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Elevate your Etsy shop with captivating Etsy product videos made with CapCut - a user-friendly video editing solution. Here are a myrid of Etsy product templates with animations.

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Features of CapCut's online Etsy video maker

Create etsy video listing

Adding videos to your Etsy listings can give potential customers a better understanding of your products, leading to increased engagement and sales. With CapCut, you can create eye-catching product videos that showcase your items in action. From filming to editing, it makes it easy to create professional-quality videos that will grab the attention of shoppers. Start creating your Etsy video listings today and watch your sales grow!

Create etsy video listing

Make etsy product videos

CapCut is a great way to showcase your Etsy products in an creative way. Whether you're looking to create product demos, explainer videos or just want to show off your products in a unique way, CapCut offers a range of features to make your videos stand out. With its intuitive editing tools and user-friendly interface, you can create professional-looking product videos that are sure to catch the eye of potential buyers. Start making your Etsy product videos with CapCut today and watch your sales soar!

Make etsy product videos

Start etsy shop videos

Take your Etsy shop to the next level by creating captivating videos that showcase your products and brand story. Our app offers a variety of user-friendly tools and features to help you create engaging and professional-looking videos for your shop. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced video editor, CapCut makes it easy to create high-quality Etsy shop videos in just a few clicks. Elevate your Etsy shop today with CapCut!

Start etsy shop videos

Benefits of Etsy videos

Boost Etsy product sales

Boost Etsy product sales

Adding video to your Etsy listings can increase customer engagement and help you showcase your products in a more compelling way. Studies have shown that listings with videos receive more views and sales, making it a must-have tool for boosting your Etsy product sales.

Optimizing your Etsy shop style

Optimizing your Etsy shop style

Videos can help you showcase your brand's unique style and personality, allowing you to stand out from competitors. By incorporating video into your Etsy shop, you can create a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic that aligns with your brand's messaging and values.

Know more about your products

Know more about your products

Videos can provide more detailed information about your products than images and text alone. By demonstrating your products in action or showing different angles and features, you can help customers better understand and appreciate what you have to offer.

Learn how to make an Etsy video in 3 steps


Step 1: Curating Etsy story

Before you start making your Etsy video, think about the story you want to tell. What makes your products unique? What sets your shop apart? By curating a story that resonates with your target audience, you can create a more engaging and memorable video.

Curating Etsy story

Step2: Cropping Etsy videos

When filming your Etsy products, make sure to capture footage from multiple angles and distances. This will give you more options when it comes to cropping and editing your video. Use CapCut's editing tools to crop and resize your footage for optimal viewing on Etsy.

Cropping Etsy videos

Step 3: Add video to Etsy listing

Adding video to your Etsy listing is easy with CapCut. Simply upload your edited video to your listing and make sure it's the first item customers see. You can also add a description and tags to help customers find your video in search results. With CapCut, you can create a compelling and effective video for your Etsy listing in no time.

Add video to Etsy listing

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of videos do Etsy shops need?

Etsy shops can benefit from a variety of different types of videos, depending on their goals and the products they sell. Some popular types of videos include product demos, behind-the-scenes footage, customer testimonials, and tutorials. Product demos can help customers get a better sense of the size, shape, and features of your products. Behind-the-scenes videos can showcase your production process and give customers a glimpse into your brand's personality and values. Customer testimonials can help build trust and social proof, while tutorials can show customers how to use your products and inspire them with creative ideas.

How to make a good Etsy video?

When making a video for Etsy, it's important to keep a few key tips in mind. First, make sure your video is visually appealing and tells a compelling story. Use high-quality footage and clear audio to create a professional-looking video that grabs customers' attention. Second, keep your video short and to the point. Most customers won't watch a video that's longer than a minute or two, so focus on showcasing your products and brand in a concise and engaging way. Finally, use editing tools like CapCut to add text, music, and transitions to make your video stand out and convey your brand's unique style.

How to add video to Etsy listing?

Adding video to your Etsy listing is easy with a few simple steps. First, make sure your video is edited and ready to upload. You can use a video editing app like CapCut to crop, resize, and add effects to your footage. Then, navigate to your Etsy listing and click the "Add a video" button. Upload your video file and make sure it's the first item customers see in your listing. You can also add a description and tags to help customers find your video in search results. Once your video is live, monitor your metrics to see how it's performing and make adjustments as needed.

What is the best pixel size for an Etsy video?

Etsy recommends using a video with a minimum resolution of 640 x 360 pixels and a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is because videos with lower resolutions may appear blurry or pixelated, while videos with higher resolutions may take longer to load or be more difficult to upload. Additionally, Etsy also recommends using a 16:9 aspect ratio for your video, as this is the most common aspect ratio used for online videos.

Can CapCut do Etsy video dubbing?

Yes, CapCut offers a range of audio editing tools that can help you add music, sound effects, and voiceovers to your Etsy video. The app's dubbing feature also allows you to record your own voiceover or narration, and you can adjust the volume levels and timing of your audio to create a seamless and professional-looking video.

What should I pay attention to when shooting Etsy video?

When shooting an Etsy video, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure that your footage looks professional and engaging. First, make sure that your lighting is good, and avoid shooting in areas with harsh shadows or dim lighting. Second, use a tripod or stabilization device to keep your shots steady and smooth. Third, consider the composition of your shots, and aim to capture a variety of angles and perspectives to keep your viewers interested. Finally, think about the pacing and timing of your shots, and try to tell a cohesive story or narrative through your footage.

Is it possible to use CapCut to edit Etsy video online?

CapCut is a mobile app, so it can only be used on smartphones or tablets. However, you can transfer your Etsy video footage from your computer to your mobile device using a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox, and then edit the footage using the CapCut app. This allows you to make quick edits and adjustments on the go, without needing to access a desktop or laptop computer.

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