How to make an OOTD Fashion Video on TikTok

While fashion videos have been around for quite a while, one of the most captivating genres of content has to be OOTD videos.

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What does OOTD mean?

A common abbreviation of the phrase “outfit of the day”, OOTD started primarily as a popular hashtag used on more visual-oriented social sites such as Instagram and Pinterest. As the phrase suggests literally, OOTD usually refers to the fashion items that someone is wearing for the day and is used as a caption or hashtag.

A typical OOTD can be a selfie taken in front of a mirror to show your entire outfit and how you mix and match. However, along with the massive emergence of short-video social media platforms such as TikTok, OOTDs in video format has become more and more dominant in the fashion sector in recent years.

If used well, an OOTD can also be a powerful yet subtle way to promote fashion products. Read on and learn how to make a crowd-pleasing OOTD video that will flourish on TikTok!


5 tips for creating OOTD fashion videos on TikTok

#1: Bring in a powerful video editor

At the end of the day, no video is completed without some editing. This is the all-time testament of content creators, especially for popular categories of videos like OOTDs where everyone else is fighting to compete for views. If you wish to make a lasting impression as a content creator, make use of a diverse range of editing tools to give your fashion video a fresh look.

CapCut offers a wide array of creative assets, transitions and visual-audio effects along with an intuitive interface for video creators of all levels. Unleash the power of CapCut, an all-in-one, online video editor to create OOTD videos on TikTok that pop - without having to pay a dime.

#2: Impersonate a well-known look

Instead of draining yourself to get the creative juices flowing, sometimes getting inspiration from things that's already been done is a great idea. Start your OOTD journey on TikTok by reimagining an iconic look of a celebrity, timeless movie characters that we grew up on or drama characters that are on-trend right now. Drawing on pop culture is a genius way to capture specific audiences and target groups through harnessing others’ existing fame.

#3: Style a unique outfit with a staple fashion item

Another great way to catch fashionistas’ eyes on TikTok is to incorporate your signature flair of style with a staple fashion item that everyone owns, such as a chic-looking pair of jeans, elegant white shirt or a little black dress. Not only is a wardrobe staple the building block of unique styles, but also crucial for a fashionable TikTok OOTD video. The more common the closet essential is, the more relatable it makes your fashion video.

#4: Work with a theme

If you ever struggle to break out from a creative rut, try brainstorming a theme and come up with looks based on that. The theme can honestly be anything. From dressing up for your favourite song and mix-and-matching to go with a season to throwing together an outfit inspired by a particular year or generation - anything as long as you can come up with something dashing and eye-catching for your next TikTok fashion video.

#5: Find a catchy beat

As with any video, music is one of the driving forces in creating fashion videos. Apart from making it look good, ensure it also sounds good. This will help you stand out from the sea of fashion content creators out there.

One of the easiest ways to make the most out of sound effects in an OOTD video is to hop on the bandwagon of trending songs on TikTok. Using catchy trending TikTok songs will not only allow you to and get your foot in the “For You” page, but also adds a differentiating element to your OOTD video to make it more memorable. Using CapCut as an editor allows you to find and use trending music currently popular on TikTok with ease. Simply browse our audio library and find what suits your taste.

A handpicked tune that goes hand-in-hand with your selected OOTD can help set the vibe of your fashion video. Kick things up a notch by matching or aligning your looks to the groove, melodies or even lyrics of your background music.

Bonus tip: Export your OOTD video properly

Different social media platforms have preferred resolutions and export settings, TikTok included. When you're happy with your OOTD video and want to upload it, ensure it is the correct aspect ratio (9:16), resolution, file type, and more. If you decide to use CapCut, this entire process is made to work seamlessly with TikTok and you can export ultra HD 4K videos ready to post.

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