Animated Marketing Videos for Small Businesses | Increase Your Sales

Learn how to create a successful video marketing strategy to grow your business. This complete guide covers everything you need to know about video marketing, from planning to execution.

Animated Marketing Videos for Small Businesses | Increase Your Sales
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Today, we'll discuss how to design your video marketing strategy with the help of CapCut Editor. Here you'll find helpful tips and tricks from across the internet that will grow your business and help establish your brand.

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The importance of video marketing

Without an presence, businesses will miss out on vast swaths of customers from around the world. Gone are the days when businesses could rely on billboards and TV commercials. Today, people scope out businesses before visiting in person. When they're unable to find your presence, not only will they find it frustrating, they'll find it suspicious.

To woo prospective customers, you need a content marketing strategy. However, the way businesses advertise has changed. Long ago, you could simply list the merits of your product in a commercial. Today, however, this won't fly. Modern video marketing is relationship based. This means that viewers don't want to be advertised to. Instead, they want you to engage with them, so you must create advertisements that entertain and educate.

Top 6 video marketing strategies

If you're new to marketing on social media, the following six strategies are the perfect way to start. Influencers and content creators across various platforms use these techniques. They're tried and true and sure to help establish your presence.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos, well, explain things. Use this style of advertisement to show how your product solves a common problem. The key to an engaging explainer video is to perfect your stage presence. You can't talk about your product or service in a boring monotone voice. Instead, you should act excited about every aspect of your product. The most successful video creators are outgoing and bubbly.

Customer testimonials

If you're an established business with a couple of satisfied customers under your belt, this is an excellent option. Most customers are more than happy to offer a review of your product. To make a customer testimonial video, get six or seven of these reviews, then string them together using our video editor. This is a low cost (free, actually) video format which is sure to resonate with your viewers.

Story videos

Share your product's usefulness with a story. This is a more advanced form of advertising, comparable to commercials that you might see on TV. In a story format video, you want to tell a story centered around your product. For example, if you sell essential oils, you might show a woman with back pain, wandering around the house clutching her lower back.

Next, you should present your oil as a solution in the form of aromatherapy. With this style of advertising, you should follow the “show, don't tell” rule. Show why and how your product solves everyday problems, and how it will improve the lives of your customers.

Unboxing videos

This isa well-established, and much beloved, format. To create this style of video, unbox your product on camera while wearing a big smile. If you sell more than one product, open all of them in a long-form video commonly referred to as a “haul.”

Educational content

Teach your viewers important skills related to your product. When you create digital marketing videos, create content with purpose and value. Modern day consumers don't enjoy advertisements. They won't watch your commercials for fun. Viewers do, however, enjoy educational content. To be successful, you must identify your niche, then create content that appeals to your target audience. For example, if you sell workout equipment, educate your viewers by creating training videos to help them get in shape. As you instruct your viewers, you'll have the opportunity to plug your product.

Tours & behind the scenes videos

If your soap's main selling point is that it's homemade, pull back the curtain and show the process. Viewers love this sort of content because they're becoming more conscious about how their products are made. They want to know that you make your product responsibly, with minimal effect on the environment, and that your business cares about more than profit. A behind the scenes video is the perfect way to show off your business's soul.

How to make a video for your business?

Making a video with a fully-fledged video editor couldn't be easier. CapCut's user-friendly, click and drag interface enables anyone to make high quality content with no video editing experience required. Follow these three steps to make your first marketing video production.

  1. Film your footage
  2. Remember, before you film, choose one of the previous formats. This is very important because if you don't have a clear goal, you might accidentally ramble. Additionally, remember you should always strive to show your product in action instead of telling your viewers about its merits.
  3. Step
  4. Upload and edit video
  5. To begin, download and install CapCut. After that, jump into creating your project. When you're editing, hit Import to add your materials or drag and drop them. CapCut comes packed with features like AI generation, stock materials, and cloud services for a deeper dive into your projects. Make the most of your storage in the CapCut cloud or utilize resources directly within the editor.

    import on CapCut
  7. From here you will trim and edit your footage to perfection. Don't forget to keep your videos short and sweet for video content marketing. Trim your footage down to your most exciting moments. Finally, for this step, you should beautify your video with stickers, filters, and animated fonts.

  8. Export video
  9. You can export your video directly from your browser to any of the major social media platforms with ease. This saves time and space on your computer—both of which will help you create more content.

    fast share on CapCut

Choosing the right video marketing tools makes content creation easy

Video content marketing requires the right tools, so choose the best video editor on the web—choose CapCut. With our editor, you can create top quality content with tools like animated stickers, fonts, and transitions. These exciting tools allow content creators to make basic animated marketing videos—a possibility offered by few editors.

Additionally, make sure to take full advantage of all of our exciting features, including our music library. You'll find tunes and sound effects for every occasion, which are sure to please your viewers and increase your views.


Now, you can get started to creating types of videos for your video marketing plan on social media such as YouTube and Instagram. Apart from editing videos, CapCut allows you to polish photos using AI-powered fuctions, including AI Color Correction, Old Photo Restoration, Background Remover and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you make an animated promotional video?
  2. Creating an animated promotional video involves scripting your message, designing animations that align with your brand, and using animation software to bring your concepts to life. You can incorporate engaging visuals and narratives to make your message stand out. CapCut video editor provides tools that can assist in creating simple animations for promotional purposes.
  3. How to do animation marketing?
  4. Animation marketing involves using animated videos to promote products or services. It requires identifying your target audience, crafting a compelling story, and using animation to illustrate your message engagingly. Animation can simplify complex ideas and make your marketing more memorable. Tools like CapCut video editor can be useful in creating animated marketing content.
  5. Why is animation good for marketing?

Animation is effective for marketing as it captures attention, simplifies complex messages, and is often more engaging than traditional video. It allows for creative storytelling and can be tailored to various audiences, making it a versatile tool for marketers. To explore animation for marketing, you can use the CapCut video editor for its easy-to-use animation features.

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