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Postcards are a tangible and visually appealing way to market properties, making them stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Postcards allow you to directly reach your target audience, whether it's potential buyers or sellers in a specific neighborhood or demographic.

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Meet your real estate postcard needs in CapCut

Create market trends postcards

Utilize CapCut's creative platform to craft captivating market trends postcards for your real estate marketing strategy. With CapCut's customizable templates and design tools, you can create visually appealing postcards that present insightful market data and trends. Incorporate charts, graphs, and engaging visuals to help clients understand the current real estate landscape. CapCut empowers you to design informative and eye-catching market trends postcards that position you as an industry expert and provide valuable information to your clients.

Create market trends postcards

Create property feature postcards

Harness CapCut's innovative toolkit to create one-of-a-kind property feature postcards. Utilize CapCut's intuitive platform to design visually striking postcards that spotlight the distinctive qualities and attributes of properties. Employ customizable templates, fonts, and design elements to craft a visually memorable experience. With CapCut's support, you can fashion property feature postcards that stand out, engaging potential buyers with a fresh perspective and effectively conveying the allure of the properties you're promoting.

Create property feature postcards

Create expired listing postcards

Unlock CapCut's creative potential to design compelling expired listing postcards. Utilize CapCut's user-friendly interface to craft visually captivating postcards that target homeowners with expired listings. With customizable templates, fonts, and design elements, you can create impactful messages offering your expertise to help them relist successfully. CapCut empowers you to design expired listing postcards that stand out, demonstrating your dedication to finding solutions and effectively reengaging potential clients.

Create expired listing postcards

Benefits of making real estate postcards



You can personalize postcards with property photos, details, and your branding, creating a more personal and memorable connection with recipients.

.Local presence

Local presence

Real estate postcards showcase your expertise and presence in the local real estate market, building trust with potential clients.


Property promotion

Use postcards to showcase featured properties, highlight unique selling points, and generate interest among potential buyers.

Learn how to make a real estate postcard in 3 steps


Log in and choose a template:

Sign in to your CapCut account or create one if you don't have it. Once logged in, click on "+Create new" and search for "postcard" in the search bar. Choose a postcard template that suits your real estate marketing needs.


Customize the template:

In the CapCut editor, you'll see the chosen template. Upload images of the property you want to showcase and replace the placeholder images in the template. You can also edit the text to include property details, your contact information, and any other relevant information.

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Customize and download

Add design elements:
Enhance your postcard's visual appeal by adding design elements. Then, click on the "Download" button at the top-right corner of the editor. Choose the format and quality you prefer. You can also share the postcard directly on social media or generate a shareable link.

1694679470196.Customize and download

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a real estate postcard?

A real estate postcard is a tangible marketing tool used by real estate professionals to promote properties, services, or market updates. It typically consists of a single-sided or double-sided card featuring property images, details, contact information, and a call to action. Real estate postcards aim to capture the recipient's attention and convey essential information about properties or services.

What do you write on a real estate postcard?

On a real estate postcard, you should include:
Property details (price, location, features)
High-quality property images
Your contact information (phone, email, website)
A compelling call to action (e.g., "Schedule a showing," "Learn more")
Brief property description or unique selling points
Mention of any special offers or incentives
Your branding, logo, or slogan
Relevant market insights or updates

How to design custom real estate postcards?

Use design tools like CapCut or Adobe Spark to create custom postcards. Choose a postcard template that suits your style and content needs. Replace placeholder images and text with property details and images. Modify colors, fonts, and layout to align with your branding. Use high-quality property images to showcase the property's best features.

How to make a good real estate postcards to attract more audience?

To craft an effective real estate postcard that resonates with a wider audience, combine striking property images, succinct yet compelling property descriptions, clear contact information, and a strong call to action. Employ consistent branding, a clean design layout with sufficient white space, and highlight unique selling points to engage recipients. Focus on conveying the property's value and benefits concisely, while also providing valuable insights or market trends to position yourself as a trusted expert. Ultimately, a well-designed postcard with attention-grabbing visuals and persuasive content will attract and retain audience interest, encouraging them to take the desired action.

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