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Yearbooks allow you to celebrate and recognize the achievements of individuals or groups. They can showcase academic accomplishments, extracurricular activities, sports events, performances, and other significant milestones.

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Meet your yearbook needs in CapCut's yearbook creator

Create a school yearbook online

CapCut is the perfect platform to create a school yearbook online with ease. Its extensive collection of customizable templates and intuitive design tools make the process seamless. Upload photos, add captions, and organize sections to showcase memorable moments, achievements, and student portraits. With CapCut's collaborative features, multiple team members can contribute to the yearbook creation process. From layout design to final publication, this free yearbook maker empowers you to create a stunning online school yearbook that captures the essence of the academic year.

Create a corporate yearbook with dispatch

Make an organization/club yearbook for free

Unleash your creativity and create an exceptional organization or club yearbook with CapCut's free and versatile platform. With CapCut's extensive array of customizable templates and intuitive design features, you can craft a visually captivating yearbook that showcases the accomplishments, events, and members of your organization or club. From selecting layouts to incorporating images, text, and graphics, this online yearbook creator provides limitless possibilities for personalization. Collaborate seamlessly with team members, resulting in a remarkable and professional yearbook that preserves the memories and achievements of your group, all at no cost.

Create a corporate yearbook with dispatch

Create a corporate yearbook with dispatch

Unleash your creative potential and effortlessly craft an engaging corporate yearbook using CapCut's intuitive platform. With CapCut's extensive range of customizable templates and user-friendly editing tools, you can design a visually captivating yearbook that showcases your organization's achievements, milestones, and exceptional team members. From selecting stylish layouts to incorporating compelling narratives and visuals, this digital yearbook maker offers boundless opportunities for creating a polished and sophisticated corporate yearbook. Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues using CapCut's collaborative features, resulting in a professionally curated and visually impactful representation of your company's remarkable journey. Let CapCut empower you to create an unforgettable corporate yearbook that authentically reflects the essence of your organization's success.

Create a corporate yearbook with dispatch

Benefits of creating yearbooks

Foster a sense of community

Foster a sense of community

Yearbooks bring people together by showcasing the collective experiences and shared memories of a group or institution. They help foster a sense of community and belonging among students, staff, and members.

Document history

Document history

Yearbooks document the history and evolution of an organization, school, or community over time. They provide a valuable record of individuals, events, and societal changes, serving as a historical reference for future generations.

Create lasting connections

Create lasting connections

Yearbooks facilitate connections between individuals by featuring photographs, personal messages, and contact information. They help maintain and reestablish connections between classmates, friends, and acquaintances.

Learn how to make a yearbook in 3 steps


Start your creation journey

Launch CapCut and browse the available yearbook templates. Select one that suits your style and vision for the yearbook. Consider the layout, design elements, and sections included in the template.

Start your creation journey

Customize the design

Once you've chosen a template, start personalizing it to make it your own. Replace the placeholder text with your own content, such as school or organization name, year, captions, and descriptions. Add photos of individuals, events, and important moments.

Customize the design

Organize and download

Arrange the pages in a logical and visually appealing order. Add captions, quotes, or anecdotes to enhance the storytelling aspect of the yearbook. Make any necessary adjustments or refinements. Once you're satisfied, publish the yearbook by saving it as an image or sharing it digitally with your intended audience.

Organize and download

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a yearbook?

A yearbook is a printed or digital publication that documents and commemorates the events, achievements, and individuals associated with a specific period, typically a school year. It serves as a collective memory and keepsake for students, faculty, and staff, capturing significant moments, student portraits, group activities, sports events, academic achievements, and more. Yearbooks often include sections dedicated to clubs, organizations, academics, sports teams, and other aspects of school life. They provide a comprehensive record of the experiences and milestones of a particular academic year or institution.

What makes a good yearbook?

Several factors contribute to making a good yearbook. Here are some key elements:
Comprehensive coverage: A good yearbook should capture a wide range of events, activities, and individuals to provide a comprehensive overview of the year. It should include sections dedicated to academics, sports, clubs, special events, student life, and other important aspects of the school or organization.
Visual appeal: Engaging design and visually appealing layouts enhance the overall quality of a yearbook. Attention to aesthetics, including color schemes, typography, and graphic elements, can make the yearbook visually captivating and appealing to readers.
Authentic representation: A good yearbook accurately represents the diversity and spirit of the community it represents. It should reflect the personalities, achievements, and contributions of individuals from various backgrounds and interests.
Captivating content: Compelling storytelling through well-written captions, quotes, and narratives can elevate a yearbook's impact. It should go beyond listing events and include anecdotes, personal stories, and reflections that capture the essence of the year and evoke emotions.

Which is an online digital yearbook maker?

CapCut is an excellent online digital yearbook maker. With its user-friendly platform and extensive range of customizable templates, CapCut empowers users to create professional and visually appealing digital yearbooks. You can easily design and personalize the pages, add photos, captions, and other elements to create a dynamic and interactive digital yearbook. CapCut's collaborative features also allow multiple users to contribute to the yearbook creation process, making it a convenient choice for creating online digital yearbooks.

What are some yearbook theme ideas?

When it comes to choosing a theme for your yearbook, the possibilities are endless. Here are some creative yearbook theme ideas to consider:
Timeless Classics: Embrace a vintage or retro theme, capturing the nostalgia and timeless charm of the past.
Into the Wild: Explore the theme of adventure and the great outdoors, incorporating elements of nature and exploration.
Through the Looking Glass: Take a whimsical approach by creating a theme inspired by fantasy and imagination, incorporating elements from literature or fairy tales.
A World of Colors: Celebrate diversity and inclusivity by incorporating vibrant colors, representing the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the yearbook community.
Lights, Camera, Action: Embrace a cinematic theme, focusing on storytelling and capturing the memorable moments of the year as if they were scenes from a movie.

How to make a year book online?

Creating a yearbook online with CapCut is a seamless process. Begin by signing up for a CapCut account and exploring the available yearbook templates. Select a template that matches your vision and customize it by adding photos, text, and design elements. Organize the pages to reflect the flow of the year and incorporate captions, quotes, and anecdotes. Collaborate with team members effortlessly using CapCut's collaboration features. Once complete, publish your yearbook digitally, download it as a PDF, or share it with your intended audience online. CapCut's user-friendly interface and extensive features make it a reliable platform for crafting a visually appealing and professionally designed yearbook.

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