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Science videos allow you to present complex scientific concepts, theories, and discoveries in an engaging and accessible manner. Now, make a science video to educate and share knowledge.

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Features of CapCut's science video creator

Try AI-powerd tools: Background Remover and Auto-caption

CapCut offers AI-powered tools like the Background Remover and Auto-caption. The Background Remover utilizes AI technology to automatically detect and remove the background from your video footage, allowing you to replace it with a different background or create a transparent effect. The Auto-caption feature uses AI algorithms to generate captions for your video, saving you time and effort in manually transcribing and adding captions. These tools enhance the editing process, providing convenience.

Resize ratio of GIF

Online templates provided, with ready-made music and text

This free car video maker provides online templates with ready-made designs to simplify the video creation process. These templates offer a range of styles, themes, and layouts that you can choose from, saving you time and effort in designing from scratch. Whether you need an intro, outro, title sequence, or other elements for your video, CapCut's templates provide a convenient starting point. You can customize these templates with your own content, such as text, images, and videos.

Adjust speed of GIF

A vast library of sound effects (SFX) and video effects (VFX)

There's a vast library of sound effects (SFX) and video effects (VFX) that you can use to enhance your videos. The sound effects library includes a wide range of audio elements such as music, transitions, ambient sounds, and more. The video effects library provides various visual effects like filters, overlays, text animations, and motion graphics. These extensive libraries give you the flexibility to add immersive and engaging elements to your videos, elevating the overall quality and impact of your content.

Use templates of GIF

Benefits of science videos

Make your GIF vivid

Visualize experiments and demonstrations

Science videos enable you to visually demonstrate experiments, simulations, or scientific phenomena that may be difficult to understand through text alone.

Professional GIF editing tools

Inspire interest and curiosity

Science videos can spark curiosity and inspire viewers to explore and learn more about the subject matter. They can ignite a passion for science and encourage viewers to pursue scientific inquiry and discovery.

CapCut supports .gif format

Connect with a science community

Creating science videos allows you to connect with a community of science enthusiasts, educators, and learners. It provides an opportunity for collaboration, discussion, and sharing of ideas and insights.

Produce a science video in 3 steps



Add your video clips and music to the panel of CapCut. Or, you can select a template from the online stock, which comes with music and text. It allows you to replace the elements of the original template and create your own content.

Add photos to timeline


When it comes to editing the science video project, CapCut can help you add sound effects and video effects on the screen to make it eye-grabbing. It is available to preview and experiment with a vast library of video effects in real time. Besides, you can begin to trim, crop, speed, and more.

Crop video and adjust speed


To end it, you'd better carefully customize the resolution and aspect ratio of the project, which was decided by the social plaform or specific requirements. Once you have finished all the editing, try to add your logo to the video to build your identity and help protect the copyright.

Download or export GIFs

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an educational science video?

You can use CapCut to generate a science video to share professional science knowlege with others through the way of posting on scoial media or a specific group. To begin with, find a slideshow template or a video template, and edit it with your own photos or clips. To be detailed, click on the ready-made dialogues can replace them with your content. Besides, CapCut allows you to select from free text styles and stickers to enhace the visual appealing of your science video. Also, you're able to insert sound effects at the right time.

Why I need a science video template?

Templates are so popular among video makers in YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and many more platforms. As you can see, a template provides users with ready-made blanks that users can replace them with their music, images, videos, and textual content. If you want to find more available templates for science videos or other type of videos, click the "Template" icon in the upper left corner to get into the space of templates. Choose the pre-set dimension and genre to satisfy your specific needs. You can preview them in advance.

Is CapCut a free science video maker for commercial use?

Yes. CapCut has no watermarks and premiums right now. This video making program released versions for different requirements, for example, you can download it in your desktop, in your mobile phone, or in a browser for online purpose. This free science video maker is built with a bunch of free materials and templates for both personal and business use. More importantly, in contrast with other video makers, CapCut has no watermarks.

How to add music to my science video?

When it comes to adding music, text, filters, or effects to a science you, all you need to do is get into the video editing panel of CapCut, then pick up an element from the left-side bar, finally, drag and drop that element on a track. You can fine-tune related parameters of the soundtrack in your right hand, including the volume, speed, pitch, etc.

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