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Dazzle your audience with a picture slideshow. Whether you're creating a video to impress your friends, or an advertisement for your business, try CapCut with ease.

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Free Picture Video Maker Online
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Features of CapCut's picture video creator

Use the picture-to-video function to combine multiple images at once

Convert a roll of photos into a video with ease using CapCut's picture video maker. If you have more pictures than you know what to do with, compile them into a video. Not only will it preserve your precious memories, it will store all of your photos in a single video file, clearing up space on your phone or hard drive. Regardless of the purpose of your slideshow, CapCut has all of the features you need, such as music, text, stickers, and more.

Picture-to-video function

Start your picture slideshow video projects at 16:9 or 9:16

If you've got an album full of vacation photos, consider compiling them into a slideshow. Simply import all of your photos into CapCut's photo video creator, drag them into the timeline, then adjust the length of time they appear on the screen. Four to ten seconds is an acceptable duration. Lastly, click the play button. Your photos will automatically combine to become a slideshow that is perfect for sharing with your friends and family.

Photo slideshow projects

Add background music to your photo video to make it attractive

To further elevate the quality of your slideshow, add music with CapCut's picture to video maker. No matter the occasion, the right online editor will have a music library with the perfect song. Make the most of this exciting feature by always matching the music to the mood of your pictures. For example, if you're creating a slideshow for a funeral, choose something somber, whereas if you're creating a picture video for a wedding, you can add a lively pop song.

Free background music

Benefits of CapCut Picture Video Editor

Cherish pictures

Cherish pictures

It's hard to enjoy your photos when they're in disorganized folders. Instead of letting them clutter up your phone, compile your photos into a video. This format is easy to enjoy and it's the perfect way to store your pictures.

Convenient photo arrangement

Convenient photo arrangement

Use the timeline to set the order of pictures will appear on screen. Here, you can also adjust the length of time each picture will be displayed. This feature employs a click and drag interface, making it easy for anyone to use.

Constant flow of new templates

Constant flow of new templates

Always find new preset templates on CapCut, and each comes with its own unique function. Take advantage of multiple template styles to give each roll of photos its own vibe. This is sure to keep your viewers entertained.

Create a photo video with music in 3 steps


Import pictures into timeline

First, import your photos into CapCut. Next, drag them onto the timeline. From here, you can put them in any order. Don't forget to set the length of time that each picture will appear on the screen.

Import pictures into timeline

Add songs and transitions

Next, add music. You're sure to find the perfect song in the music library. Remember, transitions are vital. Without a transition between each photo, your video will be choppy and unpleasant to watch.

Add songs and transitions

Set export resolution

Finally, set the export resolution and download your video. Always export in the highest resolution possible. CapCut enables creators to export videos up to 4K. Finally, you can store your video in the cloud drive.

Set export resolution

Frequently Asked Question

How do I make a video with pictures and music?

Let's discuss everything you need to know about how to make a video with pictures and music. First, you'll need an online editor, so make an account with CapCut. Next, upload all of your photos. Last, place your photos in the timeline and adjust the length of time each appears on the screen. Pro Tip: to succeed on YouTube, select a niche by identifying your target audience. Next, create videos related to topics that interest them. This will help build your audience.

What is the best photo video maker?

When you search for a photo video maker, you'll find several options. However, if you're new to video editing, consider choosing a free online editor like CapCut. This will give you all of the tools you need in a user-friendly, click and drag interface. Best of all, you will gain access to a vast asset library.

How do I make a picture video?

First, you'll need a video maker for pictures. This will enable you to compile all of your photos into a single video. CapCut provides all of the tools you will need, such as music, transitions, and stickers. Use these elements to create engaging slideshows that are perfect for your next family gathering.

How do I turn photos into a video on my Iphone?

This is easy with CapCut. Unlike other online editors, you can access CapCut on your phone, computer, or web browser. After accessing the online editor on your iPhone, upload all of your photos. Next, place them on the timeline, put them in the correct order, then set the length of time each appears on the screen.

How do YouTubers get copyrighted music?

First, review the “how to make a video with pictures'' section of this article. This will explain the basics of creating your first video slideshow. Next, take the time to acquaint yourself with CapCut's wide variety of tools and features. Not only will this help you learn how to use an online editor, it will fill you with inspiration for your first video.

Can you use CapCut for photos?

Yes, you can easily use CapCut to make pictures into a video. Simply upload your photos and then drag them into the timeline. From there, you can embellish your video with exciting features like music, filters, transitions, and text. Don't forget, you should also take advantage of CapCut's text to speech AI to add voiceover to your video.

Can you make a slideshow with CapCut?

Yes, you can use CapCut to make slideshows for any occasion. Whether you need a slideshow for your nephew's graduation or for a presentation at work, this editor has all of the tools you'll need to produce a professional video with pictures.

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