Best Free Video Templates for Customized Video Editing

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Video templates include so much depth in your videos. They are the best option to start your creative journey if you want to grab your audience's attention. You can create your video templates up to your liking and show them off to different websites! CapCut helps you create a variety of free video templates for every occasion. Put your creativity into your video templates!

Considerations before using free video templates

As much as free video templates are easy to use and allow you to create more of what you like, there are specific considerations that you might want to take.

  1. Plan your idea
  2. Before you choose any video template, it's always better to plan your idea and the content you will make. You need to think about what message you want to convey, if any, or what picture you want to present and how the visuals that will help you communicate that. That enables you to choose the suitable video template that fits right in.
  3. Collect the content for your idea
  4. Collect the videos, pictures, or any media asset you want to use to create your content, and make sure whatever media assets you choose are high-quality. That includes so much life to your content. You can also select the media asset that fits your video template.
  5. Customize the video template
  6. Free video templates can save you time, but sometimes, they don't fit your needs. So, in that case, you need to customize the video templates. Let's say that you want to find a wedding invitation video template or promo video template, but you need to help finding one of your liking. You can fully customize a template by adding color, text, stickers, and other design elements to create free video templates and make them unique and fit your project.
  7. Preview the videos
  8. Review your content before you export it. See if you need to make any changes to the video templates. That can help you find the errors or make adjustments before shipping the videos.

Great boons of video templates in CapCut online video editor

  • You can get so much from the video templates in CapCut online video editor. Video templates can make videos look appealing and professional to the audience. Here are some great benefits of video templates in the CapCut online video editor.
  • Accessibility
  • CapCut’s video templates can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. It makes the process of creating free video templates on the go so easy. You can get the links to the free video templates available online with just one click.
  • Save your time
  • Video templates provide a pre-designed layout and structure for the videos, saving you a lot of time. You can create videos faster using these templates; you don't have to start from scratch.
  • Professional looking videos
  • The video templates in CapCut look professional and polished because professional designers and videographers design them. Using these video templates, you can make your videos look like they are edited by professionals, even if you are a beginner.
  • Consistency
  • Create a cohesive theme for your video content using video templates, which helps you maintain a consistent look across all your videos by sticking to a particular style or layout. You can plan a theme and select the video templates according to it.
  • Inspiration
  • Video templates can help you find inspiration for your video projects. You can generate so many ideas and be creative with them. Collecting all the video templates can give you a starting point for your project.
  • Easy customization
  • You can easily customize CapCut’s video template. You can add the media of your liking, adjust colors, and modify the layouts. You can create a video template on your own and make it unique.

How to make stunning videos with free video templates using CapCut?

CapCut allows you to make stunning videos using free video templates. There are so many ways to access free video templates in CapCut. You can access them in CapCut’s app or go to CapCut’s online website And there, you can find a variety of collections of different free video templates with their links. Here's how you make amazing videos using the free video templates in CapCut.

Step 1: Select the video template

In the online video editor, select the content for your video. You can like multiple media assets. Then you open CapCut’s website for video templates and choose one of your liking; you can click on 'use the template' and use that template. And again, it's better to plan your idea so you can choose the templates and content more easily. The best thing about this is that you will have various free video templates. Be it a wedding invitation video template or a promo video template.

Select free video templates.png

Step 2: Add the content to your video template

Select the ones you want to add to your template from the media box where you have added the content. You can add multiple videos to one template or the same video repeatedly; that's up to you. You can change the text and font of the given video template and design it according to your liking.

Add video template to the video timeline.png

Step 3: Export the video

You are ready to export the video after you are done editing it. Click on the export option, and you are so prepared. Remember to constantly review your work before exporting it so you can make any last-minute changes.


To summarise this, CapCut gives you the most straightforward tools to customize your video templates, or you can get free video templates through links. The video templates are available in the CapCut app as well. So, if you have that, you don't need the links. Making changes can be fun; you must plan and create the most appealing and unique videos.

You can use the CapCut online video editor for a better idea. You don't have to pay for any video templates or features you might want to add. All the tools are easy to use and accessible, which makes the whole experience great, even for beginners.

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