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Event videos serve as a visual record of the event, capturing the highlights, atmosphere, and key moments. They allow you to preserve memories and experiences for future reference or to share with others who couldn't attend. CapCut online video editor is powerful yet easy to create any event videos.

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Set your desired resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio

You can set your desired resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio for your video project by the online event video creator. These settings can be adjusted in the project settings menu. Select the resolution that best suits your intended output format, such as 1080p or 4K. Choose the frame rate that matches the desired smoothness of motion, such as 24 fps or 30 fps. Additionally, select the appropriate aspect ratio, such as 16:9 for widescreen or 1:1 for square videos.

Video-splitting easy

Add cutaways, B-roll footage, or overlays to provide context

In CapCut, you can enhance your video by adding cutaways, B-roll footage, or overlays to provide context and enrich the storytelling. Cutaways are additional shots that provide visual details or alternate perspectives. B-roll footage can be supplementary footage captured during the event or relevant footage from other sources. Overlays can include text, graphics, or visual effects that overlay on top of the main footage. These elements help create a more engaging and comprehensive narrative in your video project.

Video-charming effects

Apply lower thirds, titles, captions, or any text graphic

CapCut provides the ability to apply lower thirds, titles, captions, or any text graphics to your videos. Lower thirds are informative graphics placed at the lower portion of the screen, typically displaying names, titles, or additional information. Titles and captions can be used to introduce sections, provide context, or emphasize key points. CapCut offers a range of text editing options, including font styles, sizes, colors, and animations, allowing you to customize and enhance your videos with text elements.

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Benefits of event marketing videos

Unlimited templates

Sponsorship opportunities

Event videos can be a valuable asset when seeking sponsorships or partnerships. They demonstrate the reach and impact of your events, showcasing the audience engagement and providing tangible evidence of the value that sponsors can gain by associating themselves with your brand or event.

Go viral easier

Professional image and credibility

Producing high-quality event videos demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail. It enhances your brand or organization's image and credibility, showcasing your commitment to delivering engaging and memorable experiences.

Make a profit

Content for future use

Event videos can serve as valuable content for future marketing campaigns, blog posts, social media updates, or newsletters. You can repurpose the footage to create teasers, highlight reels, or video testimonials that can be used across different channels and platforms.

Creating an event video in 3 steps


Import and arrange footage

Open CapCut and import the footage from your event. Arrange the clips in the desired order to create a cohesive storyline or highlight the key moments.

Import original folders

Enhance and personalize

Apply filters, adjust brightness, contrast, and colors to enhance the visual quality of your video. Add music from CapCut's library that matches the mood of the event and adjust the audio levels.

Trim out unwanted clips

Apply transitions and export

Use smooth transitions between clips to create a seamless flow. Preview your video and make any necessary adjustments. Once satisfied, export your video in the desired resolution and format.

Try adding visual effects

Frequently Asked Question

What is an event video?

An event video is a visual recording that captures the highlights, atmosphere, and key moments of a specific event. It can be used to document and showcase various types of events, such as conferences, concerts, weddings, corporate functions, or social gatherings. Event videos aim to convey the energy, emotions, and essence of the event, providing viewers with a sense of what it was like to be present and participate in the occasion.

How do I make an event promo video?

To create an event promo video, start by defining the objective and target audience. Plan the content, highlighting key features and experiences of the event. Capture high-quality footage of the event or relevant visuals. Edit the video, adding engaging visuals, music, and text overlays. Include event details, such as date, location, and ticket information. Add a compelling call to action. Optimize the video for distribution on various platforms. Promote and share the video to generate excitement and increase event attendance.

How long should an event promo video be?

The ideal length for an event promo video can vary depending on the platform, target audience, and content. In general, it is recommended to keep the video concise and engaging. Aim for a duration between 30 seconds to 2 minutes to capture attention and maintain viewer interest. Focus on showcasing the highlights and key features of the event within this timeframe, ensuring that the video delivers a compelling message and generates excitement about the event.

What is an event recap video?

An event recap video is a summary or highlights reel that captures the key moments, activities, and atmosphere of an event. It provides a condensed overview of the event, showcasing its most significant aspects, such as keynote speeches, performances, interactions, and attendee experiences. The purpose of an event recap video is to give viewers a sense of what took place during the event, reliving the highlights and conveying the overall energy and success of the occasion.

What is an example of event film?

An example of an event film could be a professionally produced video that covers a music festival. The event film captures the performances of various artists, the energetic crowd, and the overall atmosphere of the festival. It may include interviews with attendees, behind-the-scenes footage, and stunning visuals of the stage and production. The event film aims to transport viewers into the experience of the festival, showcasing its unique vibe and memorable moments.

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