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Facebook is an advertising powerhouse no brand should overlook. Craft impactful ads with unique value propositions and compelling calls to action. Prioritize engaging visuals and design for unparalleled results. Dominate the advertising game on Facebook with Facebook ad maker - CapCut!

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Meet your Facebook ad maker needs in CapCut

Free, yet remarkably powerful

Craft captivating Facebook video ads for free using CapCut. Amidst countless online video editors, business owners seek maximum value. Discover the perfect Facebook ad templates and editing tools, offering an array of features in a sleek interface. Edit footage from 480p to 2160p, incorporate transitions, and overlay text—crucial elements for effective Facebook advertising. Get started now!


Unlimited, yet endlessly captivating.

Experience beyond the ordinary with our Facebook ad video creator. Unlock a treasure trove of music, stickers, fonts, and filters that harmoniously shape captivating content. No matter your video's theme, discover fitting assets. Crafting workout videos? Infuse the energy of a rock song. Sharing cooking ads? Garnish with kitchen-themed stickers. Wave goodbye to dull videos forever!


Popular. Yet future-oriented

Crafting Facebook video ads has never been simpler, thanks to cutting-edge tools like Text-to-speech AI. Feed it a script, and it speaks in a natural voice. This AI also swiftly generates subtitles—simply position them near the frame's bottom. Elevate the AI's capabilities by auto-translating subtitles into various languages, expanding your business reach worldwide. Embrace the global market today!


Upsides of making Facebook ads


Grab user attention

When you use a Facebook video ad creator, you must create eye-catching advertisements. This is easy with CapCut's vast library of assets.


Reach target audience

Paid advertising can aid in pinpointing target audience. Avoid wasting advertising budget by gaining an intimate understanding of customers.


Foster brand recognition

Viewers trust the brands they see and interact with on a regular basis. Foster brand recognition with ads made using top-quality tools.

Try Facebook ad Creator with CapCut


Define your style

There are hundreds of ad formats across the web, such as demonstrations, how-to videos, and other educational content. Before you can begin, decide the ad style.


Edit the video

Trim out the clips, then add music, stickers, text, and transitions. Pick an engaging background track. These elements work together to keep viewers engaged.


Export your editing

CapCut makes uploading your video to Facebook a breeze. When you've finished editing, export your video and then upload it directly to Facebook.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's with the ads on Facebook videos?

Ads on Facebook videos are a form of paid advertising that businesses use to promote their product or service. It's a valuable tool no matter the size of your company, and it allows you to quickly promote a sale, build brand recognition, or simply grow your following.

How do I create a Facebook video ad?

First, you'll need a Facebook ad video maker. From there, take the time to understand your new piece of software. As you experiment with the editor's exciting features, you'll be inspired to create your first Facebook ad. Or if you're short on time, consider using a preset template. Simply choose a template then plug in your footage. CapCut will handle the rest.

Which software is best for making Facebook video ads?

You'll find many online editors across the web, but only CapCut offers the ability to export directly to Facebook, create video ads, and store your footage safely in a cloud drive. If you need software with powerful tools and a simple, user-friendly interface, choose an editor that best meets your projects' needs.

Are video ads better than image ads on Facebook?

Generally, yes, but with some exceptions. A well crafted-image is better than a poorly made video. While static advertisements have their place, focus your efforts on making engaging videos to promote your brand. This will keep your business page lively and show you're serious about your product or service.

How much does it cost to put a video ad on Facebook?

Both creating and uploading a video to Facebook are at no cost at all. Additionally, it costs nothing to open a business page. However, you can make use of paid advertising to quickly build your following. This is a great way to kickstart your online presence if you're new to social media marketing.

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