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Wine labels provide essential information to consumers, such as the wine's name, varietal, vintage, tasting notes, and food pairing suggestions. This information helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions.

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Meet your wine label needs in CapCut

Create classic/traditional wine labels

With CapCut, crafting classic and traditional wine labels is a breeze. Explore an extensive collection of timeless templates that exude elegance and sophistication. Customize typography, colors, and graphics to align with your winery's brand identity. Add your logo prominently to create a distinct label. Utilize CapCut wine label creator's user-friendly interface to achieve a refined and vintage look, evoking a sense of tradition and excellence. Whether for reds, whites, or rosés, CapCut offers the tools to design classic wine labels that captivate consumers with their timeless charm.

Create classictraditional wine labels

Create vintage style wine labels

Step into the past and design vintage-style wine labels effortlessly with CapCut. Browse through a collection of nostalgic templates, featuring antique fonts, sepia tones, and ornate borders. Customize the label with your winery's logo and origin details, evoking a sense of history and heritage. This wine label generator's design tools allow you to add hand-drawn illustrations or vintage graphics, creating labels that transport wine enthusiasts to another era. Unleash your creativity and craft vintage masterpieces with CapCut's intuitive platform.

Create vintage style wine labels

Create single varietal wine labels

Unlock the essence of single varietal wines with CapCut's dynamic label designs. Explore templates tailored to highlight each grape's unique characteristics. Customize the label with the grape variety's name and tasting notes, offering valuable information to wine enthusiasts. Utilize the best free wine label maker's rich font options and color palettes to create labels that exude elegance and sophistication. With CapCut's user-friendly interface, you can craft single varietal wine labels that capture the essence of each wine, enticing connoisseurs with every sip.

Create single varietal wine labels

Benefits of making wine labels

Attractiveness and marketing

Attractiveness and marketing

A visually appealing wine label can attract consumers' attention and influence their purchasing decisions. A unique and attractive label design can be a powerful marketing tool.



In a competitive wine market, labels help differentiate your wine from others. A well-crafted label can communicate the wine's unique qualities and story, setting it apart from competitors.

Gifts and events

Gifts and events

Personalized wine labels are popular for gifts and events like weddings, birthdays, and corporate gatherings. They add a personal touch and make the wine bottle more special for the recipient.

Learn how to make a wine label in 3 steps


Sign in and select design

Click "Create a design" and search for "wine label" in the templates search bar. Choose a wine label template that suits your style or start from scratch by selecting custom dimensions.

Sign in and select design

Customize the design

Personalize the template by adding your wine brand's name, wine name, and other text elements. Upload your winery logo or a relevant image by clicking on "Uploads" and selecting the file from your computer. Modify the fonts, colors, and elements to match your brand identity and wine's theme.

Customize the design

Add information and download

Include vital information like the wine's varietal, vintage, alcohol content, and any other legal requirements or certifications. Once you are satisfied with the design, click on the "Download" button in the top right corner. Choose the desired file format and select the appropriate print quality. Then you can download the file to your computer.

Add information and download

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wine label?

A wine label is a printed or attached paper or sticker that is affixed to a wine bottle. It contains essential information about the wine, such as the wine's name, brand or winery name, varietal, vintage year, alcohol content, and volume. Additionally, it may include tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, winemaker's details, and legal disclaimers. Wine labels serve as a means of communication with consumers, conveying important information and influencing purchasing decisions.

What is the size of a wine label?

The size of a wine label can vary depending on the bottle's shape and the winery's preference. Generally, a standard wine label size is around 3 to 4 inches wide and 4 to 5 inches in height. However, wine labels come in various shapes and sizes to fit different bottle types, from standard wine bottles to magnums and other special formats.

How to make a digital wine label?

To create a digital wine label, you can use design software like CapCut. Choose a label template or set custom dimensions for the label size. Add your desired text, wine details, images, and branding elements to the label design. Customize the colors, fonts, and layout to create a unique and visually appealing label. Once the design is complete, save it as a digital file (e.g., PNG or PDF) for printing or online sharing.

How do you get a label for a wine bottle?

There are several ways to get a label for a wine bottle:
Design it yourself: Use design software like CapCut or Adobe Illustrator to create a custom label tailored to your wine.
Hire a graphic designer: Work with a professional graphic designer to create a unique and personalized label for your wine.
Use label printing services: Utilize label printing companies that specialize in producing custom wine labels. You can provide them with your design, and they will print the labels for you.

What is the best wine label?

The "best" wine label is subjective and depends on individual tastes and preferences. A great wine label should effectively represent the wine's identity, reflect the winery's branding, and resonate with the target audience. It should be visually appealing, informative, and consistent with the wine's quality and price point. Ultimately, the best wine label is one that connects with consumers, attracts attention on the shelf, and communicates the essence of the wine in an appealing way.

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