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Your company can see a 34% conversion increase when using promo video in content marketing campaigns, according to statistics, which creates sales in turn. So, look no more. Register in and use CapCut to make your promo videos.

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Overlay animated text and captions to your promo videos

Animated texts in the promo videos grab the attention of the viewers quickly. When you overlay the texts professionally, it increases the visibility for better responses. It attracts the audience and assists you to reach the content easily without any issues. The overlay moving texts add extra detail in the promo video for immediate outcomes. Create the texts and include animation effects to customize its moves on the screen. CapCut comes with a plethora of animated captions.

Add animated text to promo videos

Select from music stock and add background music to track

When you create promo videos with songs, you will receive a good response. The videos and audio tracks are crucial in the promo videos for better reach. Choose meaningful and attractive soundtracks to enhance the video quality. CapCut supports all audio formats efficiently and you will not face any compatible issues to add beats for your promo content. The Add Beat option in CapCut enables you to insert the desired soundtrack into your promo video.

Select rhythmed songs to the background

Create picture-in-picture effect to make video explainer

PiP tool is designed specifically to creates duet and react videos. Picture-in-Picture techniques aids you to customize the content with two or more images on the screen. You can add an image to a video and personalize it to satisfy your needs. CapCut Video Editor allows you to add an image to the videos and edit the frame for better visibility on the screen without interrupting the videos while playing. Use this formatting strategy to insert extra detail into the video content.

Use picture-in-picture to make explainer

Advantages of making a promo video

Boost sales

Boost sales

Promo videos help to improve the brand identity globally for better reach beyond boundaries. It assists to connect with the target audience easily to boost sales.

Enrich content

Enrich content

Through enlightening and enriched promo videos, you can explain your business clearly to educate the viewers for optimal sales.

Attract buyers

Attract buyers

Promo videos are the source to attract buyers globally. You can advertise the products and services effortlessly to increase the sales rate.

Create a promo video in 3 steps


Start a new project

Tap the new project option to create a promo video for your needs. Then, import the raw content into the working space of the CapCut. Navigate the device folders and spot the respective video file and add it to the CapCut Video Editor interface.

Start a new project

Select graphics and music

Next, customize the content by adding filters, effects and animations. You can add stickers, graphics, and overlay elements in the raw video by tapping the respective icon on the editing screen. Best of all, all assets built-in are free to use and try.

Select graphics and music

One click to share

Hit the Export button and customize the resolution and frame rate of the promo videos. When your promo video is ready, the Export option enables you to share the content on network channels or save it on your device for future reference.

One click to share

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 30-second promo video cost?

The cost ranges between $500- $1000 depending on the quality of the promo video. If there is more content in the video, the cost differs. Irrespective of the duration, the graphic elements and other quality factors decide the overall cost of the promo video. The basic version of the promo video is less and the amount increases with the detail you insert into the content.

Do 30-second videos make money?

Yes, the duration of the videos does not matter in making money. When the promo video is meaningful and could explain the business service or goods clearly to the target audience, then it is sufficient to make money irrespective of the time taken to play them. The Promo video's purpose is to enlighten the specific audience efficiently to boost the business sales rate.

How to make marketing videos for free?

Use the CapCut Video Editor tool to make marketing videos for free. It is a reliable application that offers personalizing elements free of cost. Use the in-built customizable features to include extra detail in the marketing content. The options available in this space are helpful to describe the pros of the product or services with a high visibility rate. Download the CapCut video editor and launch the tool to create marketing videos for free.

How much do people charge for promo videos?

To create promo videos, people charge from $1000 - $10,000 depending on the content and customizing factors, The cost varies with the complexities involved in making the promo videos. If you insert many graphic elements into the content, the making charge shoots up. To build cost-effective promo videos, connect with CapCut Video Editor applications. This app provides numerous personalizing modules that enhance the performance of promo videos.

Does TikTok promote videos made in CapCut?

CapCut Video Editor application personalizes the video content according to your requirements. You can export them to any channel for various purposes. TikTok is one such social networking platform that permits users to post content made in the CapCut editor interface. You can use the CapCut tool to edit the video content and promote them in different spaces to reach the target audience.

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