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Badge logos lend a professional touch to your brand, making it appear more established and trustworthy. Badge logos can be used across various marketing materials, both online and offline, ensuring a consistent brand presence.

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Meet your badge logo needs in CapCut

Create classic badge logos

With CapCut's creative tools, designing classic badge logos is a breeze. Explore CapCut's library of customizable templates, featuring intricate borders and vintage-inspired typography. Tailor the design with a timeless color palette and elegant elements that evoke a nostalgic charm. CapCut's user-friendly interface allows effortless customization, making it easy to create classic badge logos that add a touch of heritage and sophistication to your brand. Whether you're reviving a vintage brand or seeking timeless appeal, CapCut empowers you to craft classic badge logos that stand the test of time.

Create classic badge logos

Create modern badge logos

CapCut makes creating modern badge logos a seamless process. Uncover a diverse range of customizable templates showcasing sleek lines, bold typography, and minimalist design elements. Infuse your logo with a contemporary color palette and stylish graphics that resonate with your brand's modern appeal. With CapCut's intuitive interface, effortlessly tailor the logo to fit your distinctive vision and preferences. Whether you're launching a cutting-edge brand or revitalizing an existing one, CapCut empowers you to design modern badge logos that exude sophistication and captivate your audience.

Create modern badge logos

Create vintage badge logos

Evoke nostalgia with CapCut's design prowess in crafting vintage badge logos. Explore a rich assortment of customizable templates featuring distressed textures, retro fonts, and classic symbols. Add a warm color palette and aged effects to infuse your logo with a timeless charm. With CapCut's user-friendly platform, effortlessly personalize the logo to capture the essence of your vintage-inspired brand. Whether you're reviving a classic business or creating a retro aesthetic, CapCut empowers you to design vintage badge logos that radiate nostalgic appeal and captivate your audience.

Create vintage badge logos

Benefits of making badge logos

Brand differentiation

Brand differentiation

A well-designed badge logo sets your brand apart from competitors and makes it more memorable to customers.

.Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising

Badge logos are valuable assets for marketing and advertising campaigns, helping to reinforce your brand message.

Product packaging

Product packaging

Using badge logos on product packaging adds a branded and polished look, making your products stand out on shelves.

Learn how to make a badge logo in 3 steps


Choose a badge template

After selecting "Logo" templates, browse through the options to find badge-style templates. Look for designs labeled as "Badge" or "Classic."

Choose a badge template

Add your brand name

Once you've chosen a badge template, you can start customizing it: Replace the default text in the template with your brand's name or initials. Customize the colors to match your brand's color scheme or choose a vintage-inspired color palette.

Add your brand name

Organize and download

Add icon or graphic
Incorporate an icon, graphic, or symbol that represents your brand or industry. Choose a suitable font for your brand name and any additional text on the badge. Once you're satisfied with your badge logo design, click the "Download" button in the top right corner of the CapCut dashboard.

Organize and download

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a badge logo?

A badge logo is a type of emblem or insignia that typically features a circular or shield-like shape. It often includes intricate borders, typography, and symbols, creating a compact and visually appealing design. Badge logos are commonly used to represent brands, businesses, organizations, or specific product lines, and they often evoke a sense of heritage, authenticity, or professionalism.

What is badge logo design?

Badge logo design refers to the process of creating a logo in the form of a badge or emblem. The design typically involves combining elements like typography, icons, and graphics within a circular, shield, or other geometric shape. Badge logo design often focuses on simplicity, elegance, and visual impact, making it a popular choice for a wide range of businesses and industries.

How do I make a badge template?

To create a badge template, you can use graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator or vector design tools. Start by choosing a suitable shape, such as circular or shield, then add decorative elements like borders, banners, or ribbons. Incorporate your brand name and relevant icons or graphics. Once you finalize the design, save it as a template for future use or customization.

Which is the best badge logo creator?

There are several excellent badge logo creators available, each offering different features and usability. Some popular options include:
CapCut: A user-friendly online design platform that provides customizable templates for badge logo design.
LogoMaker: An easy-to-use logo design tool with badge logo templates and customization options.
Looka: An AI-powered logo maker that offers badge logo designs based on your preferences.

What is the size of a badge logo?

The size of a badge logo can vary depending on where it will be used. For online purposes, a common size is around 200x200 pixels to 500x500 pixels. For printed materials like business cards or merchandise, a larger resolution (e.g., 300 DPI) is typically used to ensure high-quality prints. When creating a badge logo, it's essential to consider the various sizes it may be used in and ensure it remains clear and legible at different scales.

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