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Webinars, films and video podcasts belong to long videos, they are generally between 10-120 minutes in length. No lags. No watermarks. If you want to make a long video, you can directly combine multiple clips on the track with preferred text and music, or use the slow-motion effect to slow down the playback.

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Features of long video generator without watermark

Combine or join two or more clips

Long-form videos are rarely shot in one take. Instead, they're a compilation of shorter snippets of footage stitched together by a long video maker like CapCut. When you use a top-notch video editor, you'll gain the ability to merge and join clips. This is a vital editing tool for creating long-form style videos that dominate. Combining your footage is easy. Simply record your clips, upload them to the editor, then drag them into the timeline. All of your clips should automatically connect.

Video combiner and merger

Adjust video resolution from 480p to 2160p

To make your content stand out, it needs to be high resolution, believe it or not. Low-quality footage isn't acceptable, so most content creators produce long-form videos in high resolution even up to 8k. This means that you will need an online editor capable of editing and exporting 4K footage. Thankfully, CapCut offers this feature for long videos. Additionally, when you edit your 4K footage in CapCut, you're allowed to export without a watermark—a feature few other online editors offer.

Video resolution adjustor

Add black bars to your video to make it feel like a movie

Adding black bars to a video is one of the best ways to make a video feel like a film. If your footage is in the wrong aspect ratio, use CapCut to format it. If you upload your video without proper formatting, it will be clipped, stretched, or shown with a background. To retain control over how your video will be shown, use a preset template. This will enable you to choose your own background, crop your video, and produce content that will fit YouTube like a glove.

Video black bar adder

Benefits of long video creator

Make a video a movie

Make a video a movie

Give your videos a cinematic feel by using CapCut's asset library. Add music, stickers, text, and more. Special effects and filters are another great way to improve the quality of your footage.

Efficient trim and merge

Efficient trim and merge

Trim your footage with CapCut's clipper tool. After you remove any excess footage, your clips will automatically reconnect to make a long video. Remember, your video should still maintain a brisk pace.

Edit without laggings

Edit without laggings

Great editors thrive on 4K footage. No matter how large the video file, CapCut enables users to edit quickly and without any lag. This in turn helps you upload your videos on time.

Here's how CapCut edits a long video


Upload videos directly

First, you need to upload your content. You can upload videos from your phone, computer, or web browser. After uploading, your files will automatically be stored in the cloud drive.

Upload videos directly

Add a black border

If you recorded in the wrong aspect ratio, add a border to the screen. When you add a border—or two black bars—your video will upload as standard film. It won't be cropped or distorted.

Add a black border

Overlay a decent filter

To further beautify your footage, add a filter. This will make the colors pop and set the mood. After you finish editing, export your clip to the social media platform of your choice with CapCut.

 Overlay a decent filter

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I make long videos for free?

CapCut is a free long video editor. When you use a top-notch editor, you should be able to produce long-form videos without spending a penny. While other online editors charge a monthly fee, or require you to pay for premium assets, CapCut gives users access to professional-grade tools for free.

How do I make a long video from short clips?

To combine short clips into a single video, you'll need an online editor like CapCut. First, upload all of your clips. Next, drag them into the timeline. Once they're there, they'll automatically connect to become a single long video. Don't forget, you should still trim any unnecessary footage to ensure a smooth viewing experience.

How long can Instagram videos be?

Videos on Instagram can be up to 60 minutes, but most are less than five minutes. Viewers don't come to instagram content for long videos, so if you want to produce long-form content, it's best to stick to YouTube. From there, you can upload videos of any length (up to 24 hours long).

How long are TikTok videos?

You're allowed to upload videos up to 10 minutes long. Shorter videos, however, tend to perform better. While you can produce longer videos, it's not recommended. You should always cater your content to the viewer's expectations, so if you wish to make a long video, choose a platform like YouTube or Facebook.

How long is a YouTube short video?

YouTube Shorts can only be 60 seconds. Additionally, they must be recorded vertically. If your video is horizontal, or longer than 60 seconds, you won't be able to upload it as a YouTube Short. Don't worry, however. You can still upload it as a standard YouTube video.

Is there a filter for long videos?

Yes! Any of the filters that work for short videos are perfect for long videos too. To add a filter to your long video, first choose one from the asset library. Next, drag it into the timeline. From there, it will automatically be applied to your video. Use filters to improve the overall quality of your footage and give your final video a polished look.

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