image to video
  5. Use the white pointer/cursor to the point in time/frame where you want to insert the image. Then go ahead and upload the image through the same process as is for uploading the video. Then move the mouse to the picture where you will see a "+" on it, click on it, and it will add the image to the video. After this you can edit the video AI generated image using the plethora of editing tools on CapCut.
  6. Step
  7. Save and export the video
  8. Click on export and choose to either save the video to your device/cloud storage or upload it to your social media.


To sum it up in a nutshell, it's all about to get very exciting really soon, with the new feature of an AI image generator rolling out pretty soon on CapCut. There's no saying how extraordinary of a change would this revolutionizing technology bring to the world of video editing and content creation!

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