How to Make Product Ads on Tiktok

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Forget Salesmanship, Develop Connections

Consumers can smell an advertisement a mile away, and they don’t like it. It reeks of late night telemarketing. Instead of being a salesman, develop a connection with your audience. Promote your products in a way that sparks joy.

Online small business marketing is simple. Treat your followers and customers the way you’d treat your pals. Imagine you’ve read a great book, and you want to share it with your reading group. Would you record a commercial in a white walled studio? Lights, camera, action! Would you recite the book’s plot points like a telemarketer? Probably not. Look at the quality of the binding, and the grade of the paper—but wait, there’s more. Of course not! If you want your friends to enjoy the book, you’d say: “Hey gang, you need to read this.”Done.

Promote your business the way you’d share new books among your friend group. Simply show what your product does and what needs it fulfills. Forget about marketing! You’re shooting a video for your friends—your audience.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Real

Minimalism in advertising is critical. There’s no need to overcomplicate things. Add stickers, music, and text to your footage and you’ve got a commercial! You want your advertisements to blend in with regularly scheduled content.

Creating video ads shouldn’t be boring. In fact, you should strive to create exciting content—like unboxing videos, demonstrations, and tutorials. For example, you can show how overjoyed you are using your cake mix, or you can illustrate your satisfaction with your recent computer build.

Next, use CapCut video editor to make your ads shine. With our wide variety of stickers, fonts, and sound effects, you’ll make ads that are sure to entertain and inform. You can also add a bit of personality to your video with flower stickers, cute filters, and background music. These flourishes improve audience engagement and retention—and they’re free. CapCut provides the internet’s best video editing tools free of charge. Nothing—not even our best stickers—are stashed behind a paywall. Our features are all premium, and they’re all free.

Never underestimate the power of text. As you demonstrate what makes your product the best on the market, highlight important features with an animated font. Is the bottle made of recycled plastic? Emphasize this tidbit! Do you offer vegan options? Don’t miss your chance to drive home the point. Use text and use it wisely.

You’ll find a variety of animated text here, so don’t hesitate to go all out. For example, you can use cute animated fonts that bounce across the screen. You can even experiment with neon-themed text that your viewers will love.


Choose a Niche, Fulfill a Need

Successful products fulfill a need. Your duty to your customers is to show the void your product fills. What problem does your product solve? Get creative here. How does it improve the lives of your customers?

For example: let’s say you sell scented candles. Candles are lovely, but do they solve anyone’s problems? Yes, they do! In your advertisement, you might show how certain scents help you relax after work, or which scents you use to clear the air after cooking with garlic. The possibilities are endless.

You must also identify your target demographic. Who buys your product? Let’s continue with our candle-themed case study. For example, if you want to sell to students, you might discuss a recent study regarding citrus scented candles increasing brain activity. If you’re selling to day spas, lavender calms the mind. Identify your audience, understand their needs, then present your product as the solution.

Have Fun, Use Creative Ad Formats

Advertise without advertising. Your video shouldn’t be a product manual. We’ve discussed formats like unboxing videos and demonstrations. This, however, is the tip of the iceberg.

Tutorials—whether they’re related to makeup or making apple pie—garner massive audiences. Show how to use your product in creative ways, and create full-blown tutorials. Don’t miss out on this niche.

Interviews are a rarely explored format, however, they can offer a fun and refreshing approach to your advertising campaign. You don’t even need a second person. You can interview yourself—it’s fun!

To get started, film two reels. One reel can feature you asking questions, and the other can showcase your answers. However, make sure you face in opposite directions during each reel (for example, right in reel A, left in reel B). Then, when you edit the clips together, it looks like you’re talking to yourself. This format offers ample opportunities for humor. Disagree with yourself, develop two different characters, and let them argue. Viewers love it.

Interview formats are especially effective because they raise questions, while offering answers to them. You can also interview yourself using our text-to-voice feature. Give our AI the questions, and record yourself answering them.

Make Your Video More Accessible With Subtitles

Don’t forget to add subtitles. It’s easy with our auto subtitle generator. Our audio-to-text and text overlay function automatically adds subtitles to your video. This makes your video more accessible and engaging!

Many viewers listen with their volume turned down, others may experience deafness. So, failing to add subtitles can alienate two entire demographics. Our audio-to-text feature makes subtitles easy. There’s no excuse!

Finally, take your content to the next level. Peruse our vast array of stickers, transitions, and music. No video is complete without all three. Not only does it beautify your video, it keeps your audience glued to the screen. Lastly, film in your phone’s highest resolution. Our video editor can handle it! Our editor can export files up to 4K directly to TikTok.

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