How TikTok Ads Can Boost Your Sales

Have you ever wondered what it is that leads to trends like the “TikTok made me buy it” craze?

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TikTok Generates More Sales Than YouTube and Instagram

“TikTok made me buy it,” is today's go-to excuse for why you bought a steampunk-themed wireless keyboard and mouse. Advertisements on TikTok today are obviously irresistible, but did you know TikTok generates more sales leads than YouTube and Instagram?

But why and how does TikTok generate so many sales leads? TikTok generates these leads because the videos are bite-sized and addictive. Sitting down to scroll on TikTok is like opening a bag of chips. You can’t eat just one. The consumers are there, and they’re watching video after video featuring unique advertisements. Your goal as an entrepreneur is to work your way into their feed.

TikTok’s quick-paced video feed welcomes nifty gadgets and novelties, whereas Instagram and YouTube cater to high-end buyers. The stark difference between these platforms is particularly clear when you compare the products they feature. For instance, Instagramers create beautiful, well-staged photos to advertise high-end goods and services. These adverts generate less sales because the products on YouTube and Instagram are generally more expensive. It’s easy to blow a few dollars on a phone case you saw on TikTok, but buying a computer that costs a month’s salary requires thought and planning.

TikTok advertisements are snappy, and designed to trigger impulse purchases. It’s why candy is sold at the register. You didn’t come for the candy, but it’s difficult to resist a tasty chocolate bar when it’s right there. Similarly, viewers don’t log onto TikTok planning to buy a bedazzled tissue box, but they might leave with one before logging off.

How to Know if Your Product is Suitable for TikTok

TikTok is best suited for small merchandise: consumables, gadgets, toys, etc. The product must be simple enough to demonstrate within fifteen seconds. While videos on TikTok can be up to ten minutes, long-form videos won’t generate sales as effectively. Your product must also be affordable.

If a product is expensive enough to require the buyer to discuss it with their spouse, they’ll realize, for example, that they don’t need a battery-powered mug warmer. The key to a successful TikTok advertisement is this: dazzle the viewer with a product so cheap that they can buy it without thinking.


Three steps for high end products

If you sell higher end products, TikTok might not be the best place to advertise your wares. But don’t worry—CapCut also makes beautiful videos for YouTube and Instagram, and the following tips can also be applied to high end products.

Step One: Dazzle the Viewer

The right online video editor will make dazzling your viewers easy. With enough stickers, you can make any product seem exciting. Zany videography also helps.

Perhaps you sell stain remover. There’s nothing particularly attractive about your product, but a funny video will generate leads. You can make a video of yourself spilling wine in a funny way at a friend’s house, then use your product to save the day.

The right tune also helps set the mood for engaging advertisements. A catchy pop song will give off good vibes. Good vibes will make your viewers happy. Happy viewers are more likely to buy things.

Finally, use our stickers and text templates. If timed correctly, a funny sticker can be the difference between a scroll and a sale. If you can make your viewers smile, you’re that much closer to selling your product.

This is true no matter what you sell. If you sell expensive or artisan products, apply this principle to your videos on YouTube or Instagram. Rule one of salesmanship: don’t be boring. This is true whether you go door-to-door selling vacuum cleaners or even hawk fidget spinners on TikTok. You need to be interesting and engaging, and you have three ways to accomplish this:

-Sell something exceedingly interesting. If your product is the coolest thing since sliced bread, it might sell itself.

-Be charismatic.Viewers tend to love a big personality. You’re on the internet—you can be anyone. Why be your normal, shy self, when you could be eccentric and fun?

-Craft high quality videos with creative cinematography. Don’t worry, a good online video editor will do most of the work for you. CapCaut can help you create delightfully engaging content.

Step Two: Demonstrate Your Product’s Usefulness

You’ve captured your viewer’s attention. Now it’s time to show what your product can do. In the span of fifteen seconds, you must prove to your customers why they need your product and convince them to buy it right now.

In these fifteen seconds, “Mom and Pop” shops are on equal footing with international business conglomerates. You have the same ability to sell your product on TikTok as even the largest company, and, if you’re clever enough, your videos are just as likely to go viral.

When demonstrating your product, don’t lose your viewer’s attention. Keep the energy high with stickers and cool transitions. Another nice touch is to add sound effects. For example, if you’re selling ceramic knives, you might add a “whoosh” when you cut carrots. A few simple sound effects and stickers can even make the simplest products irresistible.

Step Three: Make the Sale

Finally, after impressing the customer and proving your product’s worth, close the deal. Make the sale!Your video should include a CTA (also known as a call to action). This is a proven business technique for generating sales and revenue. At the end of your video, you can invite the customer to buy your product, and show them how to immediately order it.

This is a great place to use an online editor to add text like the following:

- “Buy now!”

- “Limited Time Offer!”

- “10% Off!”

While deciding on which text to use, consider utilizing animated font. CapCut has plenty of animated font for you to choose from. These special fonts are particularly useful for CTAs. Invite your customers to buy your product with neon lights. Make the deal impossible to miss with flaming text.

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