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With CapCut online TikTok logo maker, you can place your logo strategically within your TikTok videos. This way, your logo can contribute to your overall brand presence on the platform.

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Features of TikTok name logo generator

Search for "logo" in templates library and choose a design

As an one-stop logo maker for TikTok, CapCut offers a wide range of logo templates that you can explore by visiting their website or using their app. Simply go to CapCut's templates library, search for "logo," and browse through the available designs. You can then choose a design that suits your preferences and customize it according to your branding needs.

Online mockup templates

Modify the template by changing the text, colors, fonts, and graphics

Open the template in CapCut, select the text elements and edit them with your desired text. Customize the colors by selecting different color options or applying specific color codes. Change fonts by selecting new ones from the font library. Finally, modify the graphics by replacing or rearranging elements within the template to suit your preferences.

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Download in file formats (such as PNG or JPEG) or export it directly

Once you have completed the modifications to your design in CapCut, you can download it in file formats like PNG or JPEG. Simply click on the download button in CapCut and select the preferred file format. Alternatively, you may have the option to directly export the design to various platforms or cloud storage services, depending on the features available in CapCut. Choose the method that best suits your needs for saving and using the modified design.

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Benefits of using your own TikTok logos

Increase exposure

Brand recognition

Adding your logo helps to establish and reinforce your brand identity. It creates visual consistency across your TikTok content, making it easier for viewers to recognize and associate your videos with your brand.

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A logo adds a professional touch to your TikTok posts. It shows that you are a serious content creator or brand, enhancing your credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of viewers.

Add animated text

Brand promotion

Your logo acts as a promotional tool. When viewers see your logo in your TikTok videos, they become more familiar with your brand. This can lead to increased brand awareness, engagement, and potentially even new followers or customers.

Learn how to make a TikTok logo


Step 1: Import your logo

Open CapCut and import your logo into the app. You can do this by tapping on the "+" icon and selecting your logo from your device's gallery.

Choose a mockup template

Step 2: Add logo to the timeline

Drag and drop your logo from the media library onto the timeline at the desired point in your TikTok video. You can adjust the duration of the logo clip to control how long it appears in the video.

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Step 3: Customize logo placement

Tap on the logo clip in the timeline to bring up the editing options. Use the scale and position tools to adjust the size and placement of the logo within the video frame. You can also apply any desired effects or animations to the logo if you wish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my own TikTok logo?

To create your own TikTok logo, you can use graphic design software or online logo makers to design a unique logo that represents your brand or content. Consider incorporating elements that reflect the style and theme of your TikTok videos. Focus on creating a visually appealing logo with clear and legible text, appealing colors, and relevant imagery or icons. Ensure that the logo is scalable and can be easily recognized and understood when displayed in different sizes and formats.

Are you allowed to use the TikTok logo?

Generally, the TikTok logo and other copyrighted logos are protected intellectual property, and their usage may be subject to specific guidelines and permissions set by TikTok. It is recommended to refer to TikTok's official brand guidelines or consult their usage policy for accurate and up-to-date information on the permitted use of the TikTok logo.

What is the TikTok logo effect called?

The TikTok logo effect is commonly referred to as the "TikTok Glitch" or "TikTok Logo Glitch" effect. It is characterized by a distortion or glitch-like animation applied to the TikTok logo, creating a dynamic and eye-catching visual effect. This effect is often used in TikTok videos to add a touch of creativity and make the logo stand out. Different variations and styles of the TikTok logo glitch effect may exist, as creators often put their unique spin on it.

What are the requirements for a TikTok logo?

The logo should be clear, legible, and easily recognizable even when displayed in smaller sizes. It should align with TikTok's official brand guidelines to maintain consistency with the platform's visual identity. Also, the logo should be provided in appropriate file formats, such as vector-based formats (e.g., SVG, AI) and high-resolution raster formats (e.g., PNG, JPG).

How does TikTok avoid copyright?

TikTok takes copyright infringement seriously and implements measures to mitigate it. They have automated systems and content moderation processes in place to detect and remove copyrighted material that is uploaded without proper authorization. Additionally, they provide tools for copyright holders to report and request takedowns of infringing content. TikTok also encourages users to create original content and respects the rights of copyright holders by taking action against infringement when it is reported or detected.

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