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Films tell stories. If you need filmmaking tools, look no further. With CapCut, you have everything to produce a film and make it great. By the way, you know what makes a film a hit or a blockbuster? Just find the answer in CapCut all-in-one movie maker.

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Features of film maker with CapCut

Add subtitles to your video with the auto-text function

Effortlessly generate subtitles with CapCut's speech-to-text AI, and expand your video's reach globally by translating them into multiple languages. Break into new markets and captivate diverse audiences worldwide with ease using our online film maker, offering a variety of text templates.

Auto subtitle function

Use the multi-track to edit texts, audios, and videos

Compile multiple tracks for video, audio, images, text, and effects without a hint of lag. Meaning that you can edit files on multiple tracks at the same time. While other online editors would buckle under the weight of high resolution files, CapCut excels with video content up to 4K. You can also export your video in its native format. This ensures you won't lose a single pixel of quality. Best of all, you can edit and export these massive 4K files without the threat of a watermark.

Multitrack editing without lag

Render Hollywood effects - SlowMo and FastMo tools

To be successful, you need a pro film maker with all of the coolest tools and features. Make your content stand out by taking advantage of CapCut's slow motion effects. Slow down clips to give your viewers a better look at your product or service, or create an engaging montage by speeding up your clips. No matter how you use these exciting features, you're sure to create engaging content that will delight your viewers. Just adjust the speed to 0.5x, 1.5x, 2x, or else.

SlowMo and FastMo effects

Benefits of CapCut's film maker

Free assets for filmmaking

Free assets for filmmaking

Take advantage of CapCut's massive, free to use asset library. You'll find stickers, music, fonts, and much more. Use these assets to create top-quality videos with the best film maker online.

Advanced background removal

Advanced background removal

CapCut's background removal function automatically removes video background, allowing you to superimpose yourself into any setting. It's a great tool for filmmakers and gamers.

2160p resolution no watermarks

High resolution with no watermarks

Export videos in your footage's native resolution. Never sacrifice your high resolution shots with a subpar online editor. Instead, export footage up to 4K. No watermarks

Create a Hollywood-standard film in 3 steps


Import film clips

After recording your raw footage, import these files into CapCut. They'll automatically be stored in the cloud drive, which is a great place to keep your files. You can use this feature to save space on your phone and computer.

Import film clips

Subtitle, trim, and speed

Now, it's time to edit your footage. Add subtitles, trim your footage, and adjust the speed. Use CapCut's wide variety of assets to beautify your video. Be sure to include background music, stickers, text, and transitions.

Subtitle, trim, and speed

Export in MP4 at 4K

Here's what makes CapCut the best movie maker online: after editing your video to perfection, you can export it in 4K as an MP4 file. Additionally, CapCut links with all of the major social media platforms, like TikTok and Instagram.

Export in MP4 at 4K

Frequently Asked Question

How can I make my own movie for free?

If you want to make a movie for free, you need the right online editor. With CapCut, you can utilize a high-quality film maker, free assets, and access to exciting tools like a speech to text AI system. Using these tools, you can create your very own film without spending a penny.

Can you film in CapCut?

Yes, you can record voice over and footage directly in CapCut. This is a great way to streamline your production process. It also keeps all of your footage handy and in one place for when it's time to edit. Make sure to take advantage of the cloud drive as a place to store your raw video files. It will keep everything secure until you're ready to edit.

How do you add film effects to CapCut?

CapCut's user-friendly, click and drag interface makes this easy. When you find an effect you like in the asset library, simply drag it into the timeline. From there, it will automatically apply itself to your footage. This will allow you to create exciting videos with little more than a few clicks. Don't forget, this is the step when you should also consider adding a filter to your video.

What are the five elements of filmmaking?

The five core elements of filmmaking are narrative, cinematography, sound, and editing. When building your social media following, it's best not to become bogged down in all of the details. Learning how to make a film takes time. Instead, focus on producing engaging content with CapCut. Be sure to pay special attention to the comment section of your videos. Observe what your audience enjoys and then create more content in that vein.

What equipment do you need to film a video?

All you will need to produce your first film is CapCut and your phone. As your filmmaking prowess increases, consider investing in a DSLR camera, a microphone, and proper lighting. However, when you're just starting out, it's okay to start small. There's no need to invest in expensive equipment. Instead, you can accumulate equipment slowly.

What programs do movie studios use?

Professional movie studios use paid software like Premiere Pro or Final Cut. These, however, are too expensive for the average YouTuber or TikToker, especially beginners. Instead, most content creators use free online editors like CapCut. This provides users with professional-grade tools for free, and it puts these tools in an interface that is user friendly.

What apps do professional filmmakers use?

Most professional filmmakers use desktop software to edit their films. It's very rare for them to edit on their phones. For content creators, however, an app like CapCut has everything you need to produce top quality content. When you use CapCut, you'll gain access to stickers, music, and transitions. These are accessible on your phone, desktop, or web browser, giving you an unparalleled level of editing freedom.

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