How to Combine Videos Online with Creative Tools

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Gone are the days when you had one shot to shoot a video. Want a handy tool to create a short film or documentary by combining videos online? This article details what it comprises of a user-friendly video combiner, the best app to combine videos online, and how to combine videos in CapCut online video editor.

Part 1: What is a video combiner?

A video combiner is to video editing what the Genie is to Aladdin. An app that can combine multiple videos into one is a literal lifesaver as it can help create the perfect movie/film/ documentary since you only shoot the perfect scenes and then append them together to create a nice segue which ultimately creates a neat finish to the video. A video combiner has the following features.

  • Video mixing

All video combiners have the fundamental feature of mixing videos. This goes without saying that there are no restrictions to your endeavor; you can add, append, or remove any segment (or entire video) throughout the length of the video. You can also insert another video within the same frame of the video, i.e., video blending, by using split screen, picture-in-picture, or full-screen switching.

  • Smooth transitions

Any video combiner that combines two video clips (or more) is utterly futile unless it can create a nice, neat, and smooth segue from one video (or video segment) to the next. Therefore, it is crucial that the free video combiner that you plan to use to combine videos online must bridge videos so buttery smooth that it shouldn't even be noticeable.

  • Audio editing and effects

In terms of editing tools and effects, it's safe to say the more, the merrier. A video editor with the option to combine two videos online (combine two videos into one/ combine videos together) must come equipped with the basic features of video editing. This saves you the time and the hassle of switching between applications to complete what you started. Not to mention that it's a total mess if the other apps don't support the file format, which would, in turn, require another application to convert the video format.

Part 2: What is the best app to combine videos?

While there are endless apps to combine videos online for free, with the number ever increasing, it's not our place to say which app is the best to combine clips – That's for you to decide after we've talked about CapCut. Not to self-flatter, but here is what CapCut has to offer to the table.

  • Advanced video editing features

The basic and generic video editing tools exist in all video editing applications, such as trimming, cropping, splitting, transitions, and effects. What sets CapCut apart and makes it a great and unique app to combine videos online is that it has advanced video editing tools.

The multi-layering timeline gives you the liberty to add multiple video and audio tracks, providing complete control and autonomy over the editing process. The advanced and high-end filters endow an enhanced cinematic brilliance to your movie to adsorb the audience into your content.

CapCut free video combiner

There are many other miscellaneous advanced editing tools, such as keyframe animation, chroma-keying, etc., that take your video editing experience to the next level.

  • Ease of accessibility

With all the most wanted and highly in-demand features, CapCut is one of the most easily accessible video editors there is. For starters, it is a free application; there are no hidden paid features or prompts to pry for your credit card details. It has a webpage, and has downloadable applications across all operating software (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.)

Moreover, CapCut has a straightforward interface making it a child's play to navigate through. The Cloud storage saves up your progress so that you can pick up right from where you left off your video editing, that too on any device!

  • CapCut community

Unlike other video editing applications, CapCut is one-of-a-kind, as it has a community feature that allows you to meet and greet all the other content creators and video editors from all over the world. You can meet the likes of the greatest video editors, and exchange content, ideas, and editing concepts.

You can learn and grow a lot, ponder over the mistakes you make, and before you know it, you too may become a great content creator yourself. Along the way, you can find others in the same position as you once were as a novice and help them improve their content.

Part 3: How to combine videos online on CapCut?

As with most things, instructions can only take you as far as the end of the article; the real learning begins when you get your hands dirty. However, with CapCut, you'll find a minimal struggle as it has an easy interface, and you get a nice, lovely demo tutorial that walks you through all its features. Regardless, we will still cover a comprehensive guide on how to combine videos online for free using CapCut.

Step 1: Upload the video

Click on CapCut's website, or easily find it on the internet too by typing it out on any search engine. When you're on the website, choose the blank canvas, upload the video through your device or cloud storage, and drag it to the editing menu. Repeat the process for uploading all the videos you wish to merge.

upload video clips.jpg

Step 2: Merge the videos

Click on the video within the editing menu. This will show a white pointer and two brackets encompassing the video. Move the white pointer to the point in time where you want to add the next video. Then you can click on "transitions" to give a neat segue from one video to the other.

combine videos online

Step 3: Save or export the video

After you have merged the videos together and created the perfect segue to your satisfaction, you can preview all the changes that you have made. After you are satisfied with the editing, you can save the video by clicking on "export" at the top of the screen. You can save the video to your device/ cloud storage, or you directly upload it to your social media.

Export the combined clips


Though the internet is a vast sea of options, it would take little persuasion to get you to hop on the bandwagon and join the CapCut community once you try all the fantastic features yourself. After all, when it's your social media profile at stake, wouldn't you want the best there is in the world of video editing?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there apps to combine videos online?

There are hundreds of apps to combine videos online that you can easily find once you search for them on the internet. Trusting the right one is a big concern, as you neither have the time nor the energy for the benefit of the doubt to give a trial and error to all of them. To scrutinize this, scour through the reviews and ratings and always heed the concerns voiced by the lowest ratings; in that way, you'll get a direct insight into what you are headed into. CapCut is one great app to combine videos online with excellent user satisfaction.

Can I combine multiple videos into one?

Definitely! Any application that offers the feature of combining videos online doesn't come with an upper limit or restriction to the number of videos that you can merge into one. You can surely combine multiple videos into one. If you are looking for options to combine clips, that too in a significant number, then the odds are that you are working on a film or a documentary. Which is why you would want your content to be a work of art and finesse. For this, we recommend using CapCut.

Are there any free video combiners?

Short answer: Yes, there are many free video combiners that you can find online. If you are looking for more detail and elaboration, then there are many options available to you, such as CapCut, VEED, Clideo, etc. However, user feedback and cybersecurity are of prime importance when making the right choice. The former gives a heads-up as to the problems and bugs we can expect from using the free video combiners; the latter is a much more significant concern as your data and privacy are at stake. Therefore, it is always recommended to use a trusted application like CapCut.

How to combine videos online?

Different video editors have different procedures and protocols for combining videos online. However, the general principle is the same for all of them; You upload the videos you want to join, go to the editing menu, and drag the main video. You then move the cursor/pointer to the point in time you want to add the other video/videos. Finally, save the changes.

Why should we combine videos?

Shooting smaller clips of videos is easy. However, when it comes to shooting an extensive film documentary, it is nigh impossible to get it done in one shot. It isn't necessary that you always get the perfect shot every time you shoot the video; at times, the lighting isn't perfect; there can be many reasons why certain portions of the video may need to be shot together. Joining all these segments together requires you to combine videos through a video combiner.

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