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Virtual backgrounds can help create a more professional appearance during online meetings and presentations, especially if your physical environment is not suitable or distracting.

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Create branded backgrounds

Elevate your virtual presence with CapCut's branded backgrounds. Craft professional and consistent virtual backdrops that showcase your logo, slogans, or brand colors during Zoom meetings and presentations. With CapCut's easy-to-use platform, design customized branded backgrounds that align perfectly with your business identity. Impress clients, colleagues, and partners with a polished and cohesive visual representation, reinforcing your brand's credibility and recognition. Stand out with CapCut's branded backgrounds and make a lasting impression in your virtual interactions.


Create nature and scenery backgrounds

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with CapCut's captivating nature and scenery backgrounds. Explore a diverse collection of stunning landscapes, serene seascapes, and breathtaking vistas, ideal for enhancing your Zoom meetings and virtual events. With CapCut's user-friendly platform, easily customize these nature backgrounds to create a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing backdrop for your video calls. Elevate your virtual experience and transport yourself and your participants to the wonders of nature with CapCut's nature and scenery backgrounds.

Create nature and scenery backgrounds

Create pop culture backgrounds

Unleash your fandom with CapCut's pop culture backgrounds. Dive into a world of entertainment and creativity by choosing from an array of backgrounds featuring iconic characters, scenes, and symbols from popular movies, TV shows, and games. Customize these backgrounds to add a touch of pop culture flair to your Zoom meetings and virtual gatherings. With CapCut's user-friendly tools, let your passion shine and create a fun and engaging atmosphere with pop culture backgrounds that resonate with your interests.

Create pop culture backgrounds

Benefits of making Zoom virtual backgrounds


Themes and events

Virtual backgrounds allow you to set the tone for themed events, holidays, or celebrations, enhancing the overall atmosphere.


Professional development

Teachers, trainers, and presenters can use virtual backgrounds to deliver educational content more effectively and keep learners engaged.


Brand promotion

Businesses can use virtual backgrounds for webinars, meetings, or virtual conferences to subtly promote their products or services.

Learn how to make Zoom virtual backgrounds in 3 steps


Start a new design

Log in to your CapCut account or create one if you don't have it already. Click on "+Create new" and choose "Custom dimensions" from the list of options. Enter the dimensions for the Zoom virtual background (recommended size: 1920x1080 pixels).

Start a new design

Select a background image

Click on "Uploads" in the left-hand sidebar to upload your desired background image. You can also explore CapCut's vast library of free and premium images to find suitable options. Drag and drop the selected image onto the CapCuts to set it as the background.

Select a background image

Add text and download

Customize your virtual background further by adding text, icons, or other design elements. Select "Text" or "Elements" , then drag and drop the desired elements onto the CapCuts and edit accordingly. Once you're satisfied with the design, click on the "Download" button .

Add text and download

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Zoom virtual background?

A Zoom virtual background is a feature that allows users to replace their real-life background with a digital image or video during Zoom video calls. It helps create a more professional, creative, or engaging visual experience for participants, concealing the actual surroundings and adding a customizable backdrop.

Can I create my own virtual background for Zoom?

Yes, you can create your own virtual background for Zoom. You can use image editing software like CapCut, Photoshop, or other graphic design tools to design custom virtual backgrounds. You can also create animated backgrounds using video editing software and upload them to Zoom.

How do you make the image fit the background in Zoom?

To make the image fit the background in Zoom, ensure your image matches the recommended virtual background dimensions (1920x1080 pixels). When you upload the image to Zoom, make sure your background doesn't contain any important elements close to the edges to avoid cropping.

What app do you use to create a Zoom background?

You can use various apps and software to create a Zoom background, depending on your design preferences and expertise. Popular options include CapCut, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, GIMP (free open-source software), or even video editing tools like Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie for creating animated backgrounds.

How do you make an animated Zoom virtual background?

To create an animated Zoom virtual background, follow these steps:
Use video editing software to create a short video (e.g., MP4 or MOV format) with the animation or effects you want in the background.
Ensure the video dimensions match the recommended virtual background size (1920x1080 pixels).
In Zoom, go to "Settings" > "Virtual Background," and click the "+" icon to upload your animated video.
Your animated Zoom virtual background is now ready to use during your video calls, adding an engaging and dynamic element to your virtual presence.

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