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Want to showcase your music in a video? The top-rated music video creator - CapCut has all the audio-editing tools & SFX to edit videos with fair-sounding songs.

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Features of top music video creator - CapCut

Royalty-free mood

With CapCut, you'll access royalty-free music as background and sound effects as enhancement, all of which work within a sleek UI and will elevate the quality of your music videos by setting the tone, theme, and vibe. If you produce punk rock, choose a dark, moody filter. If you're a pop singer, pick something bright. No matter what genre you produce, there is a filter to match. When you're in a hurry, plug your footage and songs into a preset template.


Must-have character

If you dream of creating a music video but lack the tunes, just turn to take advantage of the audio-editing tools, such as Noise Remover, Volume Changer, Speeder, Reverser, Fade-in/-out, and Pitch Converter. Best of all, every asset and feature comes with a low learning difficulty. Not even the coolest beats hide behind a paywall. Everything in the toolbar-including common and advanced soundtrack adjustment functions—is at your disposal.


High-resolution attitude

Never sacrifice quality. Record in your phone's highest resolution, and film your latest gig in 4k Ultra HD– a great music video maker won't flinch. The music industry has a low tolerance for low-quality productions, so to give yourself the best chance of success, you'll need an online editor that will keep your footage crisp. CapCut can easily create a video with music, even if you're working with large, HD files. Don't forget to store the massive files in the cloud drive.


Upsides of making music videos

Improve promotion efforts

Improve promotion efforts

No one will listen to your band if they've never heard of you. Use ads to promote and gain a thriving fanbase.

Create revenue streams

Create revenue streams

If your music videos are successful and meteoric, you might be lucky enough to monetize your channel.

Grow online followings

Grow online followings

Don't hesitate to build a following of excited fans who cannot wait to buy tickets to your first show.

Guides to make a video with songs


Upload footage & music

Record yourself playing instrument or singing. Do not forget to include b-roll clip, which can be anything from scenes of your hometown to shots of your recording studio.

Upload footage & music

Edit music respectively

Generally, you'll record more videos than necessary, so use the Audio Trimmer to remove unwanted clips. To make your music video feel pro, sync the cuts with the beat.

Edit music respectively

Store or upload

After finishing, share it with the world. Depending on the aspect ratio, you can upload to YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or any other platforms.

Store or upload

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best music video maker?

There's a wide variety of music video makers across the web, but only CapCut offers professional-grade tools free of charge, like its music library. Also, it's easy to produce subtitles with CapCut's auto subtitle generator. Best of all, its AI can auto-translate these subtitles into multiple languages, giving you access to a global audience.

Where can I edit music videos for free?

Every asset, feature, and tool on CapCut is completely free to use. There are no hidden fees or paywalls. Even its best features, like its background remover and preset templates, are at your disposal. Create content without fear of receiving a bill when you're ready to export.

How long does it take to make a music video?

It only takes a few seconds if you use a preset template. These are a great way to instantly whip up a video. Additionally, consider making karaoke or dance videos. These are popular niches, and a great place for new content creators to get their start. They're also quick and easy to make.

How do I make a music video for my song?

You can import your own music exactly like a video file. You'll find audio files in the same folder where you imported your footage. After uploading your custom music, simply drag it into the timeline to adjust the volume or sync it with your video. Additionally, you can make use of audio editing tools to adjust the volume.

Is there a free music video editor with effects?

CapCut features a wide variety of effects and assets, all of which are free to use. You'll find filters, sound effects, and stickers in its asset library. Use these to produce industry-standard music videos.

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