Facebook Video Editor to Make Facebook Videos

Ready to craft captivating Facebook videos? Choose CapCut, your perfect companion. Dive into a world of creativity with this free online Facebook video editor, providing various templates and music. Unleash your video-making potential now!

Facebook Video Maker to Edit Facebook Videos
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Features of best Facebook video editor - CapCut

Create all styles of Facebook videos

From vacation memories to compelling Facebook ads, CapCut makes it all possible. Facebook demands various aspect ratios—16:9, 1:1, 4:5, and 9:16. Thankfully, this Facebook video maker offers the needed flexibility. After downloading your Facebook videos, tweak the editor; it seamlessly adapts to Stories, business pages, and personal accounts. Tailor your content effortlessly with CapCut!

Create all styles of Facebook videos

A trove of assets and materials

Unlock a world of possibilities with this Facebook video maker—an all-in-one tool featuring a user-friendly layout and an array of resources. More than just a basic video maker, it empowers you to seamlessly incorporate transitions, filters, and stickers. Easily enhance your video with desired audio and text animations. Witness the magic in real-time with the performance monitor. Revolutionize your Facebook content creation today!

A trove of assets and materials

Store, share, label and organize clips

CapCut boasts free cloud storage for all your raw footage and finalized videos. Clear your computer's space while ensuring your content remains secure. Harness the power of CapCut's team workspace, enabling global collaboration. Create the perfect Facebook video with your team, exchanging comments and feedback in real-time. Empower your content creation with CapCut's streamlined features!

Store, share, label and organize clips

Benefits of uploading videos to Facebook


Produce quality outcome

CapCut is both powerful and free with which you can create Full HD with value. Inside this tool, you can convert your Facebook videos up to 4K resolution and 60 FPS, in MP4 or MOV formats as per your needs.


Build a following

CapCut online FB video editor helps you produce amazing uploading. You need to regularly create and post content on Facebook as this action is professional and will promote the exposure of your Facebook account.


Establish your brand

Consumers trust consistency. Help foster this trust by producing a series of videos with CapCut. That is the key to building your image and afterward attracting more followers that are quality and royalty.

Learn how to make a Facebook video


Step 1: Import footage or use a custom-tailored Facebook template

Pick a topic, then devote your entire video to it. If you go off script while recording, don't worry. You'll edit in the next step. Whether to make a video on Facebook or CapCut, you need to add clips to Media to start a project first.


Step 2: Add text and music to the Facebook video from the built-in stock for free

Bring your raw footage. From here, edit your videos to perfection with stickers, animated text, music, and more. Moreover, the right sidebar allows you to adjust the parameters of the music and text accordingly.


Step 3: Export directly to Facebook without watermarks and up to 4K quality

After finishing, export it directly to Facebook, or store it in Cloud Drive. The files don't need to touch your pristine desktop. CapCut enables you to export videos of Facebook up to 4K resolution without a premium account needed.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best video editor for Facebook?

You'll find many pieces of Facebook video editing software across the web, but only CapCut offers unparalleled creative power. Unlike other pieces of video editing software, all our stickers, fonts, and transitions are free to use. Other video editors claim to be free but hide their best features behind a paywall. On CapCut, however, you'll gain unfettered access to our Facebook video maker, free assets, and video production tools.

Does Facebook have a video editor?

Yes, but it lacks the power and flexibility of other online editors. Consider using CapCut. This Facebook video editor offers more than fancy stickers and nifty transitions. As you gain video editing prowess, consider exploring CapCut's other exciting features, like AI text-to-speech AI. If you're too camera-shy to narrate your own videos, give our AI the script. It will narrate your video in a soothing, natural voice. It's also great for meme compilation videos.

How long should Facebook video ads be?

There's no set rule, but keep in mind a few principles. Shorter videos will generally perform better. Anything over two minutes tends to be too long for an ad and will turn away viewers. Excepts to this rule include how-to videos and other educational content.

What should a Facebook video ad include?

A good Facebook ad presents your product while entertaining or educating the viewer. Additionally, you should include elements like stickers, animated font, and filters. And don't forget to make use of our music library. You'll find songs for every occasion and vibe. Don't be shy about adding stickers or other exciting video elements. You won't be charged a fee when it's time to upload your content.

What type of Facebook video ads can I create with CapCut?

This depends entirely on your goals. For example, if you wish to sell your product, you should produce a demonstration or a how-to video. However, if you're building an audience, you might offer commentary on an issue related to your brand, but always remember to create content with value. This means producing videos that entertain, fill a niche, or fulfill a need.

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