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Record live streams effortlessly and edit your videos seamlessly. CapCut's live stream video editor helps manage vast collections of raw footage, enabling new income streams and expansion across various social media platforms.

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Features of making live stream video

Record your live streaming video online in real time without laggings

Record your live streams with an online editor. After recording your livestream to the cloud library, use CapCut's editing tools to trim the excess footage and produce top-quality YouTube or TikTok content. Your viewers will love compilations of your best moments. Or consider using the raw footage from your livestream to produce educational videos related to your niche on YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook. This is a great way to make the most of your livestream footage.

record live streaming online

Use Auto-caption to generate text for your live stream videos

Add text and subtitles to your livestream footage with CapCut. Manually adding subtitles to a three hour livestream would be an arduous task. Instead, automate the process by using an automatic subtitle generator. This enables content creators to produce subtitles within seconds. Next, use the AI to automatically translate these subtitles into multiple languages and expose your content to a global audience. Lastly, don't forget to add text to highlight important details.

automatic text addition

A set of useful tools, such as splitter, resizer, converter, and speeder

When preparing your livestream footage for YouTube, you'll need a live stream video maker that helps you create incredible content. CapCut provides all of the tools you need to trim your footage, crop it for various social media platforms, and adjust the speed. With these features, you can produce superior YouTube content by repurposing footage from your live stream. Additionally, don't forget to elevate the quality of your content further by adding music, stickers, and text.

a set of tools

Advantages of streaming a podcast

Improve performance

Improve performance

If you want to live stream online, you need to perfect your stage presence. Recording your live stream will allow you to watch yourself. This in turn will help you improve your performance.

Make videos for social media

Make videos for social media

To further your career, you must do more than master live streaming software. You must also branch out into social media, so use CapCut to produce videos for TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube.

Get direct and real materials

Get direct and real materials

Create content with impact by using material directly from your live stream. This will give your videos a feeling of authenticity that viewers are likely to love. You can store footage in cloud drive.

3 steps to edit live stream recordings easily


Import recorded clips

Import your footage from the major live streaming apps. Be sure to upload your clips in their native resolution. CapCut can handle footage up to 4K, so don't be shy about uploading large files.

Import recorded clips

Begin to split, resize, & more

You'll likely have more footage than you need, so use Trimmer to remove excess footage. To make your content shine on social media, you'll need to create lean, engaging videos.

Begin to split, resize, & more

Export videos up to 4K

Export in the highest resolution possible. If you're able to record your live stream in 4K, do it because CapCut can export 4K files for free– and without any watermarks.

Export videos up to 4K

Frequently Asked Question

How to live stream on YouTube?

First, you'll need at least 1,000 subscribers. YouTube doesn't allow channels to host live streams before you hit this mark. If you dream of live streaming on YouTube, begin by producing interesting and high-quality content. This will attract subscribers and help build your following. After you reach 1,000 subscribers, it will unlock your ability to live stream. You can then schedule a livestream under the create tab.

How do I edit a YouTube live stream video?

When you stream on YouTube, the footage is automatically recorded. You can then download the footage from your YouTube studio. Next, upload this footage to an online editor like CapCut. Here, you can trim the footage with the clipper tool, add a song from the music library, and produce high quality YouTube content.

How do I stream Days of Our Lives?

All manner of television shows can be streamed. If you specifically want to know how to stream Days of our Lives, you'll need a subscription to Peacock TV. From there, you can watch shows like Days of Our Lives, Saved by the Bell, and Real Housewives. To produce intriguing content for your YouTube channel, consider using clips from these shows in commentaries where you discuss your thoughts and theories about each episode.

How do I record Johnny Depp's live streams?

If you need to know how to record Johnny Depp live streams as part of your next commentary, you have several options. First, you should select a recording of the livestream on YouTube, then use YouTube to MP4 conversion software. Your second option is to use CapCut's screen recording feature. It will enable you to record the live stream directly to the cloud drive.

How to live stream on Facebook?

It's easy to live stream on Facebook. First, prepare a post. From there, select the “live” button then hit the “record” button. Unlike YouTube, Facebook doesn't require you to have a certain number of subscribers or followers. This makes live streaming on Facebook accessible to any content creator regardless of the size of their following.

What is the best live streaming software?

The majority of streamers use Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to record their live streams. This software enables them to stream footage directly from their DSLR camera to the internet. If you'd like to begin streaming, OBS is free. However, platforms like Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube don't require OBS. Unless you wish to use a DSLR camera or multiple angles, you don't need streaming software.

Which is the best app for live streaming?

Most live streamers prefer to broadcast from Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook. These social media platforms are popular and a great place for live streamers to produce content. Remember, however, that if you wish to livestream from YouTube, you'll first need at least 1000 subscribers. If you want to stream right away but currently lack a following, use Facebook or Twitch.

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