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Collages compile a collection of photographs, preserving moments from various times, events, and milestones in one cohesive display.

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Meet your faily photo collage needs in CapCut

Create chronological collage

Leverage CapCut's design prowess to seamlessly construct a captivating chronological collage. Utilize CapCut's intuitive platform to arrange your family's photos in a visually engaging sequence, tracing the passage of time. With customizable templates, fonts, and design elements, you can create a unique collage that elegantly encapsulates your family's journey. Empower your storytelling with CapCut's tools, ensuring your chronological collage becomes a cherished visual narrative of your family's evolving moments and shared experiences.

Create chronological collage

Create candid moments collage

Harness CapCut's creative toolkit to craft an authentic candid moments collage. With its user-friendly platform, curate a collage that captures the natural interactions, emotions, and everyday joys of your family. Seamlessly compile candid photos in CapCut's customizable templates, and enhance them with fonts and design elements. CapCut empowers you to design a candid moments collage that beautifully encapsulates the genuine essence and cherished memories of your family's unscripted and heartfelt moments.

Create candid moments collage

Create three-generation collage

Easily create a heartwarming three-generation collage with CapCut's creative resources. Utilize CapCut's intuitive platform to design a visually compelling collage that showcases the bond between grandparents, parents, and children. Incorporate CapCut's customizable templates, fonts, and design elements to arrange photos that depict the unity and connection of three generations. With CapCut, craft a meaningful three-generation collage that celebrates the enduring love, values, and shared experiences within your family lineage.

Create three-generation collage

Benefits of making family photo collage

Celebrate relationships

Celebrate relationships

A photo collage reflects the relationships, connections, and love shared among family members, serving as a visual testament to the family's history and unity.

Display in a unique format

Display in a unique format

Collages offer a creative way to display multiple photos in a single artwork, creating an eye-catching and unique piece.

Decorate spaces

Decorate spaces

Family photo collages can be used as decor in homes, serving as personalized art pieces that add warmth and personality to living spaces.

Learn how to make a family photo collage in 3 steps


Log in and choose a template

Log in to your CapCut account or sign up if you don't have one. Once logged in, search for "collage" in the search bar and select a collage template that suits your style and preferences.

Log in and choose a template:

Upload your photos

After choosing a template, you'll be taken to the CapCut editor. Click on the "Uploads" tab on the left sidebar and upload the family photos you want to include in your collage.

Upload your photos:

Arrange photos and save

Drag and drop your uploaded photos into the template's designated photo placeholders.
Customize the collage by adding text, design elements, backgrounds, or filters. Use CapCut's tools to personalize the collage according to your preferences. Once satisfied with the design, click on the "Download" button at the top-right corner to save your collage in your preferred format.

Arrange photos and save

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a free family photo collage?

A free family photo collage is a digitally created composition that combines multiple family photos into a single design. It serves as a visually appealing way to display and celebrate family memories and moments. There are various online tools and apps that offer free templates and features to create such collages.

Which is the best family photo collage maker?

One of the popular and highly regarded family photo collage makers is CapCut. It offers a wide range of customizable templates, design elements, and user-friendly features to create personalized and visually stunning collages.

How do I make a bunch of pictures into a collage?

To create a collage from a bunch of pictures:
Choose a collage maker tool (such as CapCut or Adobe Spark).
Select a collage template or start with a blank CapCuts.
Upload your pictures to the tool's interface.
Arrange and position the pictures within the collage template.
Customize the collage by adding text, design elements, and backgrounds.
Save and download the collage in your preferred format.

What is the best app to make a comic strip?

There are several good apps available for creating comic strips. Some popular choices include CapCut, Pixton, Comic Draw for iPad, Comic Life, and ToonDoo.

How to make comic strip online free?

To make a comic strip online for free, you can use platforms like CapCut and CapCut. These online tools offer free comic strip templates, customizable characters, and easy-to-use interfaces, allowing you to create your comic strip without the need for advanced graphic design skills. Simply sign up for an account, select a template, add illustrations and text, and you'll have your own comic strip ready to share!

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