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CapCut is a free & online commercial video production platform with royalty-free videos for commercial use. Here, you'll enjoy the commercial music video streaming service with no hassle. Let's use CapCut to create free videos for commercial use.

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Features of CapCut's commercial maker free

Ready-made advertising video templates & Cloud Drive

Whether you want to promote YouTube videos for boosting Google ads or are pursuing organic growth, CapCut offers more nimbleness than any other tool. As a flexible commercial maker, it enables creators to select from multiple templates, produce videos in specific aspect ratios for social media, and edit pop types of text styles. Besides, the Cloud Drive service gives your team the freedom to create a commercial video simultaneously from across the globe. That is to say, you and your teammates can store, edit, comment, share, and visit materials anytime anywhere.

Ready-made advertising video templates & Cloud Drive

An inspiring array of easy-to-learn commercial production tools

We highly recommend that you create commercial videos with the built-in basic and professional tools of CapCut. The commercial tool makes itself stand out from video editing options. Users are empowered to sort materials out, crop, or trim out unwanted parts from the original commercial clips, AI auto-generate subtitles for an advertising video, AI color correction the background color, as well as enhance the quality of videos by changing the resolution. No more wait, try the online commercial tool.

An inspiring array of easy-to-learn commercial production tools

Commercial music video streaming service for everyone

With CapCut, there is no commercial audio video installation, when it comes to adding background audio to a commercial video, all you need to do is select from Music Stock. Then, you're capable of adjusting the volume, speed, pitch, style, effects, or tone of the music with a real-time performance monitor that can help you play the video with no laggings. In addition, the multi-track panel allows you to mix and combine videos and audio in bulk and make them synchronous with ease. By the way, CapCut's video maker for commercials offers text, stickers, and more materials.

Commercial music video streaming service for everyone

Benefits of commercial video production

Boost sales

Boost sales

No matter the business, YouTube video ads will drive traffic to your website. Uploading a standard commercial video will grow business, engage new customers, and establish brand consistency. Try to make a prime video commercial girl with mustache for social media.

Retain viewers

Retain viewers

Pleasing viewers you already have is easier than winning new followers. Cater commercials to your established following. Engage them with entertaining or educational short video ads. For example, the trump cards video commercial is so popular among viewers, so you can create one.

Go viral

Go viral

You never know what might please the masses. While you should focus on well-grounded goals, like appealing to a niche or maintaining steady growth, there is a chance commercial videos might go viral. But, you can try Prime video commercials or else.

Learn how to make a commercial for free


Step 1: Upload commercial materials or select from templates

Generally, there are two ways for getting started. First, upload your footage from local, Dropbox, or Google Drive by dragging and dropping. The other is to select your wanted advertising templates after previewing and use it directly.

Step 1: Upload commercial materials or select from templates

Step 2: Add music to the commercial. You can also edit text, filters, effects, and more features

After importing. You can trim commercial videos out to their leanest, most engaging form. Don't forget to add stickers, background music, transitions, and other elements. Just explore the video commercial maker with your imagination

Step 2: Add music to the commercial. You can also edit text, filters, effects, and more features

Step 3: Download or share the commercial ad video on social media

It's time to share it with your followers. CapCut Output links directly with all the major social media platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. You're able to set the output resolution, such as 1080p or 2160p without watermarks.

Step 3: Download or share the commercial ad video on social media

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a commercial video production look like?

Video production involves using multiple elements such as music, stickers, and animated fonts. If you carefully learn to use all of our editor's tools, you'll be rewarded with top-quality Youtube video ads. An excellent tool to use is our text-to-speech AI. Simply give our AI your video script and it will read it with natural, human-like intonation. Additionally, use our auto subtitle generator to reach new audiences. You can auto-translate your subtitles to multiple languages to reach a global audience.

How can I make a commercial video for free?

Use CapCut! All of the features and assets on CapCut are entirely free to use, including our cloud drive. This is an excellent place to store your completed video ads. It also keeps all your footage handy in one place in case you ever need to reuse a clip.

What is the best way to make a commercial video?

The first step is to create high-quality Youtube video ads. Without good, engaging content, it's impossible to be successful on YouTube. Next, you should ensure that all of your content fulfills a need. For example, if you sell cookware, show how your latest gadget revolutionizes cake baking.

Are commercials effective?

This depends on several factors, including the size of your following, the type of product or service, and your budget. If you're new to social media marketing, how-to videos are a safe bet. But make sure they're related to your product and that they fulfill a need. For example, identify an everyday problem, then show viewers how your product solves this problem. Another common technique for crafting effective commercials is to follow trends and make videos related to the latest fad. This keeps your content fresh, and it ensures a steady viewership. Be careful, however, as fads are short-lived. You must be quick to take advantage of new trends.

How do you create a professional commercial?

Never assume people will watch commercials for fun. You can't produce boring, subpar Youtube video ads. To create professional videos, you must educate or entertain your viewers. Consider educating them on topics related to your product's usage. For example, if you're a personal trainer, make workout videos that viewers can watch at home. Or entertain your viewers through demonstrations, reaction videos, and "TikTok made me buy it" style content. You finally know how to promote Youtube video Google ads. You can launch an ad campaign for as little as $10, but still, put your video before hundreds of viewers.

How do you make a 30 second commercial?

The trimming tool is very necessary for making any length of commercial video. You can register and add your materials to CapCut, then take advantage of the Trimmer function to split at specific timing points. To be detailed, you need to move the playhead to the place you want to cut, then try the shortcut "Ctrl/Command+B" or click the "Split" icon from the toolbar to trim the commercial to 30 seconds. Afterward, you can straightforwardly delete the unneeded parts from the video track. Do not forget to preview the video and check the duration number of the video track.

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