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Making a Facebook cover video with CapCut. One-stop and super easy for beginners. Just tap on "Add a Cover" or "Change Cover" in the top right corner of the cover image to add it on your Facebook page. The aspect ratio of Fb cover video is 9:16, at least you need to adjust the dimension to 820 x 312 pixels.

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Crop video size to fit your needs

Facebook video covers require an awkward presetting (a minimum of 820 x 312 pixels; aspect ratio 16:9). Without a video maker for Facebook cover content, your clips will be automatically cropped and stretched. This never looks good. To produce a good Fb cover, you need to manually set the presetting. CapCut has preset canvases for all video outlets on Facebook, which helps you produce a Facebook story, create content for your timeline, or design a perfectly sized cover video.

Video size crop

Add animations to attract audience

Bring your business page to life with a cover video containing animated overlays, text, and beautiful transitions. When you use an animated Facebook cover photo maker like CapCut, you'll gain access to a wide variety of assets and features. When they are applied to a Facebook cover video, the results will be astounding. An animated Facebook cover shows that you're serious, so create one today and captivate your audience with animated stickers, text, and transitions.

Animated graphics overlay

Trim unneeded parts from videos

A Facebook cover video should be short and sweet. You've only got a few seconds before the viewer scrolls past your video cover on Facebook. Use the CapCut video splitting tool to remove excess footage on the track, then splice the clips together with a Facebook cover animation from CapCut. The end result is sure to dazzle your audience, attract new followers, and boost sales. Remember, keep your cover quick and snappy. It should be no longer than 15 to 30 seconds.

Unneeded parts trim

Benefits of Facebook Cover Editor

Hundreds of templates

Hundreds of templates

A FB cover video maker like CapCut provides a bunch of templates. This enables you to create content quickly, which also allows you to produce a new Facebook cover with the click of a button.

Pro video editing tools

Pro video editing tools

CapCut provides professional-grade editing tools in a user-friendly interface. Use CapCut to gain access to professional tools for free. No premium is required, nor will a watermark be imposed.

Support multiple formats

Support multiple formats

Whether you need a video for Instagram, or a cover for Facebook, this online editor has plenty of preset canvases to match. Preset canvases will ensure your videos are always in the correct format.

Make a Facebook cover in 3 easy steps


Add materials

First, upload. You should strive to create a compilation of your most engaging moments and footage. Be selective. Remember to only upload your best content for your Facebook cover.

Add materials

Upload animations

Adding an animation will raise your Facebook cover above the rest. Upload your animation in the same way you'd upload music, pictures, or a video. From there, you can drag it into the timeline.

Upload animations

Post Facebook video cover

After exporting your video, upload it to Facebook. It's time to show off your hard work. If you used one of CapCut's preset canvases, your Facebook Cover video will be a perfect fit.

Post Facebook video cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a video as my cover in Facebook?

Yes, this is an excellent way to make your page stand out. With this article, you know everything you need to know about how to make a cover video for Facebook, so make yours today. Using a cover video will instantly set your business apart, and it's sure to delight your audience.

Can I animate my Facebook cover?

Yes, you can upload animated content in the same way you'd upload a regular video. Animating your Facebook cover is another great way to build brand trust. Having a professional looking animation will show customers you're invested in your business and that you care about the details.

What video format should I use for a Facebook cover?

Before you create your Facebook cover, choose the appropriate preset canvas on CapCut. This will automatically format your video, ensuring that it will fit like a glove when you upload it to your business page. While you can manually set the format, using a preset canvas is always a safe bet.

How do I make Facebook cover videos play automatically?

This is easy! Facebook cover videos play automatically by default. When a viewer visits your page, your cover video will begin. This is a great way to welcome new viewers to your brand. For best results, create a video that will look nice when played on a loop.

How do I upload a cover video to Facebook 2023?

First, go to your Facebook business page. Next, click the cover area. You'll be promoted to either add a cover or change your current one. From there, you'll have the opportunity to upload a picture or video. Remember, you can't upload just any video. It must be formatted correctly using one of CapCut's preset templates.

Are slideshows still available on Facebook?

Yes. Another option is to use CapCut's video maker for facebook cover content. This will enable you to create a high-quality slideshow for your Facebook cover video. Best of all, you can use CapCut to add stickers, text, and smooth transitions. Without these elements, your slideshow would look cheap.

How do I make a slideshow cover on Facebook?

With CapCut, you'll gain all of the tools needed to make a professional slideshow. First, choose a preset canvas specifically designed for Facebook covers. This will ensure your video exports in the correct format. Next, upload your videos, drag them into the timeline, then add transitions. Transitions are very important in a slideshow. Without them, your video will be choppy and won't provide a smooth viewing experience.

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