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Brighten up someone’s day by creating jovial memes with CapCut’s meme generator. With thousands of stock images, templates, and layouts, you can create fully customized memes for free with our AI meme generator.

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Free Meme Generator
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Key features of CapCut’s AI meme generator

Unlimited templates & stock media assets for creative memes

CapCut has raised the bar of creative editing high. Join our users in creating shareable and viral content for social media. Our AI-powered free meme generator brings joy to people's life by making meme generation easier than ever. Use thousands of free media assets, templates, and AI tools like meme text generators to take your content to the next level.

Unlimited templates & stock media assets for creative memes

Create customized shareable memes & funny videos easily

Our online editor is equipped with cutting-edge features like a color matcher, AI-generated templates, and preset layouts to produce the best AI-generated memes. Explore the full potential of our text memes generator to create fun and jovial memes for free. Simply start your project, and breeze through our user-friendly meme generator to create viral content.


Our AI magic tools make editing & meme generation effortless

Take your social media games to the next level with our highly efficient and user-friendly editing platform. Use our AI magic tools to make delightful memes in mere seconds. Customize the look of your memes by letting our AI help you colorize, edit, and spice up your content. Download your AI-generated memes for free without any catch.

Our AI magic tools make editing & meme generation effortless

Benefits of using CapCut to generate memes

No watermarks

No watermarks

Get full credit for your work with our meme generator. Though you can attach your own watermark in your memes, CapCut will not stick any of its watermarks and dampen the fun in your memes.

Free & online

Free & online

Create jovial and delightful memes with our AI-backed online meme generator. With CapCut, you don't have to download any software to create stunning content. Generate memes online in an instant for free.

Free cloud storage

Free cloud storage

We offer a holistic package for your content creation needs. With our free cloud storage, you can store thousands of memes and organize them efficiently with options to share them at one go.

Unleash the potential of meme generator online

Let's dive into the real scenes where you can use AI-generated memes.

Keep up with trends of AI generated memes

Keep up with trends

The Internet is the main medium of communicating with your audience. And the latest mode of communication is through memes. Make your content relatable, shareable, and engaging with CapCut’s meme generator.

Generate memes for marketing and ads

Marketing & ads

Take your sales, brand recognition, and website visits to sky-high numbers by creating marketing memes. Use humor to communicate your message and make your ads shareable and memorable with our meme generator for free.

Create cheerful shenanigans with free meme generator

Cheerful shenanigans

What could be a better memory than being the reason for someone's joy and laughter? Create playful memes and spread smiles and cheers with your friends and family. Our AI meme generator will help you create memories for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does meme generator mean?

A meme generator is a tool to spread joy and laughter in the world. Meme generators like CapCut allow you to create funny images with text and stickers. You can customize and share your memes without any watermark for free.

Is there a free meme generator?

Yes, absolutely. You can easily create memes with our meme generator for free. Use our AI-backed magic tools to customize your memes by changing the fonts, size, layout, and look of your memes. Visit our website to get started.

How can I generate memes for free online?

You can generate memes online for free with CapCut’s meme text generator. Simply visit our online platform, start a project, choose a template of your liking from our massive gallery, or start fresh to create memes for free. Besides, you can add text to GIFs for better engagement rate.

What is the best ai meme generator?

How about a user-friendly meme generator that offers free AI-generated templates and media assets and lets you share memes without watermarks? Well, that's exactly what makes CapCut the best meme generator in the market.

How does a meme text generator work?

A meme text generator lets you create memes with a simple text prompt. Tell our AI meme generator your idea, and it will conjure up a cheerful meme out of thin air. Visit our website to use our text meme generator for free.

Wow your audience with fun generated memes