Best Time to Post on TikTok

Have you noticed that some videos garner more attention than others? Today, we’ll dispel the mysticism and talk about the best time to post to TikTok.

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How to Determine the Best Time to Upload

Begin with a little research. Search something like “best time post TikTok” online, and you’ll be met with charts and cheat sheets. These show when TikTok users are most active. First, you’ll notice that viewership peaks during a certain time each day. For example, more viewers are active at night than in the morning on Tuesdays, whereas on Mondays, they’re most active in the morning.

This means that you must exercise a certain level of flexibility. Posting at the same time every day won’t yield the same growth as a dynamic schedule. To properly engage your audience, you should be active when they’re active.

If the online chart says viewers are online on Monday mornings, this is a good time to post on TikTok (most videos generally perform best in the early morning or late at night). This, however, only scratches the surface of what you can learn about your audience.


Collecting Data to Determine your Optimal Posting Time

Googling “best time to post TikTok” online will only get you so far. The search results will be vague and generalized. It’s a good starting point, but if you wish to master TikTok, you’ll need to deepen your research.

First, employ trial and error, then track your progress. Post a few different times throughout the day, then observe your content’s performance. A notebook will definitely come in handy! Record the video topic, date, time, views, likes, and number of comments. Soon, patterns will emerge, and you can pinpoint the optimum time to post.

To keep your data pure, keep your video quality consistent. High quality content will obviously outperform sloppy content regardless of when you post. If you upload a mix of high and low quality content, your data will be useless. To collect useful data, maintain a high production quality throughout all of your videos.

The trick to maintaining high production value is by using CapCut Online Editor. ByteDance knows TikTok—they created it! So when they make a video editor specifically designed for TikTok, you know it’s trustworthy.Make every video as beautiful as possible. Not only will this ensure you receive useful data, it builds your following and your brand. Knowing the best time to post a TikTok is useless unless you have top-quality content.

Reliable online editors will ensure the quality of your work. You’ll find a wide variety of music, text, and filters. These elements bring your work in line with other TikTokers. Instead of looking like a newbie, you’ll look like a pro. Make the most of our online editor by remembering to primp your videos with stickers and sound effects. These flourishes will make your content more engaging and they should boost your watch time (this is even more important than posting at the right time).

Best of all, great online editors are designed for beginners. No video editing experience necessary! Ideally, your online editor should offer a drag-and-drop interface that makes editing videos and adding elements a breeze. Also, don’t forget, some editors are even free. No bait and switch here—all of CapCut’s features are free and at your disposal.

Deciphering the Data You Collect

You’ve collected your data—now it’s time to make sense of it. Hopefully you kept careful records! Don’t let the sprawl of numbers in your notebook overwhelm you. In their current form, they’re a little hard to decipher, but don’t worry. We’re going to make a graph. Use Microsoft Excel, or search for online graphing software. Select a bar graph to display the results clearly and accurately. While this might seem like a lot of work, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

After you plug in your data, the computer will do the rest. If you selected a bar graph, the results will be readily apparent. You’ll quickly see which posts perform best at what time. And this is how you’ll find your optimum TikTok posting time.

Continue to Monitor and Track Your Video’s Performance

The key to long-term, continued success is constant tinkering. Today’s optimal posting time might not be tomorrow’s. Get in the habit of tracking the performance of your videos. When you notice a dip in viewership and engagement, you’ll know something’s off.

First, you must identify the problem. Is the issue with your content, or with the posting time? Compare your current content with past videos, and be honest with yourself. Has the quality of your work remained consistent? If you’re sure the quality isn’t the issue, then you can conclude that the optimum time for posting your videos has shifted.

It’s a constant game of cat and mouse, but to stay on track, continue to record the performance of your videos. Try posting at slightly different times (once you’ve found your optimal posting time, it doesn’t change much). So re-optimizing your video’s performance should only require minor tweaking.

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