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Meet your photo video needs in CapCut

Add music to your photo video

Look no further than CapCut's image video editor when it comes to making stunning photo videos. Because it has a beautiful user interface and a bunch of types of music in the left sidebar. To make a video from your photos in CapCut, all you need to do is import your pictures to the panel or select from the templates with custom-made music and text. Then, fine-tune the dialogues as per your needs. Once the inspiration strikes, open CapCut's photo video maker to make it come into realize.

Add music to your photo video

Use AI-powered photo editing tools

CapCut's photo video maker provides you with AI-powered magic tools, including AI Photo Color Correction, AI Photo Restoration, AI Image-to-image, AI Low Light Photo Enhancement Technology, and many more. If you want to try these AI tools to enhance the quality and the photo video editing experience, just explore these features in CapCut after logging in. Also, you're able to find and try AI Auto-caption, Auto-subtitle, Noise Remover, Background Remover, Text Translator, Speech-to-Text, etc.


Upload, store or share with one click

When it comes to adding photos to this editor, you can take advantage of third-party apps, including Dropbox and Google Drive. Furthermore, you're capable of saving or sharing videos in real-time or to other apps without premium accounts required. CapCut's photo video maker released a platform for users to keep and store unfinished projects for free. It makes the procedure of post-production become easier and more creative. By the way, as for exporting, you can upload to social media such as TikTok.


Benefits of creating videos from photos


Upload your own images

CapCut enables you to make a customized slideshow from your own photos. You can even find a template with a tailored aspect ratio and theme to save time and inspire creativity.


Share precious memories

Want to know how to make a TikTok with photos and videos? You can try the AI photo editing features and royalty-free music. Or make a live photo a video by converting the format like setting it as MP4.


Commemorate special events

Whether for business or pleasure, use video slideshows to commemorate enchanting memories. CapCut can help you make a collage photo or a live photo within several steps. Now, follow me to learn how to make a live photo into a video with music.

Here's how CapCut makes a photo video easily


Step 1: Log into CapCut. Add photos to the track or choose a photo video template

Upload your photos to CapCut online photo video maker the same way you would upload a video. To save time, consider uploading multiple files at once. Or, you can pick up the custom-made TikTok or YouTube photo video template to start. The left sidebar allows you to pick up a customized dimension for your photo slideshow.

Log into CapCut. Add photos to the track or choose a photo video template

Step 2: Add music to your photo video. Utilize Video Cropper, Trimmer, and Speeder

Bring your photos into the timeline. Adjust the length of time that each photo appears on the screen with the Video Trimmer. A good rule of thumb is to show photos for between 1-4 seconds. You can use the Speeder, Splitter, Resolution Converter, and more tools to enhance the project.

Add music to your photo video. Utilize Video Cropper, Trimmer, and Speeder

Step 3: Set the quality of your photo video, and then export or share it directly

Make your video well-rounded with stickers, text, and background music. Don't forget to add transitions between your photos for a clean, polished finish. When exporting, you can choose 1080p or 4K, in MP4 or MOV. Also, you're able to share the photo video on social media like TikTok. Keep in mind that CapCut's photo editor has no watermarks.

Set the quality of your photo video, and then export or share directly

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add music to my photo video maker?

Adding music to your photo video is as easy as adding any other asset in CapCut:
Step 1. First, import your photo video to CapCut and access the music library.
Step 2. Next, choose a song or music effect that fits the theme of your video from the left sidebar.
Step 3. Last, drag the song into your video's timeline. You're able to adjust the volume, speed, effects, volume, pitch, and more as per your needs.
Step 4. Set the resolution, fps, format, and more parameters of your slideshow video.

How can I make a video with pictures and sounds free?

Create a video with pictures and sounds in CapCut:
1. Access CapCut online for free.
2. Log into CapCut with your account.
3. Drop your pictures on the trouble-free user interface.
4. Select and add music and sound effects.
5. Overlay text and filters to enhance the visual appeal.
6. Add transitions in between photos, and adjust the transition speed.
7. Adjust the resolution to enhance the quality of your photo video.

How do I put text on my image video editor?

With CapCut, you can add text to your video by choosing a font from the asset library, then you can drag it directly into the frame. After positioning your font, consider typing out important information, like who's in the photo, when it was taken, and the location. This will give you more background information about the picture and help you preserve those precious memories.

How do I make a slideshow of pictures with music?

You can create videos from photos with music by following this guide:
Step 1. First, you will need a slideshow maker. Remember, you can create a video from photos for free with CapCut. It has no watermarks and provides royalty-free music resources.
Step 2. Next, make your slideshow by mixing music and photos under the multi-track panel.
Step 3. Finally, choose a song from the music library and drag it directly into the timeline.

Which is the best photo video maker?

In your quest to find the best video maker for photos, you'll discover several pieces of promising software. Most, however, require a membership fee.
On the other hand, CapCut places high-quality tools in your hands (and you don't need to pay a cent). You'll never be prompted to upgrade to a pro membership or see premium stickers locked behind a paywall. Every asset and feature on CapCut is at your disposal.

Make an eye-popping picture video that goes viral

Want to put text on your photo video or add music to your photo slideshow? Try CapCut's image editor now.