Remove Video Background for Free

CapCut removes background videos in one click through automatic face recognition technology. Change the background color and image, or add background videos for a different look.

Remove Video Background Free
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Key features of video background remover

Remove video background from portrait clips in one click

Suppose your video contains bad backgrounds or unwanted people and objects, how to fix it? Remove the video background in one go! CapCut automatically recognizes the portraits of your footage, enabling you to remove background from video footage in one click. Video background removal makes the image look more relevant and authentic.

Remove video background

Change the background color and image to your liking

A well-styled video background makes your content more visually compelling. When you’re filming another YouTube video, the background may be the last thing on your mind. CapCut allows you to change the background color by choosing from a color palette that matches your personal style. Add your own image to restyle the background for a better visual experience.

Change the background color and image

Add background video to make multiple clips cohesive

Background videos are a great way to enhance your website's appearance, more likely to grab your viewers' attention. When filming YouTube or TikTok videos, you may need to add background videos to make multiple clips look consistent and cohesive both in appearance and content. CapCut troubleshoots this problem easily. You can also mute the background video if unnecessary.

Add background video

Benefits of free video background remover

Versatile & productive

Versatile & productive

It's the master card of a video editor that enables video background removal accompanied by adding color, image, and background videos to restyle footage. CapCut holds all the aces.

Advanced technology

Advanced technology

Driven by machine learning technology, CapCut can automatically recognize the portrait of your video footage and enables free background removal at a click of a button, without losing any video quality.

One-stop editing

One-stop editing

CapCut is an all-in-one video editor designed for all content creators, be they beginners or professionals. It's available in a browser, on a PC, or smartphone. Simple interface. Easy to use. Let your creation shine.

Remove video background for different needs

CapCut acts as a versatile yet handy video background remover for content creators to make compelling videos.

Product & brand marketing

Product & brand marketing

Remove background from video free and add a brand-new background color or image for different contexts. One promo footage can be applied to diverse settings for product and brand marketing.

Video creation services

Video creation services

A video background changer is a requisite for video production companies to create video content, including commercials, online ads, product showcases, corporate videos, and employee training videos.

Public speaking

Public speaking

Want to make your video footage facilitate all speaking tours in different places? Remove video background free and add your desired background clips, image, and color to achieve localization.

How to remove background from video?

Step 1: Upload video

Upload media files from the computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Myspace, or by QR code.

Step 2: Remove video background

CapCut removes video background in one click by enabling you to drag the slider from left to right under the "Remove background" tab. Change the background color by choosing from the color palette. Add your desired background videos or images to make the footage applicable to real-life situations.

Step 3: Export & share

Set parameters including file name, resolution, format, and quality. Download the video or share it on your social media channels like TikTok.

Step 1: Upload video

Step 1: Upload video

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove video background for free?

Absolutely. Turn to CapCut background remover. It can remove the video background in one click by automatically recognizing the portrait of your footage. No need to operate manually. Feel free to change the background videos, color, and image for a given context. The point is, the video background removal process costs no penny. Want to know how to add image to video for special use? Explore it at one go.

What is the best app to remove video backgrounds?

What is the best video background remover? You're on the right page. CapCut is one of the best video background removers that can restyle your footage. It holds all the aces regarding the elements needed to remove video background free and beautify it with different colors, images, and video clips. No learning curve is required. Applicable to all video creators.

Can I remove video background without a green screen?

A green screen enables film production to remain within a sound stage but depicts disparate locations and sequences. It doesn't match any natural skin tone or hair color, so it's easy to remove without grabbing parts of the person in the foreground. However, how to remove video background without a green screen? How does CapCut remove background? Launch the program to upload your video. Remove the background with one click. You can also change the background color, and image, and add background video clips for a given purpose.

How can I change the background of a video online for free?

You need an online video editor before fixing this problem. Which one should you choose? CapCut is really worthy of your full trial. First, create your online account and upload a video. Then, remove the video background in one click and customize it with color, image, and video for real-life contexts. Finally, export and share the video.

What is the best video background changer online for free?

Looking for the best video background changer for online use, CapCut background video remover should be your top priority. Powered by machine learning technology, it allows you to remove background from video footage with one click. No need to remove the video background manually. Just one click will troubleshoot your problem. Besides, it gives you full freedom to customize the background with color, image, and video clips. Feel free to restyle your footage for different purposes. Easy to use. No extra charge.

Remove video background for better viewing