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Interactive video helps engage with your audience. They allow viewers to become an active participant in the video by choosing routes, clicking links, and taking quizzes. Try CapCut to make your interactive video more attractive.

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Highlights of interactive video maker - CapCut

Add subtitles to your video, automatically or manually

Make your content more accessible by adding subtitles. CapCut's subtitle generator produces captions within mere seconds. All you need to do is place the captions in the video frame. Usually it's best to place them in the lower third of the screen. Next, you should manually edit your subtitles for a smooth translation when you use the AI to automatically translate your captions into various languages.

Add subtitles to your video

Use the online voiceover recorder to capture your voice in real-time

Most video interaction guidance comes in the form of voiceover. When you use CapCut, you have two options for adding in voiceover. For the first option, you can record your voice directly in the online editor. This automatically applies it to your video. Your other option is to take advantage of CapCut's text to speech AI. When you give the AI your script, it will read aloud in a soothing and natural voice.

Voiceover recorder

Edit and overlay your wanted tracks of audio, video, image, and text

Never be limited while editing again. CapCut's multi-track editor enables users to edit multiple clips of footage at once, then compile them into a single video. Few free online editors can boast this powerful tool. Take advantage of multi-track editing by recording lots of footage, then compiling all of it into your next video. Remember, always record in your phone's highest resolution (CapCut can edit video files up to 4K).

Multi-track editing

Advantages of making an interactive video

Make content engaging

Make content engaging

Interactive content invites viewers to take part in the video. This style of content is wildly engaging. Viewers can make choices, take quizzes, or enjoy a 360 view of any scene.

Express ideas concisely

Express ideas concisely

Convey information quickly and efficiently by enabling viewers to interact with the video. They can instantly access the information they need. This in turn creates a smooth viewing experience.

Get more viewers

Get more viewers

By producing engaging, interactive videos, you're sure to pull in viewers from across the web. Remember, don't rely on interactive content as a gimmick. Produce content with value.

Make an interactive video in 3 steps


Add materials to timeline

First, upload your footage to CapCut. From there, drag it into the timeline. Here you can trim and edit your clips to perfection. Additionally, you can set the order in which they play.

Add materials to timeline

Select text and voiceover

Next, embellish your content with a text template from the asset library. Clear, attractive text is vital in an interactive video. Also, don't forget to add your voiceover during this step.

Select text and voiceover

Set parameters and export

Last, set the aspect ratio and export resolution. Remember, always export in the highest resolution possible. With CapCut, you can export in a video's native resolution, up to 4K.

Set parameters and export

Frequently Asked Questions

What is video interaction guidance?

To fully participate in an interactive video, the viewer must be prompted to make choices or request information. Video interaction guidance provides this prompt. It can come in the form of a voiceover or text. This invites the viewer to engage with the video and gain the most from the experience.

What is meant by "interactive video"?

Interactive videos invite viewers to become an active participant in the content through quizzes, choices, or a 360 view. Before producing an interactive video, make sure they're supported on the social media platform where you'll upload your content. For best results, begin with a preset canvas. This automatically selects the aspect ratio of your chosen social media platform.

What is interactive vs non-interactive video?

Non-interactive videos are the standard form of content on most social media platforms. Non-interactive videos are simply content that viewers watch. There's no way for an audience to interact with what's happening on the screen, whereas interactive videos enable viewers to be an active participant in the video.

What are the types of interactive video?

Interactive videos come in many forms. The most common interactive videos involve clickable elements, quizzes, choices, and 360 degree footage. These elements often work together to create an immersive viewing experience. To make the most of CapCut, take advantage of the multi-track editor to produce high quality content for your next interactive video.

How do interactive videos work?

Interactive videos provide viewers with things to click and choices to make. Additionally, some interactive videos take advantage of 360 degree footage to enable the viewer to inhabit a virtual world. You can also produce content that encourages viewers to use a VR headset. Not all social media platforms support interactive videos, so do your research before committing time and effort to your project.

What is the use of interactive videos?

Interactive videos have a wide variety of practical applications. First, they're great for advertisements. Every ad should include a call to action. For example: “click here for more information.” Additionally, interactive videos create a deeply immersive experience when applied to educational content. Choose your own adventure style videos are also wildly popular. Tap into this market by creating interactive content with CapCut.

Can YouTube feature interactive videos?

Yes. YouTube features several interactive elements like the ability to host 360 footage and use video annotations. To make the most of these YouTube features, produce content with CapCut, the best online interactive video editor. You're sure to delight your audience with a dazzling array of interactive elements. However, before adding any interactive feature to your video, double check that it is supported on the social media platform of your choice. Keep in mind that not every social media platform supports various interactive video features.

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