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Take your content to the next level with CapCut's mockup generator. With this tool, you can insert your product or logo into a variety of settings, then make a professional-look mockup.

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Free Mockup Generator
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Features of CapCut's online mockup maker

Online free mockup templates

Create free mockups with ease using CapCut's wide variety of preset templates. Using these templates, you can instantly insert your product or brand into a variety of beautiful scenarios. Mockup templates help viewers envision your product in a real-life setting. Think of it as a form of product placement. Long gone are the days when you had to create a mockup scene yourself. Instead, use a preset template to produce a mockup for your business within minutes.

Online mockup templates

Crop mockups for different devices

No matter where you plan to upload your content, you'll find a preset mockup canvas to match on CapCut. Use a preset canvas to automatically set the format and aspect ratio of your mockup. This ensures the mockup will be the perfect fit for YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Additionally, a preset canvas enables users to manually crop their footage for the perfect fit. Even if you recorded in the wrong aspect ratio, you can use a preset canvas to easily correct your final video.

Mockup project crop

Change mockup move speed

Adjust the speed of your content with a single click. Speed adjustment is critical when using a preset mockup template. With CapCut, you can adjust the playback speed from 0.1x to 100x. You might need to make your footage play faster, or perhaps you'll need to slow it down. Another great option is to trim your footage to better fit the timing of the preset mockup. No matter how you want to adjust your video, CapCut will provide all of the tools you need to edit your video to perfection.

Mockup speed change

Benefits of CapCut Mockup Maker

Increase exposure

Increase exposure

Make each upload count. Produce content that will dazzle your viewers and lead to growth. Mockups are a great way to improve brand awareness and foster brand trust.

An advanced AI

An advanced AI

Not only is CapCut's AI the best mockup generator online, it provides services like speech to text subtitle generation. Using this tool, you can produce subtitles within seconds.

Add animated text

Add animated text

Further raise the production value of your content by adding animated text. Nothing grabs a viewer's attention like an animated font, so always apply a preset text template to all of your videos.

Create a mockup video in 3 steps


Choose a mockup template

First, choose a mockup template. While you'll find a wide variety of templates, pick one that fits your brand. This is a critical choice, so take your time and browse all of CapCut's great templates.

Choose a mockup template

Edit speed and crop size

After choosing a template, edit the speed of your mockup. Set how quickly you would like your video to play. Next, adjust size to fit the social media where you want to upload your video.

Edit speed and crop size

Download mockup for free

Last, download your mockup video. You never need to worry about watermarks or being prompted to upgrade to a VIP membership. Instead, relax and enjoy the video editing freedom it provides.

Download mockup for free

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mockup for a video?

A mockup puts your product or logo in a beautiful setting. It helps viewers envision your product in their home or in the real world. Because of their power to help viewers visualize your product, you can use mockups to foster brand recognition. Show how your product performs in a variety of real-life scenarios.

Can you make a mockup video?

Yes, anyone can produce a mockup video with CapCut. When you use it, you can access a mockup generator, free assets, and a wide collection of music. Use these features to produce high-quality advertisements and commercials. Additionally, take advantage of the speech to text AI to add subtitles to your mockup. Then you can use the AI to automatically translate your subtitles and expose your content to a global market.

How do you add a mockup to a video?

First, produce a mockup with CapCut's free mockup generator. Next, export this video and store it in the cloud drive. When it's time to make your next video, you can add the mockup directly from cloud storage. This is a great way to help viewers visualize how your product will look in their home, or how your logo would appear on a t-shirt.

How do I make a mockup video?

This is easy with CapCut. First, browse the wide variety of preset templates. You'll find mockups for any scenario or occasion. After finding a preset template you like, upload your footage. The AI will automatically add this footage to the scene to create a high-quality mockup, perfect for your next advertisement.

How do I use CapCut templates?

Using a preset template couldn't be easier. Simply select a template from the asset library, plug in your footage, and let the internet's top video editor do the rest. You can further customize your template using text, stickers, and sound effects. Additionally, many use templates as inspiration to produce their own custom videos.

Can I create my own mockup?

Yes! Use CapCut to create free mockups with an easy to use template. Producing a mockup is a great way to creatively present your product in a variety of settings. With CapCut's AI, you can create these mockups quickly and easily, making them a great fit for your regularly scheduled uploads.

What is a mockup vs a prototype?

A mockup is a digital representation of how your product will look in the real world, whereas a prototype is a physical object you create to test your product. Additionally, mockups are generally used for promotions, while prototypes are used for research and development. If you want to create a mockup, try one of CapCut's preset templates today!

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