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If you're ready to be the internet's next big gamer, you'll need the best editor for gaming videos online — CapCut. Use a top game clip editor and you'll have all of the tools. With this maker, online templates, advanced effects and pro tools are at your fingertips.

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Online gaming highlight templates with animated captions

To show off gaming highlights, select a specially designed preset template. These templates are what make CapCut the best online gaming video editor. When you use one of its templates, the editor will automatically create a clip with music, stickers, and exciting transitions. Such clips make excellent intros, or can be used to present a montage of your best moments. Simply upload your gameplay footage into a preset template.

Gaming highlight templates

Export in high resolution up to 4K and 120 FPS

Don't settle for a gaming editor that saps the quality of your footage. A top-quality online editor should edit 4K videos with ease and should export content in its native resolution. Exporting your content in high resolution ensures that your videos will delight your viewers. Don't fret, CapCut does all of the above and even allows users to export in high resolution without a watermark. Few online editors can boast this exciting feature.

Export in high resolution

Auto-subtitle tool to help you generate text from the speakers in your video

Create subtitles using CapCut's auto subtitle generator. It's never been easier to add subtitles to your content. CapCut's speech to text AI will generate subtitles within seconds. All you need to do is place the subtitles in your video. The AI can then automatically translate these subtitles into multiple languages, exposing your content to a global audience. Don't forget to manually edit your subtitles. This will ensure a smooth reading experience.

Auto-subtitle technology

Benefits of CapCut Gaming Video Maker

Record gaming online

Record gaming online

After recording your gameplay, use CapCut to trim any excess footage. You should aim to produce a compilation of your best moments. Avoid boring your viewers with unnecessary clips. Use a video editor for gaming to create lean and engaging content.

Make content high-quality

Make content high-quality

To build a following, you must produce top-tier content. CapCut provides all of the tools you'll need, like stickers, high-resolution options, text, and background music. When you combine these elements, you're sure to create an exciting video.

Enjoy free exciting music

Enjoy free exciting music

Nothing builds hype like the perfect song. Take advantage of CapCut's music library to add background music to your gaming videos. And don't worry, this music is royalty-free and at your disposal. Then, edit the volume and speed of the music.

Editing a gaming video in 3 steps


Record your video game

First, you must record footage of yourself playing video games. Record both the screen and yourself. Recording both is essential because viewers want to see your reaction and hear your commentary.

Record your video game

Insert music and set resolution

After uploading your content to CapCut, add exciting assets like music, stickers, and text. Next, adjust the export resolution. For best results, always export in the highest resolution possible.

Insert music and set resolution

Download video or share it

Download your video or export it directly to the social media platform of your choice with CapCut. Link your account with YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook to streamline your production process.

Download video or share it

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best video editor for gaming?

To make top-quality gaming content, you'll need an online gaming video maker with power, so choose CapCut. When you use a superior online editor, you will gain access to professional-grade editing tools, an inexhaustible asset library, and a wide collection of preset templates. Take advantage of these tools to begin your social media marketing journey now.

How do I make my own gaming video?

This is easy with CapCut's gameplay video editor. With a reliable online editor, you'll be able to make your own gaming videos within minutes. First, upload your footage to the editor. From there, customize it with text, stickers, and filters. These elements will help create high-quality content that's sure to please your audience.

How do I make gaming videos for free?

You can make gaming videos for free by using an online video editor like CapCut. Unlike other online editors, CapCut is entirely free to use. You can rest assured that it doesn't have hidden fees or paywalls. You'll never be charged for using a premium sticker or asked to upgrade to a VIP membership. Additionally, you can export your 4K videos in high resolution without worrying about a watermark.

What do YouTubers use to make gaming videos?

YouTubers use a wide variety of video editing software. However, if you're new to video editing, paid software might not be your best choice. Instead, try a free video editor like CapCut. Instead of being bogged down by monthly subscriptions and complicated software, enjoy a user-friendly, click and drag interface.

How do YouTubers record their gameplay?

YouTubers usually use screen recording software like Quicktime to record their screen while they play. Additionally, most game consoles offer a screen recording function. After recording, you can upload your clips to CapCut to begin post production work on your content. Here you can adjust the color, add a filter, or even just use a preset template.

How do gamers edit their videos?

Gaming video editing is generally performed with an online editor. This allows you to remove the dull moments and focus on the most exciting parts of your footage. Make sure you choose an online editor with a clipping tool. With this tool, you can remove excess footage to create a lean and engaging video.

Are gaming videos legal?

Yes, of course! By adding commentary to your gameplay, you are creating content that you can legally monetize on YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok. This is a great way to open an additional income stream. As you expand your social media reach, consider broadcasting your gameplay on Twitch to increase your following. Then, after each Twitch stream, you can use CapCut to edit that footage into a shorter video for TikTok or YouTube.

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